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Miracle of Love
Part 14: The County Inn

Her legs were shaky, Ranma noticed that before she entered the car. So when he turned off the engine and looked at the cemetery, he hurriedly went out and opened the car for her. Then he reached out to her to guide and help her. Ranma held her hand tightly as they walked towards the grave. When they were in front of the Tendo's grave, Akane placed the flowers on the grave and knelt on the ground, she felt her knees weaken more and tears started to fall on her face. "Dad, when Ranma told me that you were dead... I still wish that it wasn't true, but I know.. coming here today... it would make it real..." she said.

Ranma looked away, trying to control his tears.

"Dad.. I am here...I'm alive... your Baby Akane is alive..." she said, her voice quivered. She closed her eyes and suddenly his father's smiling faces, then troubled faces, then angry faces just appeared in her mind. "Dad...Dad..." she clenched her fist. "If only I can take back the time... I will never lose you... I will not lose you..." she wiped her tears. Then she felt a sudden pain in her head and recalled the day of the accident. She remembered being carried at the gurney while nurses were checking on her, the ambulance, two police officers stood nearby, then black. More tears came to her eyes when she thought of the scene before the accident. How she run away from Ranma and how Ranma chased her. Then she looked up at Ranma who was looking at the other tombstone. She wiped her tears and read the name of the tombstone. She gasped. "M-My name..."

"You have no idea... how painful it is... to know you died..." he whispered, as he knelt in front of that tombstone. "I hated myself for treating you like that, I hated myself and blame myself for your death." he looked at Akane, tears started to flow on his cheek. "I died too, Akane.. not in physical... but in mental and emotional." he shook his head, "I.. the Ranma Saotome, a man among men and the greatest martial artist... just vanished... he vanished when his partner died." He wiped his tears, "Though I can't blame you if you get mad at me for not saving your dad... I guess... this is my payment for hurting you-"


"I may have not lost you, but I still have lost your dad..." Ranma clenched his fist. "He hated me when you died... he almost kicked me out of the house... his precious baby.. I killed her." he closed his eyes and remembered what Soun said to him.


"He was so mad at me, Akane..." he wiped his tears again. "and that face... I will never ever forget that face... that crying and angry face... yelling at me... I will not forget it for the rest of my life."

Akane didn't know what she would feel. She's still upset for the death of her father, but this was the first time she saw Ranma really blaming and pitying himself. Without thinking she reached out to him and hugged him. Which surprised Ranma. "Ranma, did you know that my dad was very proud of you?" she whispered in his ear, trying to ease his pain. "He really wanted you not just to be the heir of the anything goes martial arts... but he wants you as his son."

Ranma hugged Akane and cried. He did recall his last conversation with him...

"Ranma...I am sorry for treating you bad for the past year."

"It's okay , I understand why you did that"

"Ranma... can you promise something? Can you promise... to make my dojo successful? It is only the memory that Akane and I will leave to you. I want you to make it big... can you do that?"

"Do not be too hard on yourself Ranma," Akane said, rubbing Ranma's shoulder. "It maybe painful... but my dad.. would want us to move forward. So please, do not blame yourself anymore... please?" she asked.

"It will be hard not too..." Ranma said, hugging her tightly, "But I will try... for you and your father's sake."

When Ranma and Akane returned to the cabin, they saw another car parked and Akane narrowed her eyes. "There's a car..."

Ranma sighed, "That's your Sister's car." he said. Turning off the engine.

He was right, when the door opened, Kasumi and Nabiki run towards Akane and hugged their sister really tight. After they cried and said how much they miss each other; Nabiki went straight to the point. "You guys need to evacuate this place. Jun already knows where you are." she said.

"Jun?" Akane asked, and then she remembered. "Oh.. Samantha's fiance?" she asked.

Nabiki nodded and gave Ranma the hospital files. Ranma studied them, but after a few seconds his eyes opened wide as he kept reading the files. "I still need to find more evidence about this... if I will give this to the court, I am afraid... Jun can still twist everything."

"But I have my memory back... isn't that enough?" Akane asked.

"But Jun knows that Samantha is deeply in love with Ranma and will do anything for Ranma to be with her, even to pretend that you are Akane-"

"That's absurd!" Akane gasped.

"Not only that, if one move goes wrong.. we won't be able to see you again... Jun will probably take you to Korea." Nabiki said, looking at her.

