Ohayo Minna-san! How you all doing? Hope you all are in a mood of a fanfic cause I got one writtin up, juicy and fluffy! This fanfic will be hard to write because after looking at it in all directions, I found out writing it in a POV would be the best way, so this fic is in Sakura's pov all way through! Anyways, enjoy!

Title: Haunted

Summary: Living with a ghost? Hard. Falling in love with one? Harder. Especially if he is searching for his first love to give her a kiss so she can grant him a single wish. A Wish to live. Oh what is a girl to do?

Disclaimer: Clamp owns CCS. I do not… but I can dream can't I?

Genre: Romance/Suspense

Rating: R

Ages: Sakura: 22 -. -. -. Syaoran: 27

Chapter 1: The Ghost

(Sakura's POV)

It began ten years ago, when I was only 12. My mother was dead; she died when I was only 3 years old. My father and my brother try their very best to make me feel comfortable since I have no female figure in my family.

My father re-married. He married Sonomi Daidouji, and I had a sister, Tomoyo. Tomoyo and I were very close, it didn't even seem that we were stepsisters. Than one day, when I was cleaning the basement, I came across a black book. My mother's diary.

-. -. Flash Back -. -.

"Hey Tomoyo! Look at what I found!" I cried. Sonomi, Otou-san and Touya were all out leaving Tomoyo and I to clean.

"Hold on, I'm washing the dog!"

"Kero can wait, look at this!" I yelled back. Tomoyo came running down, soaking wet with foam all over her dress. I giggled but showed her mom's diary anyways.

"Whoa, what is that?" she had asked me.

"My mother's diary." I replied. Tomoyo stared at the book and than at me.

"Do you want to read it alone, or do you want me to be with you?" She asked. I was touched by her kindness and told her that I wanted to read it alone.

Tomoyo smiled and nodded before leaving to finish washing up Kero, our dog.

I sat down at the desk in our basement and opened it to the first page.

April 1st, 1983

Dear Diary,

It's a baby girl! Fujitaka brought in my diary to the hospital, and this is right after my daughter is born! She looks so little and fragile. The most adorable thing you ever saw! Touya is a proud brother. What kind of 6 year old wouldn't be proud? Anyways, the doctors have my daughter in a separate room checking on her to see if she's okay or not, and I'm in a different room (not the labor ward) writing in you.

Fujitaka is sitting on the chair, staring at me. Hehe, I just stuck my tongue out at him, and he's getting annoyed. Anyways, I'm going to name my daughter Sakura. It is Fujitaka's family tradition that the daughter will be named Sakura. Fujitaka's sister's name is Sakura, and his mother is too. My daughter Sakura will carry out this tradition. I still have to figure out why the Kinomoto family has this tradition.


April 22nd 1983

Dear Diary,

I fainted two days ago and Fujitaka took me to the hospital, leaving Touya to take care of Sakura. He called the babysitter, and since she had a spare key to the house, she'll go as soon as possible. I've just been released from the hospital and Fujitaka isn't telling me what's wrong. Why did I faint? I'm so confused.

It's been an hour since I last wrote and Fujitaka finally told me what's wrong with me. After Sakura's birth, my ovaries have released some sort of poison into my body. This affected my brain. My brain is now going into shut down mode… which means I probably don't have a lot of time left. But I want to see my baby girl grow up… Touya and Sakura, I love them both.

I'm going to stop writing. I need to cry.


I flipped through the pages, reading my mother's diary entries until an entry caught my eyes.

September 13th 1985

Dear Diary,

I've been keeping this a secret from everybody. Fujitaka, Touya, even my best friends. Nobody knows about this, and I hope to keep this a secret until time is right.

My daughter Sakura has released her powers. I haven't written about my powers in this diary knowing that nobody needed to know and I can handle it but this is too much and I need to let out steam. My family comes from a long line if Spirit Medians. We can communicate with ghosts and spirits. Touya, my eldest son, can look into the Spirit world and talk with them. Sakura however has gotten the full powers of the Medians.

Sakura can open a Spirit Mirror. A rip in the real and spirit dimensions. She has created a small one a few hours ago and I had to close it up. Fujitaka knows about my powers and Touya's powers. But he thinks that Sakura is neutral. She isn't. Sakura can summon ghosts and spirits to the living world. Touya cannot.

