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Harry Potter of Number four Privet Drive was currently stunned.

He was sitting in a large marble office at the end of a long mahogany conference table. Around the table were several short, hairless creatures. The small creatures, Goblins, as they were called in this world, watched the young man with amusement playing in their eyes. He was staring at an ancestral record that had been recently unearthed in the Gringotts Library known as the Halls of Graultak, his vividly green eyes shone with amazement and his mouth was gaping with surprise.

Earlier that day, the first of June, Harry had been summoned to Gringotts for an 'undisclosed matter of immense importance'. Having been at the Dursleys' residence for even the total of twelve hours that he was, Harry was eager to return to his rightful place, the Wizarding world. Carefully avoiding his minders, he had boarded the Knight Bus and made his way to the Goblin bank.

Upon his arrival, he was quietly shuffled towards the boardroom where he now sat. The Goblins had then informed him that after unearthing a sealed room within the Halls of Graultak, they had found many ancient records of long forgotten families along with even older spell books – Grimoires and Books of Shadows, as they were so called – belonging to all of those with Ancient Blood. The followers of the Green Way, as most Ancient Bloods were called, used an ancient form of magic that was tied to Nature herself.

The Goblins had begun a careful inventory of the Chamber, and had sorted through the meticulously kept records – self-updating, a quite handy piece of Goblin magic. Most of the documents related to old Pureblood families, and appeared to be a back-up library of sorts. Many of the families mentioned had been destroyed during the reigns of Grindelwald and Voldemort. Gringott himself had built the entire chamber as a safe house for important items and documents needed to properly govern the newly separated Wizarding world.

After explaining to him the significance of having access to these family records (mainly the Goblins had potential for a higher profit margin with many of the old Vaults – still collecting interest, that could be re-opened), Harry was handed a copy of the family tree of House Warren. The scroll documented the lineage and origins of the Ancient Blood family. Ancient Blood families were, in times past, the rulers of the magical world, able to trace their families back to the times before Merlin and Queen Mab. Such families had all but died out in the years following the creation of the Wizard's Council, originally the main governing body of the Magical world; every prominent family had a seat, a minimum of twelve families were required for the council to make rulings, in order to keep the council unbiased. They were still, however, honour bound to meet when certain oaths were made, more specifically, oaths of vengeance. The Dumbledores, Blacks, Ollivanders, and even the reclusive Emrys family were of Ancient Blood.

According to the scroll, The Warren genealogy had eventually split into two main branches around the 16th Century, when one of two sisters had left to the New World, and, according to the text, they had continued following the Green Way till present day. The British, however, had ceased their practise after their ancestral home had been destroyed; this line, however, continued until the last family name on the tree, Evans.

Harry Potter was stunned. Here, in this very scroll, sat evidence that his 'Muggle-born' mother was in fact more 'pure' than many in the Wizarding world could ever hope to be. He looked up at the Goblins with wide eyes. He could barely understand what this meant for him, this family and this magic, why the Goblins had deemed it so important.

He tried to speak, but it simply came out as a whisper. "Explain."

And so the Goblin directly across from him began in a harsh, scratchy voice.

"It is scarcely known in the Wizarding world of the existence of the Green Way. During the Dark Ages, known to the layman as the 'time of the Founders' – who incidentally were simply powerful wizards who created the first school of magic, they had absolutely no political power over the Wizard's Council.

"Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, Godric Gryffindor, and Rowena Ravenclaw were powerful wizards and witches who had dedicated their lives to teaching magical children. Godric would teach the arts of Duelling and Beastiology, Rowena the arts of Magic and of the Mind, Salazar the arts of Potion-making and Spell-crafting, while Helga would impart the knowledge of Herbology and Gifts. While there is common knowledge of Salazar's 'betrayal', it is not widely known that when he left Helga followed, both being of the Green Way.

"This separation marked the great Schism of Magic, the separation of Wizardry, and the Green Way. This parting led the followers of the Green Way to leave the Wizarding world behind and to live amongst Muggles, secretly practising their craft away from the horribly arrogant predjudices the Wizarding world had created. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry became a school not of Magic, but only of Wizardry.

"You, Harry, are a Witch."

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