Hello people sorry it took so long I've been busy you see we moved and my computer wasn't set up but now it is um… For those of you who read my prologue I'm sorry it was confusing I wrote it while I was super tired and plus I had my sibs bugging me! For those of you who have reviewed and had "problems" with my story I'm sorry but I did change the title!

So, any way let me sum it up for you (this is basically what I meant to say):Ichigo is 16 goes to Tokyo high. Her mom died but before that her and Masaya get engaged (an arranged marriage). When her mom does die about a year later her dad marries Kiichiro's mom! Ichigo goes out with Masaya but doesn't think of him as "boyfriend" or "husband" material but more like a brother!

(f.y.i-I'm not following the books all that much and I took the Sailor moon characters out!)

(Disclaimer- I do not own Tokyo mew mew but if I did Masaya would cease to exist! Mwahahaha)

Ok here's the story!

Chapter 1

It was the day before school would let out for spring break. Ichigo was sporting her cheerleading outfit and was actually at school early. 45 minutes early to be exact. She heard someone yell

"Ichigo" yelled a tall blonde.

"Oh its just you Ryou I thought it was someone important!" she said "so what's up?"

" What are you saying I'm not important!" Ryou said in a fake hurt voice.

" You know I was kidding Ryou. And besides you're the captain of the football tem you know you're important "Ichigo said.

" Yeah, I know! And I'm fine thanks for asking!" Ryou replied, " oh yeah, Ichigo why are you hear so early?"

" Well… Muffin called me and said that Kish had a big surprise for everyone!"

" Oh, really that's odd. So any way I guess I'll see you in a bit at the table!"

"Ryou" yelled a green haired boy, " Yo, Ryou what's up?"

" Nothin' much here! What's up with you?" Ryou replied, " Wait a minute had did you get here? Did you finally get your Escalade?"

" Ya its outside"

" Uh…hum" said a girl named Muffin (who is all so wearing a cheer uniform) "I feel so unloved"

Kish grabs her and pulls her close " Oh, believe me your not unloved!" and kisses her lightly.

" Uh.. Guys hate to disturb you but I'm still here"

" Will continue this later" Kish whispered in her ear.

" So where's my strawberry?" asked Muffin.

" You just missed her she went t the table." Replied Ryou.

" Wow she's actually here! Well I'll let you two continue to talk about whose car is better." She kissed Kish on the cheek and went to find Ichigo.

At the table 10 minutes later

"Ichigo what's on your mind? You seem out of it!" Muffin said.

" Well I'm having second thoughts."

"About what Ichigo?" asked Muffin.

" Oh nothing! Well any way did you finish your math homework?" Ichigo said trying to change the subject.

" Yeah. Why?" said Muffin.

" I didn't finish it! You see after cheer practice I went home and fell asleep and then you called me, then after that Masaya called me and after that I fell asleep again!" Ichigo said in one breath.

"Fine but you tell any one and your dead! O.K.?" Muffin said in a rather frightening tone.

"Thank you so much!" Ichigo said and hugged her.

" Muffin! Ichigo! Over here!" yelled Kish.

Ryou and Kish ran over looking very happy.

" What are you to so happy about?" questioned Muffin.

"Oh, nothing I'm just really happy today!" Kish said.

"Ditto!" Ryou said.

"Yo, look it's Masaya. Hey Masaya over hear!" yelled Ryou (Masaya and Ryou are best friends)

"Hey guys. What's up?" Masaya responded and sat down next to Ichigo and kissed her. Ichigo pushed away

"Hey Masaya. Did you finish your math homework?" Ichigo said.

" Ya! Why?"

"No reason." Ichigo said, " Mint over here! Hey what's up?"

" Oh, nothing just the usual. Why do you ask?"

" I was just wondering if you got my message?"

" No, I didn't well go on tell me!" Mint said anxiously.

"My dad decided to let me and Kiichiro take all of us to the beach for spring break!" Ichigo said excitedly.

" No way all of us?"

"Yup all of you." Said Kiichiro just walking up. "So have any of you seen lettuce?"

" No. Why do you ask Kiichiro?" Mint said suspiciously, " Do you perhaps like her?"

"That's none of your business! Oh, look it's Pie and Zakuro!" said Kiichiro said trying to change the subject.

"Hey guys! Uh… just so you know class starts in about 1 minute!" Pie said.


"Bye guys! See you later. Let's go Mint!" Ichigo got up and walked to class with Mint.

So was that ok for the first chappie? Um . . . . . I need to make a correction Margie Uagi in the prologue is really Margie Usagi. You see I modeled the character after one of my friends and when she read it online she got mad at me cause I spelt it wrong! Any way I'll have the 2nd (third) chapter up hopefully in the next week! Till then buh bye!