I just hope that this power remains so that Sakura can control. If it exceeds beyond that extent, than God held my daughter and protect her.


I was surprised, no beyond surprised. I was a Spirit Median? I've only heard of such things, and I knew my brother posses some of these powers, but I had the full power of controlling and summoning ghosts? Unreal!

Mom's last diary entry.

July 13th 1986

Dear Diary,

I have finally found out why the Sakura name is in Fujitaka's family. Long ago, over a century, there was a Prince named Xiao Lang. He was betrothed to a girl named, Sakura, or Ying Fa as this was set in Ancient China.

Xiao Lang and Ying Fa were kind of… not really hitting it off. Xiao Lang was in love with his cousin, Mei Lin. (Ew I know!)

One day, just before Xiao Lang and Ying Fa's wedding date, Ying Fa's lover attacked them all, claiming that him and Ying Fa were to be wed, not Xiao Lang. Xiao Lang was outraged, one that this man was ruining his wedding, and two, he had Mei Lin on a knife. Everybody scattered, and the wedding hall only left Mei Lin, Xiao Lang, Ying Fa, and her lover, Rae Lao.

Rae Lao had stabbed Mei Lin with his sword and dropped her. Xiao Lang was beyond pissed, that's what Fuji told me, and he charged at Rae Lao. But before Xiao Lang could attack Rae Lao, he ran.

Xiao Lang had bent down towards Mei Lin and tried his very best to bring her back to life. She was still at the brinks of life when she said, 'When you die, look for me. If you give me a single kiss in the afterlife, I'll grant you one wish.' Mei Lin was a granter. She had magical abilities.

Xiao Lang was furious as he set off to look for Rae Lao. Ying Fa had tagged a long seeing as her family was gone and she had nowhere else to be. So searching high and low, they stumbled upon a great white house.

Xiao Lang and Ying Fa walked in and found Rae Lao sitting in the grand hall, waiting for them. Rae Lao and Xiao Lang fought till death, until Xiao Lang fell. Rea Lao had killed him, with Ying Fa watching.

But there was a little secret, Ying Fa had fallen in love with Xiao Lang, but couldn't bear to see him with Mei Lin. So she tried her very best to make Xiao Lang fall in love with her. But it wasn't possible. Mei Lin and Xiao Lang were very well in love. After Xiao Lang died, Rae Lao abducted Ying Fa and forcefully married her, thus bringing us the Kinomoto Family. It's tradition to name all the first-born daughters (or first daughter) in the Kinomoto bloodline, named Ying Fa. Since Ying Fa is Chinese for Sakura, that's my daughter.

Anyways, I feel this odd feeling that Sakura will be a huge part in History. She's in the bloodline of an ancient princess, and she's a Spirit Median. Go Sakura!

Anyways, it's feeding time my three monsters are home. Write later, bye!


That was mom's last entry. The history of my name, and my powers. Tomoyo, Sonomi, and dad never knew about this. In fact, Sonomi and Tomoyo didn't even know about Touya's powers and mine.

The only other person who read this diary is my older brother Touya. It's not that I didn't trust the others; its just Touya knows what our magical abilities mean.

-. -. End -. -.

So here I am, 10 years later, 22-year-old Kinomoto Sakura, still living with her family. My stepmother Sonomi is a huge Toy Company owner and my stepsister and best friend Tomoyo is a fashion designer.

My brother Touya is happily married to Kaho, and they had a cute little son named Koto. My father is still an archeologist even though he is ancient him self. Yea so, Tomoyo had promised to help me search for a place, since I want to be independant. Touya and Kaho would tag along, leaving Koto with Sonomi, as he's very attached to her.

My name is Kinomoto Sakura, I am a Spirit Median. And this, is my story.

"Sakura, hey Sakura!" Tomoyo called as she knocked on my door.

"What's the matter?" I yell. Tomoyo was a year younger than me.

"Touya's driving us out to search for a place. Hurry up!"

"Ok, ok, I'm coming." I called. I put on a cute pink sweater and a pair of black jeans. I grab my purse and dab a little bit of lip-gloss before running out, Tomoyo tagging along.

I jumped into the back seat with Tomoyo as Kaho and Touya were up front. "So, where are we going?" I ask.

"Five apartments, two penthouses and one house."