Ranma looked at Nabiki. "Wait a minute, these are Akane and Samantha's files. In this file.. Samantha is already dead and Jun switched her with Akane?" he asked, Nabiki nodded. "But why?"

"That... I want to know and I will get to the bottom of this... however, you and Akane need to hide for a few more days... so you have to pack up your bags and Ranma, we need to confiscate your car."

Ranma nodded, "Anything to protect Akane." he murmured, giving the keys to Nabiki.

"My driver can drive your car and Do not worry, I already have a place for the both of you so... I will drop you there as soon as you guys are ready." Nabiki said.

"Tell me.. how powerful is Samantha's fiancee?" Akane asked, looking at her sister.

"Just enough that he can get whatever he wants, and he can pay for the justice to be by his side." Nabiki said.

Ranma and Akane looked at the lady with a disbelieving glare. Nabiki just drop them into a county inn and when Nabiki and Kasumi left them, they were greeted by the old woman and called them 'Mr. and Mrs. Saito.'

"Uh.." Ranma looked at Akane who shrugged.

"Apparently, when your sister asked for a reservation... I turned her down because we have no vacancy. But then she told me that you guys can stay in a attic room." the old woman pursed her lips. Akane and Ranma blinked. They have no choice but to go there. "Is there a problem?" she asked.

Yes! "No.. um.. c-could.. you lead us there then?" Ranma asked, looking at a nervous Akane.

"Oh yes certainly sir." she told them to follow her.

As they were following the old lady, Ranma caught hold of Akane's arm. "Nabiki registered us as married couple.. so it means one room. Are you okay with that?" he murmured softly.

Akane frowned, "Anything to protect me right?" she whispered back at him. Ranma rolled his eyes.

"Fine. Kawaiikune." his mouth had twitched.

"Here you go," said the old lady as she opened the attic. "If you want to eat just ring the bell." she showed them the string of the bell and smiled at them. "But I will prepare a food for you now." she added.

"Uh.. yeah.. okay.." Ranma said, looking at the room. It was too small for them, but beggars can't be choosers right? At least it is carpeted and there's a small bed.. The room might be more comfortable if you were a young child... but... if you're an adult...

"Well.. at least we are safe for now..." Akane said, sighing.

Ranma placed their bags on the floor and took off his red chinese shirt, revealing only white shirt and sat down on the bed so he could stretch his aching neck muscles. "Well look at the bright side... you and I won't need to cook."

"You just didn't want me to cook for you." she said, kicking her shoes.

"That too." Ranma said, stretching his legs and flexing his shoulders before digging his phone out of his pocket.


"Kawaiikune." he replied at her.

Akane squatted down in front of the mirror on the wall to tidy her hair. For the first time she observed her face and the changes. Her hair was a little curly and something changed with her eyebrows and eyelashes, did they became longer? what did Samantha do to her body? When she turned to look at Ranma, he was already lying on the bed watching her, having finished texting Nabiki. "What?" she asked.

"Betsuni..." Ranma said, but not taking off his eyes on her.

"Is there something wrong with my face Ranma?" she asked.

"Hmm..." Ranma smirked and sat down, "Come here.. let me see if there's something wrong with your face." he said.

Akane frowned and sat beside him, "I'm warning you, if you try to do something to me.. you'll see the stars in the heaven tonight." she said, warning in her voice.

"Why not let's see them together?" Ranma asked, before Akane could reply. He lifted her chin, titling her face so he could gain full access to her mouth. The kiss wasn't aggressive; in fact it was gentle, extremely slow, erotic exploration that melted her bones. Akane was lost in his kisses. Then, Ranma's lips caressed her throat, her eyelids; the corners of her mouth, sweeping away caution and reason so when he took her lips again, she kissed him back. His mouth was hungry and the taste, the delicious smell of him spun in her head. He moved slightly, pushing her to the bed and then molding her into him so she fitted more comfortably into his hard frame, and she felt his strength, his desire against her softness. "You have no idea how long I've waited for this kiss you like this, Akane." he said, groaning.

"R-Ranma no baka..." she said, huskily. Her stomach flipped over.

Before Ranma could kissed her again, The sound of the door opening brought them apart. It was the old lady smiling at them. "Newly married couple have no self-control when they get alone ne? Anyway, I have brought food for the two of you" she said.

