We Have to What?

Chapter 9


Summary: Lily and James are told by Dumbledore that in order to be Head Boy and Girl in their seventh year at Hogwarts, they have to learn to live together! In a two room flat! Chaos ensues…

So Far: Lily and James move in together, and must complete several tasks before going to Hogwarts as Head students together. They go to a dinner party where they take part in charades, all the while being punished if they argue. These are lifted, and the two are required to take a 12-hour polyjuice potion to switch places. They are then instructed to go to Diagon Alley to fetch their stuff for school. They meet up with Sirius, and after having a great day, just for fun they decide to kiss outside their door. They switch back in the middle and Lily runs off, going to sleep on a bus stop bench. James spends hours searching for Lily, only to find her back at the flat. They can't control their anger, and instead kiss it off, and the chapter ends with them fighting, James urging Lily to realize her true feelings, and Lily not listening to him. So beginneth the chapter...

Rated: PG-13 for sexuality. Some language, but that would probably be mostly PG language. No violence as of yet.

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Lily woke in the morning, bleary-eyed and half-conscious, and stumbled into the kitchen. She stopped in the doorway separating the two rooms when she saw James – Potter, looking up at her over a bowl of cheerios and the early edition of The Daily Prophet. The expression in his dark eyes was almost unfathomable, but he stared through her like she was so much plastic wrap.

"W-what is it?" she stammered, her purpose to be forbidding.

"I just wanted to say you look smashing this morning."

"Don't say that!" Lily hissed darkly at him, storming forward.

"I was just being sarcastic," he murmured to the paper, shrugging and succeeding in making Lily even angrier than she already was.

"Why you self-involved wanker!" she sputtered, constraining her urge to hit him, and instead taking her anger out on her breakfast. She opened the cupboard, almost taking it off its hinges, and took down a bowl, slamming it on the table-top and closing the cupboard with such a forceful BANG that it almost came off its hinges.

"Careful now," James said rather impetuously, "you don't want the cereal to get angry."

Lily didn't say anything, instead seething to herself and looking only at her cereal while she ate it. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see James getting up, but didn't notice he was coming towards her until she could see his hand next to hers on the table-top. She yanked her hands away forcefully and leaned back on her chair, attempting to get as far away from the prat in front of her as possible.

"Get away from me!"

"No," James said, and put his hand gently on her shoulder. Or he would have, if Lily hadn't swatted it away.

"Don't touch me!" But James grasped the hand in his strong—and rather warm—grip, and placed it gently on her leg. His other hand came up to her hair and stroked it. Lily stilled, whether out of fright or anticipation, James didn't know.

When James' hand left her hair, it trailed down her neck to her shoulder, causing Lily to shiver involuntarily. His rough hands felt so delightfully, terrifyingly, horribly smooth against her pale skin. And then his fingers dug into her back, rubbing it, and she arched backwards, surprised at the fire he had lit beneath her skin.

"Feel good?" he whispered wickedly in her ear. Lily could not respond, and instead went limp, but still tense with anticipation. No matter what she was betraying by letting Potter do this to her, it just felt so incredible.

His fingers dug deeper and deeper into her back, causing her to lift her head and moan. He found all the most sensitive spots, and played with them, molded them until they bent to his will. He moved her shirt aside and Lily's breathing became louder and shallower. He knew the effect this had on her. The freckles on her back stood out against the smooth whiteness of her skin, and against the darker, tanned roughness of James' hand. Her skin went red where James had rubbed it almost raw.

And it was torture for him too. Knowing she was only letting him do this because it felt so damn good, he took advantage of the prone Lily. The noises she made weren't for him, they were for what she was doing to him, but they made his heart beat faster. Every moan, every sharp intake of breath, he celebrated in because he was causing it.

James kneeled down on the floor and made Lily turn so that her back was facing him better, and his fingers went lower, pressing and rubbing, and causing Lily's bones to melt. Her back arched again as he reached her waste, and instead of continuing his journey down her back, he decided to take a chance.

He rested his warm hands on her bare waist, her shirt having ridden up so that it was exposed to him. Lily craned her neck around slightly at his pause, but she didn't stop him. He took it as an invitation to go forward. His hands slipped around her waist, resting on her belly, which was moving quickly in and out because of Lily's fast breathing. He grinned slightly to himself, and leaned upwards, his lips tickling her earlobe.

"Trust me," he said, and she shivered again, and this time James could feel it. No matter how much she tried to deny it, James did have an effect on her, and he knew it.

"Never," she whispered back. His lips lightly touched her skin at the meeting of neck and jawbone, and he trailed kisses down her neck. Lily's eyes closed, and she imagined that what she was feeling was anyone, anything but James Potter kissing her. How could she allow it? But how could she not, when it felt so good, so amazingly perfect.

His lips left her neck, and her body protested against it. But his finger came up to trail her jawline and she involuntarily turned towards him, eyes open, bright, and questioning. She opened her mouth to protest his movements.

"Sshhh," he said, and put his finger on her lips, closing them gently. Then he leaned forward, and Lily felt herself leaning forward, too, and suddenly she felt his lips against hers.

