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Walking towards the endless blue ocean, Ash and his friends came to a brief stop that was surrounded by silence. Each member of the group was pensive, occupied with their own thoughts about the journey that lied ahead, awaiting each and every one of them.

" Well…. I guess this is good-bye." May was brought back from her thoughts by Brock's calm and steady voice. Quickly she turned to check Ash, she studied him and when for a second he looked at her but then turned away to watch the ocean once more, she lowered her head once again to watch her feet.

" Yeah…, but hey I'm sure we will run into each other again, right?" Max's intelligent voice spoke out with hope as he awaited an answer. May was inclined to disagree, although they were in the same criteria, meaning dealing with pokemon, the odds of them running into one another again was slim.

When no one spoke out Max began to cry. " Why isn't anyone speaking! Look!" Max pointed to a boat pulling up. The gang was currently at slate port city and everyone was going their separate directions. May was going to get on the ferry to go to Lilycove seeing as she wanted to enter in the master rank contest, Max was going to be picked up by his parents momentarily, and Brock was going to keep Ash company as the awaited Mr. Briney to bring the boat so that he can take them back to Kanto.

" The boat is arriving….after this we won't…we won't…" Max started to cry a little harder, and surprisingly May didn't make any move to comfort him. The reason being that she was trying desperately to hold back tears of her own.

" We all knew this time would come, don't worry Max we'll keep in touch, now come on let me take you to where your parents are waiting." Max looked at Brock and welcomed his way of comfort, nodding slightly he turned to Ash and May.

" Sis.. I'll see ya soon, and Ash, it was great going along with you, I don't think I can ever thank you enough for what you have done for me Ash, and all you have taught me." He stuck out his hand firmly and pondered about when Ash was going to move.

Slightly Ash turned to Max, after staring at his hand for awhile he smiled a big smile and shaked his hand firmly. " Don't mention It Max, and don't worry, we'll meet up again, and hopefully by that time you'll have your own journey and your very own pokemon right beside you!"

Max smiled and gave an excited 'yeah!' before running down the port side and meeting up with Brock. Brock looked at May and smiled sadly, it was awful not giving a proper good-bye, but it seemed as if she wasn't going to be talking for awhile.

As the two left and the boat pulled up to dock, it's loud steamy engine could be heard and it's horn roared loudly throughout the port. Ash looked at May carefully, she had not moved at all. Squinting his eyes a little, showing some remorse he decided to talk.

" You'll do great at the contest… May." Checking to see if she had replied to his statement in any way he noticed she moved her hand a little, slowly it started to bald up into a fist. " ….May?"

Turning suddenly with her hair whisking against her face at the abrupt action, she jumped on ash and started to pound on his chest. She yelled some incoherent things at Ash but the one thing that he heard and most of all felt was when she had yelled out for him not to leave her.

Staring at her as she started to slow down on her attack, he noticed how she was crying out of desperation now. She looked at him, eye to eye, her nose and eyes red from crying, her hair everywhere, since her bandana had fallen off right after she jumped on him forcefully, and her eyes held so much pain and forlornness that he couldn't stand to look at them anymore.

" Ash… I-Ash-I don't want to go without you…." shutting his eyes tightly he held on to the hands that struck him repeatedly moments before. Giving a tight squeeze he spoke out gently.

" You don't have to go…if you don't want to." She looked at him in shock.

" You want me to come with you?" Getting the courage to look at her he smiled.

" Of course, did you think I didn't want you to May?"

" But Ash….I can't." Ash looked at he puzzled " Why not May?"

May buried her head into Ash's chest and said some inaudible words towards him.

" May.. May! I can't hear you like this, please…" He reached for her chin and upon sitting up made her face him. " what were you saying."

May looked at him and for a second she felt the need to run back into his arms, but her eyes went back to her intensity and in a quick flash she threw something at Ash.

Ash being knocked back had no idea what was going on, the only things he heard was a small " my boat's leaving" and the shout of a string shot attack.

Moments later Ash was tied up by Beautifly's string shot and in utter shock he watched as the bug pokemon flew onto it's master's head that was now leaning over against a railing of the S.S Tidal.

May's hair blowing smoothly through the breeze and little sparkles of tears flowing down her cheek was the last image Ash had of May.

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