Ichigo Momomiya is your average 16 year old (sophomore). She goes to Tokyo High with her friends: Mint Aizawa, Lettuce Midorikawa, Zakuro Fujiwara, Muffin Koy, Pudding Fong, Rini Tsukono, Ryou Shirogane, Masaya Aoyama, Pie Nickoy, Kish Nickoy, Margie Uagi, Tart Nickoy, Helios Pegus, and Kiichiro Akasaka. She is the captain of the cheerleading squad and fourth runner up for the valedictorian. She's one of the most popular girls in school.

Ichigo's parents had known the Aoyama's since they themselves were in high school. Before Ichigo's mother passed the Momomiyas' and the Aoyamas' decided to have Ichigo and Masaya wed when they came of age (17). About a year after Ichigo's mother died Ichigo's father got married to Ms. Akasaka. Which made her friend Kiichiro her big brother!

Ichigo was 15 when she started to date Masaya. Ichigo didn't really want to date him but her best friend, Mint, insisted that's what Ichigo's mother would want. After about six months Masaya told Ichigo he loved her Ichigo loved him to but she love him like a brother and not like a husband!

Ichigo loved someone else everyone could tell even Masaya could tell but he just pretended not to! (What an idiot!)