This kiss was nothing like the wild, passionate kiss they had shared yesterday. This one was almost gentle, but still charged, pushing, as if it knew that they both wanted something else, something different, something more. But as James pulled away from Lily, he saw tears streaking down her face.

"What is it?" he asked, shocked. But Lily just shook her head and turned away from James. She closed her eyes and hiccupped once, tears streaming down in torrents. He reached a thumb out to wipe some of the tears away, but she shrugged him away.

James knelt on the floor next to Lily, at a loss and helpless to do anything, but wanting to do everything for this girl—woman. Finally, James stood up. He was about to go fetch a cardigan for Lily, who had begun shivering for some unknown reason. But he was stopped by a faint whisper.

"What is it?" he asked Lily, turning back towards her and kneeling on the ground again, this time in front of her, and took both of her hands into his.

"I-I can't do this anymore," she whispered, barely audible over her sobs.

"Do what?" he asked, very confused.

"Be here, live here," she waved vaguely around, indicating the flat, "with you."

James' shoulders slumped. "But why?" he asked.

"I-I just can't. Please don't ask questions."

"Should we, I mean, should we contact Dumbledore? Tell him you're finished?" James let go of Lily's pale, cool hands and stood up.

Lily shrugged. "I guess."

Lily didn't seem to be offering to help with that, so James got out the packet of Floo Powder that Dumbledore had given them when he first sent them to the flat, and went to the miniscule fireplace in the back of the front room.

Five minutes later, he was in Dumbledore's office at Hogwarts.

And it was empty.

Of course it would be, James thought to himself. Stupid. Why would Dumbledore be at school during a school holiday? He had to have a house of his own, one with family that he visited. Hadn't he mentioned a brother once? James turned around wildly several times, completely lost. How could he find out where Dumbledore lived? He took a few steps towards the desk in the middle of the office, then whirled around to the door.

And stopped when he saw who was in the doorway, half-moon glasses, little smile and all.

"Dumbledore!" James gasped.

"Mr. Potter," Dumbledore nodded.

"Dumbledore, I need your help! It's Lily! She wants to go home."

But instead of looking surprised, like James had thought he would, he just nodded thoughtfully. "Yes, yes, I thought she might. Could you tell me the circumstances leading up to this?"

James blushed. "Well, we were, er, talking, and um—"

But Dumbledore waved his hand. "It's no matter. I shall accompany you to the flat. You flooed here?" James nodded dumbly, and at his response, Dumbledore brushed impatiently by him to the fireplace. He turned around. "Well?" he asked. "Are you coming?"

And that was how James found himself,a few hourslater, trying not to eavesdrop through the thin walls of the flat, while Lily and Dumbledore "discussed" things.

When the two had arrived at the flat, James saw that Lily hadn't budged an inch, except now she was staring blankly at the wall across the kitchen, mouthing undecipherable things. Dumbledore had swept over to her, and she had turned to him, sorrow still evident in her eyes. Dumbledore had said something that even James could not pick up, and she had nodded, and both of them had gone into the bedroom, leaving James to do as he would. Which, of course, would be trying to hear everything that they said. But then, he reasoned, he was trying to be more mature, more responsible. And didn't mature, responsible people refrain from eavesdropping, even if their curiosity was piqued to the utmost?

Yes, they did. But it was just so difficult.

The first hour had been the worst. Everytime he had stood up from his chair, he somehow managed to wander over to the walls separating him from the ability to satisfy his curiosity. But soon, he got tired. He picked up a spare magazine that Lily had brought to the flat: "Glamour," and read through it. However, even though all the bikini models were very fit, it wasn't enough to keep him from wondering just what was keeping Dumbedore and Lily Evans holed up in that abominable little room for so long.

After he had finished reading the magazine, his stomach knocked, reminding him that it hadn't had food in over two hours. But all he could find in the flat was some ham that smelt rather off to James, and the cereal. The cereal that reminded him of Lily. Of the kiss. Of the many kisses. Of all the girls he had ever kissed. And he had had rather more than his share of girls, some of whom were willing to go much farther with him than he was willing to go with them. Because, although he would never admit it to Lily, or anyone else besides Sirius and Remus, who already knew, he was still a virgin. Even Peter thought he wasn't, thanks to Sirius' twerp ofa cousin Regulus, and his other, less twerpy, more slutty cousin Bellatrix. But that was another story.

Lily, although James hated to admit it because it just sounded too cliche, was something different. He realised that he had had reason to have been in love with her for almost three whole years, from fourth to sixth year. She was an incredible girl. He hadn't really had time to sort out his feelings for her, but he knew they ran deep. And he knew it wasn't just for the chase, which Lily thought it was. Because yesterday and today? He had felt even more strongly for her, if that was possible. When she had cried, he had been close to tears himself, if only because he didn't know what was hurting his Lily so much. And it hurt that she wouldn't tell him. That, even after all she had seen of him, she still disliked him. Oh sure, the tension, the blatant sexuality was there, but it wasn't strong enough. It wasn't enough that Lily would cast off all of her old prejudices and just love her.

At that thought, the door opened, and Dumbledore held it for Lily, who glanced quickly at James with a mysterious emotion in her eyes before going quickly into the loo.

"What is it?" James asked. "What's happening?"

"You're going home," said Dumbledore.


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