Both Ranma and Akane blushed.

Jun threw the glass at the door which cause frightened the police. "Come again?" he yelled.

"Mr. Saotome and Ms. Samantha already left the cabin sir..."

"DAMN IT!" Jun growled, he shoved all the papers and the computer on his table. "DAMN IT! and to think I already found them!" he yelled. "Find them again! and when you do, bring Samantha alive and kill Ranma Saotome."

"Y-Ye-Yes sir." said the police and left their room.

A man came out in the shadow of his room. "I am telling you Jun... you can just let her go."

"JUST SHUT UP!" Jun yelled. He was about to go out of the room when he felt his uncle's hands on his arms. "Let me go." he growled.

"Jun. May I remind you, that you already own the Jin's money?" he asked.

Jun shoved his arm off him, "So that's it? because I already have Samantha's money then I'll just leave her?" he asked.

"That is our plan."

"No..." Jun said, clenching his fist. "I do not want to leave Samantha Alone." he glared at him, "She is mine."

"Jun..." Jun's uncle tried to reach out to him but suddenly, He was now laying on the floor, blood on his lips. Jun just finished giving him a punch and round kick, knocking him down. The ferocity in his eyes, scared him. "Jun-"

His lip twisted, "Samantha or Akane is mine. Read my lips, Uncle. She is mine."

"Jun!" His uncle wiped the blood on his lips, "Jun, Remember your father. Remember your status remember-"

Jun's eyes darkened, "This is the first time, I've ever wanted something for my life. If I can't get her. No one will." he opened the door and slammed it behind him.

Silence filled the room, only the tick of the clock was heard. Ranma and Akane were sitting on the bed face to face. Figuring how to do the next step, the air was getting thicker and thicker and their breathing was getting harder and harder. Ranma gulped and looked at her. "Okay.. so how do we do this...?" he asked, "The step by step procedure of getting ready for one bed..." he added, still not letting off his eyes on Akane.

She waited for two or three seconds before she answered. "I don't know... about this..."

He surveyed her silently for enough time for Akane to squirm inwardly, but knowing Akane of course, she was determined not to show any weakness or any of that... Too Bad I can see it . Ranma coughed and cleared his throat. "Anyway, we've done this for many times in the past right?" he asked, "I mean... we've slept on the same room..."

"That's different."

He raised his eyebrows. "How so?"

Her chin titled a fraction higher. "First it was my bedroom, and I have my wooden sword and my barbells-"

"You have your mallet everywhere you go, so don't worry about that." he said with a frown.

Akane frowned, "and second, we were engaged."

"Aren't we-"

"The last time I know, we broke our engagement because you wanted a time-out since you and Ukyo had a heart to heart talk!"

"That was in the past Kawaiikune! Ukyo is now happily married with Ryoga" His face was impassive.

"It was in the past yes. But are we engaged tonight?" she asked, while glaring at him. "No. we're not."

"But we are acting as a couple.. a married couple." he informed her solemnly.

Trying to maintain a glare, she shakily pointed at him but then she noticed her nails. "W-What happen to my nails?" she asked, looking at them.

"This is the first time you actually noticed that you have pink nails?" he drawled lazily, not in the least put out.

"Well duh, what did this Samantha do to me?" she growled while looking at her polished nails. "They are kinda long.. I need to cut them, a martial artist mustn't have a long nails. It's a disaster!" she said, looking at her hands.

That's the Akane I know... Ranma sighed, "Anyway... this doesn't solve anything... what are we going to do?"

Akane gasped, "Oh I know!" she said, smiling. "Change into a girl-"

Ranma blinked, She really is Akane! damn it. Of course she is! what other signs you want to see? "W-Well.. that would be.. nice but..." He leaned forward, "I have never been a girl for the past three years." he smiled at her, at that realization. "Neat huh?"

"Y-You are cured?" Akane gasped.

Ranma frowned, "No.. but I managed to avoid cold water for the past three years." he said, then he just realized that. "... it was impossible, but I did it.. did I?" he asked, smiling at her. Well maybe for the past three years, his life was peaceful and boring.. no chaos... no excitement.. nothing. Oh yeah and no Pops either.

Akane blinked, "Yeah totally... I mean you were kinda.. the water magnet guy type..."

