Chapter 26: Crossroads

Princess Sango

Once the crying fest and Roy's hangover subsided, everyone sat down at the table. Elicia sat on Riza's lap and Amethyst sat in between both her parents. Roy was the first one to speak, "Amethyst, you seem to know something."

Amethyst's eyes averted to the table and she started drawing imaginary circles on the table, "It's too much if everyone knows…I don't know what to do…"

Riza noticed Elicia was tired, so she picked her up and left without a word. Roy stopped Amethyst's drawing hands then, "I need to know Amethyst. Just between you and me, please, trust me."

Amethyst looked at Roy and tried to read his dark eyes, "Dad, the homunculi found me."

Roy nodded, "Go on."

"You see…the Fuhrer is a homunculi, and they want to create the Philosopher's stone. They told me to help them, I told then yes, but daddy; I'm fine being the way I am. Even though I'm a homunculi I'm different. I'm fine the way I am, and I have feelings of everything, of all five senses. Daddy, they killed Maes Hughes and Gracia also. Why did they have to die…?" Amethyst stared at her father, and Roy's eyes softened a little.

Pulling her into a hug, he whispered, "It's not your fault. If anything, I should've trained you how to deal with these situations."

Amethyst nodded, blinking back tears, "Thank-you…"

"We'll get this all figured out, okay?"

Amethyst nodded to her father, before standing up and stretching, "I'm going to bed, since I'm going to work with you again."

"Get some rest," he told her, as he watched her leave the room. Turning around he saw Riza come out of the shadow, "I thought you were here."

Riza smirked, "It's too easy to come in the back way."

Roy nodded, "I made it too easy when I put that new door in."

Riza sat down in his lap and then placed her arms around his neck, "I love you."

He leaned in slowly and captured her lips; they kissed for a couple seconds. Seconds later they were making out, and just as Roy was about to put his hands in her shirt, Elicia came in. Tears made the young girl's vision blurry, so they had about enough time to cover up what they were doing. When Riza climbed off Roy's lap, she picked up the small girl, "Elicia, are you okay? Did you have another nightmare?"

Elicia looked up at Riza and grabbed her, "Mom, dad, I want them back! Please, bring them back!"

Riza hugged her, "We can't bring them back Elicia…please believe us!"

Elicia shook her head and cried harder. Roy came up behind Riza and took the small girl in his arms. Gently he rocked her back and forth, "Elicia, we'll get through this. You're living with us now. Please understand Elicia, we'll be your mom and dad too."

Elicia nodded and calmed in Roy's arms, "Daddy…mommy…" She pointed to each one and they both nodded. Elicia smiled softly and held close to Roy, "I'm tired…"

Riza took her back again, "Then we'll go tuck you in." She carried her to Amethyst's bedroom and placed the young girl next to their daughter, "There you go. Go to sleep now." Elicia nodded off instantly, and then soon, both of the children were tucked in bed. Riza and Roy then snuck out and went to their room, and peacefully went into a sleep.

Next week…

Amethyst yawned awake and looked at Elicia, who was curled up on the opposite side of her bed. Amethyst smiled and crawled carefully around her, and went inside to the kitchen. There sat Roy and Riza, talking in hushed voices. Coming up behind them, Amethyst hugged them. They jumped slightly and Amethyst smiled, "Hi, so what are you talking about?"

Riza smiled, "Nothing for you to hear."

Amethyst shook her head sadly, "Listen, I know more than both of you about being homunculi, because I am one."

Roy ruffled her hair, "You know that's awfully negative."

"But its true dad, I'll have to live the rest of my life like this, like homunculi." Amethyst shook her head, "Believe it or not." To prove it Amethyst's hand touched the seal gently through her purple nightgown, "It's a tattoo for me and all the other homunculi and we can get it wet, unlike Al."

Roy nodded and pulled her close, "Amethyst, we want you to be safe. That's why we don't want you involved."

"Dad! Don't you get it, I'm already involved! Just by being your daughter and interesting homunculi!" Amethyst shouted, tearing herself away from Roy and throwing her arms out. "I'm the daughter of both you and mom, the Fuhrer knows that, they all knew! Dad, don't you understand, I'm involved!"

Riza bit her lip and Roy stood up, "You know, that's big talk Amethyst; don't say you can handle it if you really can't."

Amethyst looked her dad in the eye, "I'm the only homunculi that has a code name that sums up the whole homunculi organization. They call me Sin, and dad, I might as well be your only source inside! I think the name kind of fits, after all the homunculi are sins and I'm a result of fraternization!"

Roy stood up, "Don't say another word about that! The homunculi might know but if someone were to report that to him, he'd have to do something about it. You're not a sin, and you're the result of love between two people. At the end of the day, off of work, that's all Riza and I decided to see each other as, two people."

Riza blushed and Amethyst nodded, "I'm sorry, I got carried away."

Roy nodded and hugged his daughter, "Now go get dressed and eat." Amethyst nodded and left the room quickly.

Riza placed her head on the cold wooden table, "This is such a headache, we just gained a new daughter and our daughter comes with a homunculi group. Roy, what are you planning?"

Roy came up behind Riza and hugged her close, "As a father, I want to keep Amethyst away from a war that may include her but want to keep her safe. As your boyfriend, I want to keep you safe also. As a friend, I want to keep Elicia away from everything. As an officer, I want to keep going and use who ever is willing to help. How can I though? I have multiple roles to fulfill, as do you Riza."

Riza leaned against him, "I understand, but I think you know that I can take care of myself when I need to. Amethyst, teach her to protect herself and you might as well see if Elicia can pick it up also. Teach them Roy, and I'll do my best to see if I can help any."

Roy kissed her forehead, "I will, I see where you're going with all this. You want me to teach them, so if the time ever occurs that they're by themselves, then they can defend themselves. Isn't that right?"

Riza nodded and closed her eyes. They sat in the room in silence and thought of the same thing: How to keep everyone safe and how to end this once and for all.