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Chapter 2

In class
"So" sighed Mint.
"So what?" Ichigo replied.
"What's with this spring break thing?" Mint said, " Is it perhaps a trip to get you and Masaya alone!"
"No, actually I'm thinking of…"
There was a loud crash it was lettuce!

Recap of last 6 seconds

Lettuce walks into class and trips over air, knocks over a globe, breaks it,and topples over a desk!

"Lettuce are you O.K.?" Mint asks.

"Ya. I'm fine!" Lettuce replies a little dazed.

"Well if your ok!" said Mint " You were thinking of what Ichigo?"

"Well you see Masaya seems more like a brother and …"

" Oh, my god! Your going to break up with him" exclaimed Mint so the rest of the class could hear her.

"Well I like someone else and well you see my problem."

"Hmm…If Ichigo breaks up with Masaya I can finally have him"

"Mint are you ok you were looking into space like weird!" asked lettuce.

"Huh? Oh, ya I'm fine well Ichigo if you think that you want to go ahead!" Mint said with a smirk, "Well Ichigo if were leaving Sunday you know what that me means?"

"Shopping!" Ichigo and Lettuce said together.


" OK class see you in a week!" Said the teacher.

" Wow" Ichigo said looking at her cell phone "I didn't realize what time it was I have to go meet Kiichiro! See you guys later! Call me!"

Ichigo ran down the hall and saw an annoyed Kiichiro at the end of the hall!

"You know squirt if you want a ride you need to be on time!"

"Sorry me and Mint were talking about going to the mall."

"Umm…let me think …………no!"

" Lettuce will be there along with everyone else" Ichigo said with puppy dog eyes.

" Fine! But you owe me a latte "

" Yes!" Ichigo said giving her stepbrother hug! "That gives me a perfect chance to break up with Masaya!"

The next day at the mall

"Were is Ichigo," asked Mint looking annoyed. "She's cutting into my shopping time."

" As soon as we got here she said she was going to wait for Masaya!" said Kiichiro looking into his Latte. "Oh, ya she said to meet her at The Club the club is a store in about fifteen minutes! Oh wow that was ten minutes ago!"

"Wow Kiichiro so considerate!" Mint said "Come on girls lets go!"

Lettuce, Pudding, Zakuro, and Muffin all got up and walked with Mint to the other side of the mall.

"Thanks Kiichiro you had to tell them now!" said Kish. "Has anyone seen Ryou?"

The girls walked into The Club but didn't see Ichigo but they did see Ryou who looked like he was hugging someone! They walked closer and found Ichigo hugging Ryou!

"Uh-hum excuse me but I'm looking for a strawberry any idea where I can find one?" said mint Ryou turned around.

"Oh, umm hey girls I was looking for the guys and well I got to go." He quickly hurried out of the store.

"hey" said a tear stained Ichigo "Sorry he saw me crying and well.."

"It's ok!" Pudding said!

"So what happened?" asked Zakuro.

"Do I have to talk about it right now?"

"No" they all said together.

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