Ranma rolled his eyes, "Maybe because I preferred to be alone and I thought that I lost my uncute-unsexy-violent-tomboy fiancee?" he asked, smirking.

They stared at each other wordlessly, the silence stretching until Akane was ready to scream. At last, she broke it. "Do you want to die instead?" Akane asked, growling.

His mouth tightened for a moment, then relaxed. "This is not solving anything."

"Well its your fault for-"

"Mine? you were the one who were telling me to change into a girl, when I really don't want to do that" he cut in dryly.

"I was suggesting something!" she yelled.

"You don't have to yell! KAWAIIKUNE!"



She growled, "ECCHI! HENTAI! SUKEBE!"

The door opened, and Ranma jumped on top of Akane. Akane was about to protest when they saw the the old lady, "Is everything alright?" she asked.

"Y-Yeah!" Ranma smiled nervously. "E-Everything is fine! hahahahaha!"

Akane grit her teeth, "Get off me."

"I have to act as your husband, or else.. she will be suspicious. Get a grip" Ranma said, growling at her.

" newly weds... my advice is don't be too rough." said the old lady and close the door.

Before Akane's mallet could appear, Ranma jumped away from her. "You don't understand."

"What's to understand?" she glared.

"Samantha's fiance is a powerful man, and he can command even police to search for his fiancee. We have to act as couple so that we won't be suspicious."

She stared at him, "What's the big deal? You are a powerful man as well. You can defeat demons remember?"

His lips twitched at her expression, "But demons doesn't have guns, or power like him." he muttered to himself. "Anyway... how are we going to sleep then?"

"Are we back on that?" Akane sighed.

"I guess the only answer is.. we have to sleep together on this bed."

A slight of frown appeared. "Can you turn into a girl?"

"No. I don't want too." His brows drew together. "You have no choice Akane but to sleep with me tonight... on this bed." he felt his cheeks getting warm.

"Don't forget... this is just not tonight." Akane said, looking at the bed.

Oh boy... Ranma thought, looking at the bed.

A few more arguments between them but when both got tired they decided to call it a night. They took turns in the shower, First Akane and then Ranma. When Ranma was finished, he switched the lights off and the room was bathed in darkness. When Ranma settled himself more comfortably as he lay beside Akane, his body touching hers pajama, Akane didn't dare to breathe-it was a heart-stopping moment.

"Are you wearing Samantha's pajama?" Ranma asked, after a few painful seconds had ticked by.

She cleared her throat and took a lungful of much-needed air, "Excuse me?" It emerged as a strangled croak.

"Samantha's Pajama is silk huh?"

She could tell his head had turned on the pillow to look at her, even though she couldn't see him. "Yes. It is the only decent nightwear she has. I cannot believe she made me wear such sexy lingerie for the past three years."

Ranma swore softly, remembering the first time he saw her in the cabin. "Um.. what color are the pajamas?" he murmured, very softly.

"They are brown..."

His grunt expressed satisfaction, "Like your eyes..."



"What did you do for the past three years of your life?"

Ranma took a deep breath, "I promise your father... that I will make the Anything goes Martial arts school popular and big." he smiled, "I guess that's all I've done for the past three years.. expanding and making it big."

"You never had girlfriends?"

Ranma rolled his eyes, "Nope. Never have one. I don't need one."


Ranma reached out to her and caress her cheek, "Why? maybe because... I cannot meet anyone like... the uncute, unsexy, tomboy fiancee I have?" he asked, "Akane?"


Ranma moved closer to her, "I miss you..."

Before Akane could reply, she felt his lips claimed hers. Ranma's lips were firm and warm. His mouth played with hers, teasing her into a response that amazed her. The darkness, the soft warm bed, his hard martial artist body and what his lips and hands were doing to her swept her off into another world of touch and taste, she kissed him back because it seemed good and natural and right. When her head fell back a little, Ranma rained gentle burning kisses on her chin and exposed line of her throat, She gasped and Ranma took advantage of her open lips to return to her mouth, his tongue running wildly with her sensitive senses.

Meanwhile outside the County Inn... a group of police went out of their cars, after a few seconds they knock at the door and when it opened, the old lady smiled at them.

"Anything that I can do for you Officer?" she asked,

"We are looking for a guy named Ranma Saotome and Samantha Jin... did they checked on this Inn?"

To be continued.

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