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Chapter 3.

The bell rang and the last class of the day was over. Considering it was a Friday and the official start of the weekend, most of the students were eager to get out of school. Warren and Bobby were taking their time by their lockers.

"So, Bobby are you going to Jeff's party?" Warren asked after closing his locker.

Jeff was a popular 9th grader, who Warren idolizes. Jeff was very popular, not only because of his model like looks, but because his older brother Roger was the most popular 12th grader in the whole school, considering Roger is the star quarter-back for the school's football team. Jeff's parents were going out of town for the weekend, leaving Roger and Jeff home alone. Roger decided to go on a date with his girlfriend this coming Saturday night, letting Jeff have a party at the house. Jeff invited all the 8th and 9th graders, to show how cool he was. All the 8th and 9th graders were calling this the party to be at, that is if you wanted a boost in your social status.

"Um, I don't know." Bobby said, while figuring out what books he needed to bring home.

"Come on, it's not like every day, that the popular kids invites us to their parties." Warren argued.

"Fine, I'll go to the party." Bobby gave in and closed his locker.

"I got to get to my bus, see ya later!" Warren said, while running through the hallways.

Bobby was walking slowly down the hallway, taking his time.

"Hey Bobby wait up!" said a voice. Bobby turned his head to see the person that was calling him. When Bobby saw the person, he blushed slightly. He figured out it was Amy, who called him. Bobby saw Amy running down the hallway towards him. She was running really fast and was hurdling over anything that was in her way. Bobby just stared at her. He could see why Jack had always said that Amy could be the biggest and most famous track star this school could ever have, if she didn't quit track and joined the swim team.

Within a few seconds Amy reached to where Bobby was standing and stopped running. Bobby started to walk slowly again, and Amy followed his pace.

"My mom told me that I have to stay at your house for all of next week, starting today. Cause my folks are going to NYC for something." Amy told Bobby before they reached Marcus' locker.

"Ok, but Marcus drives us to and from school." Bobby said, while Marcus was fixing his locker.

"Hey Amy, what's up? Long time no see. All we need is Jack and then we can leave." Marcus said while closing his locker.

"Hi Marcus. Yeah it's been awhile since I've seen you man." Amy replied with a smile on her face.

"We got to catch up I want to know how swimming is and can we count you in for the spring track team, you know if you say yes, coach will put you on varsity. I've seen you run. I'm telling you Jack was right you were born to run on the track field." Marcus said while fishing his car keys out of his pants' pocket.

"I heard my name, were you talking about me?" Jack said with a sly grin on his face. Jack stopped using crutches, but still has a little troubling walking, so sometimes he wobbles instead of walking.

"No, you have to realize that when people talk, most of the time they don't talk about you Jack." Amy argued.

"Hey it was a joke Amy. But Marcus is right we both agree to be on varsity for spring track." Jack said.

"No, wait. You mean I don't have a say in this. Hello this should be my decision if I want to be on track. What if I want to play softball or golf?" Amy said angrily.

"Come on Amy. Everyone knows you were born to run. Even Bobby knows that." Marcus said. When Bobby heard his name, he started to blush bright red again. Amy didn't see Bobby blushing, but Jack and Marcus caught it.

"Bobby, stop blushing." Marcus said, while giving Bobby a little push. Making Bobby to move closer to Amy.

"Fine. Since I can't get out of this ordeal, I'll join track." Amy said.

"Yes, I think coach will put you as Jack's replacement on varsity. If he doesn't Jack and I will make him." Marcus said. Since this conversation was over, they all went to Marcus' car and Marcus drove them home.

At the McCallister House

"My classmate André, in the lab room accidentally cut himself with one of the small scissors. It was disgusting and some of the girls were screaming, it was pandemonium and chaos." Bobby was explaining what had happened during science lab, to Jack and Amy.

"That's horrible." Jack said sounding obviously bored.

"You mean it was horrifying." Amy said correcting Jack.

"Actually it can be both. Both words come from the word horror." Bobby said.

