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Betad by Saikagrl

"What has happened!" Elrond demanded storming down the stairs as Glorfindel and Erestor galloped into the courtyard pulling the horse to a skidding halt. Glorfindel didn't answer right away instead gently easing Erestor off the horse and onto the ground. Elrond knelt on the ground beside the dark haired elf. He was disturbed to see tear tracks on Erestor's face and his eyes shut tight. "What is going on?"

Glorfindel looking shaken, stood up making sure not to touch Erestor anymore. "I swear I do not know Elrond."

The Lord of Imladris frowned but quickly gathered Erestor up in his arms and swiftly made his way to the healing wing.

Glorfindel quickly followed beside them. "I took him to the high pass on the western most waterfall. We were talking. I was helping him get settled to do the strengthening exercises; he told me I was hurting him. I swear to Ilúvatar all I did was touch him Elrond, I just placed my hand on his back, that is all."

Elrond settled the advisor on the bed.

"He cried out that I was hurting him then…then he moved his legs."

Elrond looked at him sharply.

"My word Elrond."

"Erestor?" Elrond questioned gently.

The advisor took several steadying breaths before opening his eyes. He gripped Elrond's arm but his eyes were focused on his legs. Elrond looked down to in time to see one of Erestor's legs move slightly to the side.

"Sweet Elbereth!" Elrond breathed.


"Show me what you did Glorfindel." Elrond demanded.

Glorfindel hesitated. "What if I hurt him?"

Erestor reached up to grip Glorfindel's arm. "It's all right, show him."

"I was helping him get settled so we could work on the exercises." Glorfindel explained reenacting what had happened. "I placed my hand on his back like this," Glorfindel lightly touched the counselor's back when nothing happened he continued, "he said I was hurting him. Then I brought him back to Imladris as fast as I could."

Elrond frowned. "You just touched him?"

Glorfindel nodded.


"I'm not sure how to explain it. It felt like something was being forced into me."

Elrond's forehead wrinkled. "Glorfindel I want you to do exactly as you did but I want you to concentrate on what you were thinking when you touched him."

Glorfindel took a deep breath calming himself recalling his thoughts. This time when he touched Erestor the younger elf flinched away with a hiss. Elrond grabbed Glorfindel's wrist.

"Do it again. Erestor it may hurt but I need you to hold still." Elrond instructed.

"I'll try." The advisor answered taking a shaky breath.

Glorfindel again placed his hand on Erestor's back. The counselor went rigid his eyes shutting in pain. Elrond frowned at first as he focused on what was happening but then a clear light entered his eyes as he realized what was happening. Slowly Erestor began to straighten easing the tension in his body as the pain began to subside. Glorfindel let out a heavy sigh as he dropped his hand. He felt exhausted. They both looked to Elrond who was smiling.

"Erestor I want you to try moving your legs again." Elrond commanded raising a hand to forestall any questions.

The younger elf bit his lip but did as he was told this time showing more definite signs of movement. His brow furrowed in concentration he slid his legs off the bed letting them dangle before easing himself down. Glorfindel stepped forward worriedly but Elrond gestured for him to wait. Erestor let go of the bed and for the first time in nearly five months stood on his own power.


Erestor took a shaky step away from the bed then another. He made it two more feet when his legs buckled. Elrond anticipating the movement caught him before he fell to the floor. The Elven Lord settled the counselor back on the bed. Erestor wouldn't look at either of them using his dark hair to shield his face. Elrond put a finger under his chin forcing his face up and brushing the raven hair away from his face. He smiled kindly seeing the fresh tears.

"Don't be disappointed Erestor." Elrond brushed the tears away. "Your body is just weak from lack of use. You will be fine once you begin to move around more. I am sure Glorfindel will enjoy a new sparring partner."


"Aye. Although your back will never be as strong as it once was. You'll be fine as long as you do not take on any more orcs."

Erestor gave him a shy smile at that. His eyes then searched out the blonde warrior. "Thank you Glorfindel."

"I would say it was nothing but I do not know what I did." Glorfindel shrugged somewhat mystified.

Elrond laughed. "I think my friend that I am going to be adding to your duties. You will now be spending part of your evenings with me in the Healing wing."

"But I'm not a healer!" Glorfindel protested.

The Lord of Imladris arched a brow. "I beg to differ. You have been gifted with a very special healing ability that few elves have."

"But I am a warrior. I never had any healing skills, not even when I lived in Gondolin."

Elrond chuckled. "I think the Valar are meddling in your life again."

Glorfindel looked heavenward anxiously. "Thanks, I think."


(three months later)

The young Lorien elf looked about him is unsuppressed awe as he dismounted his horse. It was the first time he had traveled outside the borders of his home and Rivendell was a splendid sight. If Lorien was the heart of elvendom on earth then Imladris was its soul.

"Beautiful isn't it?"

The young elf came out of his stupor to nod at his captain. "Yessir."

A young Rivendell elf hastened over to the pair bowing politely. "Captain Haldir, may I take your horses?"

The Lorien captain nodded. "You may. Where is Lord Erestor? I thought he would have greeted us by now?"

The stable hand frowned in thought. "I know he headed towards the Bruin this morning. I do not think he has returned yet."

Haldir pursed his lips. "I guess I shall seek-"


The three turned to find two elves racing towards them at a reckless speed. Haldir reached out pulling the young Lorien elf out of the way as a golden streak whisked past them followed moments later by a dark one.

The young Lorien warrior turned wide eyes to his captain. "What was that?"

Haldir snorted. "The Chief of Imladris' security the famed Balrog Slayer, Glorfindel of Gondolin, being pursued by the furious Chief Counselor, Erestor of Imladris."

The youth's mouth dropped open in surprise. "But why would the Balrog Slayer be afraid of a counselor."

Haldir put a hand on the youth's shoulder as he turned them towards the doors. "Obviously you have not yet met Erestor."


Elrond's eyebrows shot up seeing the two elves racing down the corridor towards him. "Glorfindel?"

"Not now my Lord!" Glorfindel shouted racing past.


"Busy!" Erestor hissed flying past hot on the heels of the golden elf.

Elrond watched the two elves race down the corridor both skidding slightly on the polished floor before ducking around the corner. Elrond shook his head before resuming his walk. "One can only hope they do not break their fool necks."


Glorfindel leaped down the stairs racing towards the lake. He had thought the counselor would have given up by now. He was obviously wrong. He had thought the Mirkwood spider in Erestor's picnic basket was funny. It obviously was not. Although, the look on the advisor's face was well worth it.

He veered to the left as he reached the lake only to be caught in a flying tackle that sent them both into the water. Splashing and spluttering they rose for air. Erestor fairly growled picking his soggy self from the water. Glorfindel followed at a much slower pace pushing his wet hair back.


Both elves startled looking up to find Lindir resting against a large willow. He was sitting cross-legged his lute resting comfortably in his lap. A broad smile spread over his face as he watched them stagger from the muddy bank. He shook his head his moon colored hair spilling about his face.

"I came down here today for inspiration. I think I have finally found it."

Erestor's dark eyes narrowed. "You wouldn't dare Lindir."

The minstrel feigned innocence.

"Not a word Lindir." Glorfindel warned.

Lindir waited until the two had started towards the house before striking a chord. "This is a tale of two elves here, who fell into a lake so clear..."

Glorfindel and Erestor shared a look.

"Get him."