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"Pika Pi….Pika Pi!" Pikachu chimed up and pointed in a direction of a fountain that got it's supply of water from a near-by lake. May walked slowly towards the fountain and as she scanned the air she saw Ash standing in front of the lake.

The next move was all up to her, and she knew what she had to do.

" A-" she took a deep breath and then let it out, May was trying so earnestly to get her voice across to Ash's ears, she wanted him to able to hear and feel what she had to say to him, and she could only hope that he would in some way reply in the way that corresponded to her own sincere words.

She walked a little bit closer, he was still standing, staring out into the lake, she heard him sigh.

" Why didn't I kiss her… Why did she kiss him…." He sighed once more and then took his hat off. May was shocked since she knew Ash only took his hat off only when he went to sleep. Heck she wasn't even sure if he took it off when he showered. At this thought she giggled silently to herself.

" She is with Toshki… how could I have been so stupid to think I would have a chance with her, heh.. After all she is the one that tied me up with string shot and left me at the dock."

At this point May couldn't take it anymore. With a shook of her head she stretched out her arm gently and placed a hand on Ash's shoulder. His eyes grew wide in shock but for some reason he did not turn nor worry, slowly letting his shock wear off and letting his eyes drop down lazily, he smiled gently.

" Ash….." Her voice was smooth and transparent. She knew she was wearing her heart on her sleeve as they call it, but she didn't care. " Ash… why would you say such things… do you meant it… all of it?"

" It's the truth is it not?

May grew beat red at first, remembering the way they departed and her childish act of tying him up. " uh-y-yeah…"

" They why not speak about it as the reason to my failure?" His voice was a whisper and for awhile neither of them spoke as the wind howled.

" It wasn't like that! I mean-uh it was but.. Oh Ash I Really CARE about YOU!" May took her hand off his shoulder and clasped her hands together. Shutting her eyes vigorously and holding on tight some tears managed to brake through.

Ash turned around as soon as he heard her voice, so filled with pain and love, he grasped onto her and brought her into a tight embrace. She leaned her head on the top of his chest that was connecting to his shoulder blade, he held her trying to comfort her, and as he caressed her hair and whispered words to calm her he told her gently he cared about her just as much, and possibly a lot more.

Ash was red from embarrassment, even though there has been time to mature he was still the same old Ash that never really noticed girls, and never knew the signs of love. That is until now…

Her face was red and teary eyes, nose cringed up, hair everywhere, her clothes untidy…… and he had never seen anyone more beautiful then her.

" May…. I do not know what to say… I may not be as.. Romantic as Toshki… or wise, or into pokemon contest…. But I do know one thing… May I-" Ash was interrupted by a piercing scream from Pikachu.

" PIKA!" Ash still holding unto May in his arms looked back worryingly for his Pikachu.

" Hahaha Guess who it is twerp!"

" Team Rocket! What are you doing here!" Ash noticed they were using an electric proof claw to pick up Pikachu…. Once again.." " Let Pikachu Go!"

" Hahaha Prepare for trouble!"

" Make that Double!"

May looked at Ash with a bored looked then at Team Rocket, she wiggled out of His embrace but he was too caught up with saving Pikachu for the umpteenth time to notice. She reached in her backpack and took out a poke ball.

" Blaziken GO!" Blaziken got out of it's ball and unto the hot air balloon of Team Rocket's.

" Uh-oh….." They all said in unison. Ash smiled and looked at May as she held her hand son her hips looking pissed and bored. " Um-here! You can have Pikachu.. We were just joking really hehehehehe" They tried to give Blaziken Pikachu and act all chummy

Needless to say it didn't work.

Next thing you know you see Pikachu getting flung across the sky by Blaziken and unfortunatley.. Eh I mean fortunately was caught by Ash, but they fell in the fountain near-by, and Blaziken listening to his master's order for an overheat.

Messing up Jessie's hair and already messed up face, Blaziken blew the Rockets away as it jumped back down to the ground Hugged May and then went back into it's poke ball.

" May!" Ash got up and let Pikachu down. " You were awesome, you really trained Blaziken well…"

May blushed a little. " Heh thank you so much!" May jumped on him and hugged him. Ash started to grow crimson as well and didn't try to get her off him, instead after adapting to the situation and remembering what he was about to her due to fact that she was so warm., He encircled his hands around her waist and brought her in closer.

" May I have something I need to say to you…" He whispered as he pressed his lips slowly on her cheek after whispering his agenda to her ear. May pulled back a little seeing if she had to be worried. After looking into her eyes she smiled through her own and pleaded him to go on.

" May… I love you…"

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