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Chapter 1

"Oh my Gosh Bobby can I use your computer, mines just crashed a few seconds ago." Said a voice of a girl that appeared in front of Bobby. She looked desperate and in need for a computer.

"Funny, I didn't hear the doorbell ring or the front door open." Said Tom Wexler Graham.

"Yes, I didn't hear that either, just the wind blowing was all I heard." Grace McCallister.

"Sorry Mrs. McCallister, I'm in a rush. Swimming practice starts in a few minutes and I want to type my English report before practice.

"Um. Yeah Amy, sure you can use mine, we can go to my room after I'm done with this milk." Bobby answered after eating the rest of his turkey sandwich.

"What is the topic of your essay?" Grace asked.

"Oh we had to pick a poet and write a few things about the poet and how their works influenced the world at this current time. I chose Walt Whitman." Amy explained.

"A fine choice, Miss Derwood. Whitman has very influential works." Grace said.

"Come on Amy, let's go to the computer." Bobby said, after finishing his milk. Amy followed Bobby up the stairs to his room.

Tom and Gracie started to talk about Amy Derwood when Bobby and Amy left the room.

"So who is that girl?" Tom said in a curious tone of voice. "I never saw her here at your house."

Grace replied, "Her mother Jane, is a history professor and her father Owen, is one of the best attorneys in the country, ironically Owen in collage was an academically challenge and failed his classes easily, but was an active partier and knew where the best parties on campus was. Jane was one of my best students, but was pregnant with Amy during her second year at the university, obviously tests shows that Owen was the father, and both Owen and Jane's parents disowned them, before Amy was born."

"That's harsh!" Tom exclaimed. "Go on what happened next."

Grace want on, "When Amy was born and both her parents were still collage students, I decided to help them, since Jack was a year older then Amy and Bobby was a year behind her, all three of them through out the years, were really close and the boys treated her as a sister. When Jane and Owen went to graduate school, Amy stayed here at this house and it was like a second home to her. When Jack started to really get into track, at a young age, he made Amy his running protégé. I certainly remember when the boys were little, the first thing they put on their Christmas list was for me to adopt Amy.

"Wow that's a very interesting story." Tom said, while Grace drank her coffee.

Bobby was showing Amy some science posters on his wall, while the computer was taking its time on downloading the program Amy needed.

"Very interesting poster Bobster." Amy said while sitting on the computer chair. Amy felt some hard breathing behind her. "Hey Jack long time no see." Amy said without taking her eyes off the computer screen.

"I'm still trying to figure out why you quite Track to do a lame sport like swimming." Jack said while sitting on his bad.

"Well swimming ain't lame; it's so cool, besides Bobster can be your track protégé." Amy said while moving the mouse around.

"So how's the leg?" Amy asked.

"Its getting better, the doctor said to take it easy for a while, this time I decided not to rebel from his orders, so track will have to wait for a while."

"I still can't believe Missy dumped you for football jock again. How many times can that repeat itself? Jack, you ask her out again and you should know the result is always Missy dumping you." Amy said.

"Yea, I know, I know, but you of all people should know how I my feeling for Missy, has never left me." Jack said while messaging his broken leg.

"You really should get over her. I think one of the reasons you did the race was to prove to her that you're still the popular kid that she was only in love with because of your social status. Amy said thoughtfully.

"You sound like a girl I know, her name is Katie." Jack said.

"For a second, I thought you were going to say I sound like your mother." Amy said while exiting the computer program. Jack threw a pillow at her, but it missed Amy by a few centimeters.

"Well at least we know you can still use your arms." Amy said while laughing. Jack then threw a second pillow at her, this time it hit Amy on the face and she threw the pillow back at Jack. Amy got the other pillow off the floor and threw it at Bobby.

"Hey, why are you throwing a pillow at me, I didn't do anything to you Amy." Bobby pleaded.

"Well I decided to throw a pillow at you anyway." Amy answered back. Jack then threw a pillow at Bobby. This started a full scale pillow war between Jack, Bobby and Amy.

The pillow war ended after 25 minutes because Amy had to go to practice.

"You boys better watch out, because this pillow war is not over and I'm not going to surrender." Amy said while getting her things from the computer table.

"I'm not surrender first." Said Jack.

"Neither, will I." Bobby answered quickly after Jack.

Amy left the room with a smile on her face.