Tomoyo and I scrunched our eyebrows. "A house?" I moaned.

"Yea a house," Touya replied, "you wanted to be independent. Besides, the previous owners, after I talked to them, says that that house has a funny feeling…"

I knew what that meant. Every time Touya said Funny Feeling, it always means a ghost. Since Touya can see ghost and I can summon them, we know what to do and when to do it. Otou-san knows about my powers, like only a year ago, and he still isn't used to it.

"Oh great, Touya's gonna dump me in a house that has a funny feeling." I pouted. Kaho and Tomoyo laughed as Touya cranked up the radio.

The four of us went through all of the apartments, and the two penthouses. That only left the house.

"Oh great, the universe is against me." I grumbled. Tomoyo and Kaho also knew about our powers. After Touya and I decided to tell them that is. Oh yea, I forgot to tell you, Touya is 28 years old.

"No it isn't Sakura, only Spirits." Tomoyo confided.

"That helps." I said sarcastically.

So we pulled up in front of a huge white house. 'White?' I thought. That brought me back to my mom's diary entry, about my name's history. We walk up to the entrance and knock on the door. The real estate agent opened the door and ushered us in.

"I'm very happy that you've taken an interest in this house. It's been empty for over 5 years now." She said.

Touya and I felt something all right. A wandering spirit.

"I'll… I'll give you this house for half the asking price." She said. Touya smirked, we all knew she was trying to sell the house. Touya now toyed with the lady's head.

"But it's only my sister that's gonna live here, what is she gonna do with such a big house?" he had asked her.

The lady looked as if she had been struck. "Oh dear, that is a problem." She mumbled.

"I… I can manage Onii-chan." I said. I have him a stern look. I needed to move in here, there was a wondering spirit and it was in my blood to send it to the after life. Besides, that's what Spirit Medians do, help ghosts.

"Ok fine, we want the house. We just need to get all the banking stuff out of the way." Touya said.

And that's exactly what we did. In about a week, we got all of the banking, mortgage and other crap like that out of the way. Tomoyo was now helping me pack as Touya, Kaho and Koto –who by the way lives on their own- were coming by to visit.

"Aww, Sakura I'll miss you." Tomoyo sniffled as she packed my dresses.

"I'll miss you more than you'll miss me." I said laughing.

"Dream on sis!" She cried as she hugged me. I couldn't take it, I started crying, and Tomoyo did too.

"You can come visit, damn that's a huge ass house!" I said grinning.

Tomoyo laughed as we continued to pack. Finally, after a few hours, my suitcase and a duffel bag was packed with all my needed stuff. I patted Kero Jr., my dog and walked out with Tomoyo.

Touya and Kaho were there in Touya's car, the back trunk open. Touya put my suitcases in the back and stuffed the duffel bag on to the back seats. Tomoyo and me clambered in as Touya drove off.

As soon as we reached there, Tomoyo started bawling again.

"Sakura-chan!" She cried.

"Aww, Tomoyo-chan." I patted her head awkwardly.

Touya carried both of my suitcases inside and put them at the entrance. Dad and Sonomi-chan were going to drive by later and check out my new place.

We all walked inside, as Touya and I were engulfed in a very, very strange aura.

"Sakura, will you be alright here… all by your self?" Touya asked as we put the suitcases in my designated room. This house had 5 bedrooms. Whoa, this place was cheap.

I throw my duffel bag onto the bed and followed Touya out. "Yea I will, you stop worrying."

"How can I? You're living in a haunted house."

"No I'm not, I'm just doing my job by bringing who ever lives with me into the Spirit World."

"You're too much of a nice Median you know that."

I smiled bitter sweetly. "Duh I am. So, help me unpack or what?"

The house came with everything. Sofa's, beds… you name it. They were just all covered in white sheets. Damn, this lady really wanted to get rid of this house.

So Tomoyo, Touya and Kaho help me unpack. I finally pursue them to leave, since they were giving me a headache and I wanted to spend the first night in my new house alone.

It was mid-night now and I couldn't go to sleep. I got out of bed, my pink, silk night gown landing up to my thighs. I walk out of the room and down the stairs and right into the kitchen.

I grab a glass and drink some water. As I was drinking water, I turned around and screamed. I drop the glass of water and stared at what was looking at me.

A ghostly figure, with the most beautiful, amber eyes.

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