"Stop trying to be smart. Were not at school and mom isn't here. So stop being the perfect child. Because you're not." Jack shouted to Bobby. Bobby got mad and went to his room.

"You were a little harsh on him, you know." Amy said softly. "I hate it when you guys fight like that."

"I'm sorry you had to see that." Jack said looking into Amy's eyes.

"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to." Amy said.

Bobby came down, from his room. Jack apologized to him. Bobby forgave his brother stating that he'll always forgive Jack.

"Jack is nonchalant and Bobby is gentle and persuasive. Both of you are head strong." Amy said.

"Will you Amy are thoughtful and gives the best advice." Jack said.

"By the way Amy , your stuff is upstairs. I saw your luggage when I was upstairs." Bobby said.

"Thanks Bobster." Amy flashed Bobby a smile, while Jack started to laugh, forgetting that Amy nicknamed Bobby "Bobster" and called him that ever since they were toddlers.

"Stop laughing Jackie!" Amy said.

"Sure, what ever you want Ams." Jack answered back.

Just then they all heard a car honk. Looking through the windows all 3 of them saw Marcus and his car.

"Well I got to hang with Marcus, I'll be back later." Jack left the house as fast as he could, so he wouldn't have to answer the normal 60 million questions Bobby always asked him, when he leaves the house.

"He obviously knew you would ask him, like I don't know maybe a trillion questions." Amy said, while Marcus' car sped off at what looks to be 70 mph.

"I can't help it. Since mom's never home, I have to make sure Jack is ok." Bobby said.

"Bobby, Jack can take care of himself. He's one of those guys that can go through rough times and still contain his strength." Amy argued back. "Besides, you walk on the wild side of life, be adventurous and dangerous. Bobby you have to stop being a protective brother and a quite person. Taking chances and making mistakes, helps a person become a better person. I know your more of a perfectionist, but sometimes your mind urges you to do something dangerous and life changing, and during those times its best to follow your mind." Amy said. When she was done with this speech, she admitted to herself that is was the best advice she ever gave Bobby.

Bobby started thinking after Amy's speech. He knew she was absolutely right. He should stop trying to be protective of Jack and stop trying to be exactly like Jack. He had to be Bobby. There's a difference between Jack and Bobby, and he has to use this difference as an advantage. Bobby has to change for the better. He realized he should rebel and stop being a momma's boy. Bobby couldn't believe that it took him forever to realize this. Self confidence comes through a person's experience in life. And Bobby needed that self confidence.

"Your right, your absolutely right Amy." Bobby said after a few moments a silence had passed.

The phone rang soon after. It was Warren and Bobby knew what Warren was going to ask him.

"So you going to Jeff's party?" Warren asked Bobby.

Bobby took a deep breath and looked at Amy before answering Warren's question.

"Yeah Warren, I'll be there." Bobby said with a smile.

"Great, my mom can drive us there and back." Warren sounded excited.

Bobby put his hand over the phone and looked at Amy. "Should I ask her to go to the party?" Bobby thought. He took another deep breath before asking Amy.

"So Amy, want to go to Jeff's party tomorrow? Bobby asked.

"Well since I predict there isn't anything else to do around here tomorrow night, Jeff's party sounds like a good idea. I want to go upstairs and see what my mom packed." Amy said while walking up the stairs.

"Hey Warren, Amy will be coming with us ok." Bobby said.

"Really, Amy Derwood?" Warren sounded shocked.

"Yeah that Amy." Bobby replied.

"I'm going to have to ask my mom to clean the car before we pick you guys up." Warren said.

Bobby could only laugh. He knew that Warren had the biggest crush on Amy. They made a deal that they can't take the other person's crush, because that was against the rules of the deal. But for some reason Bobby now felt that the he should break the rules because he now has a slowly growing crush on Amy. But Bobby doesn't was to break a promise he made to Warren and destroy their friendship. Bobby now knows the feeling of being torn between love and friendship.