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Battles and Breakdowns

Harry turned to look in the full-length gilded mirror behind him. His dark hair was tied back in a loose ponytail down his back, and his full-length white robes were adorned with the three symbols of his lordship. The burning Phoenix, the Thestral, and the Triquetra were depicted over the heart and on the back of the accompanying cloak. The entire outfit was embroidered with golden runes along the hems. Harry turned and placed around his neck the Warren Pendant, a Triquetra made of black diamond. Acting as the clasp of his cloak, the Raven's Claw sat just above the pendant.

Walking over to the training area of his magically enhanced bedroom, Harry pulled from the wall the one staff that stood out from the others. The Black Staff, as it was called, was a straight shaft of black wood topped with a white sphere encased in an ornately designed clawed tip. Harry was getting prepared to attend the Wizard's council, the robes were sent to him by Lord Emrys, as the Emrys family had held all Council Attire in trust. The three magical items were artefacts of Harry's families and showed his status, in conjunction with the signet rings, as Head of the Families.

Walking into the kitchen, Harry gave his aunt a hug and Disapparated with a slight Pop.

Harry reappeared a couple of hundred kilometres away on a large green plain that was uncharacteristically empty. Harry had visited here once before when Dudley had whined to his parents about wanting to see the great Stonehenge. Then, it had been swarming with tourists. Now it was eerily silent across the plain.

Stepping through the giant stone rings, Harry noticed another white robe appear across the plain. With his staff, he tapped the central altar three times. The altar wasn't visible to Muggles, just as the numerous ancient runes that were inscribed over every stone present. A rumbling was heard as the altar rose to reveal a dark passage with rough stairs hewn into the stone.

Harry entered the passage; a dull thunk was heard as his staff hit the steps. He emerged in a cold dark room; at one end was a single torch in a wall bracket beside a roughly hewn wooden door. Harry opened the door and entered an enormous auditorium, similar to the courtrooms at the bottom of the Ministry of Magic.

The room was full – behind each seat was a banner with a house crest. Harry spotted many familiar faces. Among them were Albus Dumbledore, Neville Longbottom and his grandmother, Amelia and Susan Bones, Arthur and Bill Weasley, Mr Ollivander, and a couple Slytherins whose names he couldn't remember. There were three empty seats: his own, and what appeared to be the Malfoy seats.

Harry made his way around the room, giving an occasional nod when he made eye contact with someone. As he was seated, Draco and Narcissa Malfoy entered the room along with another boy with the trademark Malfoy hair. On Harry's left was Ollivander, and to his right sat Narcissa. She gave Harry a small bow with a quiet, "My Lord." Harry returned the nod and motioned for her to be seated.

Torches around the room blazed to life and bathed the auditorium in flickering light. A rather young looking man with bright blue eyes stood and raised his arms to the room.

"Welcome, Lords and Ladies of Ancient Houses, to the first meeting of this council in well over three hundred years. I believe we should move around the room and introduce ourselves to the rest of the council. I am Lord Matthias Emrys, of the Most Ancient and Triumphant House of Emrys, Leader of the Wizard's council and Head of the Magical Society of the British Kingdom."

To his left, his son introduced himself, as did the other Lords and Ladies of the council, Albus and Artem (his grandson) Dumbledore, Donato and Blaise Zabini, Thomas and Theodore Nott, Augusta and Neville Longbottom, Arthur and Bill Weasley, Draco and Fenwick Malfoy. After Narcissa introduced herself, Harry stood.

"I am Lord Harold James Evans Warren Black-Potter, of the Most Ancient Houses of Black and Warren, and the Ancient and Beloved House of Potter." And with a slight smirk he added, "I'm also the Boy-Who-Lived." There were a few chuckles at that, as Ardwick and Armand Ollivander introduced themselves.

Lord Emrys again stood, "Now I believe it is prudent to get down to business, as you well know, this Council was dissolved in hope that the Wizengamot Assembly, and the Ministry of Magic would be able to govern society adequately when our numbers dwindled. This, however, appears not to be the case. They have let Voldemort become a threat to the existence of our world and our beliefs. With the restoration of the House Weasley, I believe that it will be in out best interests to… amend certain policies of the Ministry."

Lady Bones rose while Emrys was speaking. "Pardon My Lord, but what is meant by these amendments?"

"Not to worry, Governor Bones, they won't impede the Ministry's function. They will simply remove boundaries that many have been afraid to cross." Lord Emrys said smiling. "Our first course of action will be to legalise the use of magic for all ages. Honestly, what were they thinking? Putting laws on magic itself! It's utter nonsense! All those in favour raise their right hand."

Harry raised his right hand along with half a dozen others.

"Excellent! The paperwork shall be drawn up shortly and sent to the Ministry. Our second order of business shall be to fund the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and the Auror Division. I do think it is about time someone invested in our safety. House Emrys is prepared to offer two million galleons in exchange for removing all Council members from legal restrictions."

Several faces lit up at this, most noticeably Lord Nott and Lord Zabini, while the rest burst into chatter. Lord Dumbledore stood and addressed the Council with a grave look towards the two known Death Eaters.

"While I wholeheartedly agree with Lord Emrys, I do believe some restrictions should be placed upon Council members known for unsavoury allegiances."

"I hardly think, Loremaster," Nott interrupted with a sneer, "That our allegiances outside this Council have any standing separating us. This division in the Council is exactly why it was dissolved. I offer an additional one hundred thousand galleons for the funding of the Auror Division."

More angry chatter broke out as arguments between those who supported the dark and those firmly placed in the light. Harry closed his eyes as he listened to the bickering. Standing up, he sharply hit his staff against the ground, sending a burst of white light from the tip, which instantly silenced the Council. They all turned to look towards him.

"I will match the funding our Lord Emrys has offered, I –"

"Listen to this child, he thinks because he wears the symbols he is a Lord, I hardly think he would stray far from Dumbledore's leash," again interrupted the angry drawl of Nott.

"Lord Nott, I unlike you, view these preceedings and this council in high regard. As such you will address me as Lord Potter, or Wardmaster Potter. Now, as I was saying before being rudely interrupted," Harry replied acerbically, "I agree with our Lord Emrys and fully support his position. By giving the Council members freedom from the Ministry's legal machinations we will be able to reassert ourselves in a world that has forgotten its origins. That doesn't mean however, Lord Nott, that if I were to meet a fellow Council member in battle I would be any more forgiving than to any other lowly Death Eater."

Harry sat down as the Council looked at him with wide eyes, he met the eyes of Blaise Zabini, amusement flashed in her dark brown eyes and Harry gave her a tentative smile.

As Lord Emrys began to negotiate any other funding towards the Ministry, Narcissa leaned towards Harry and whispered, "Nicely said, I do believe Draco and yourself would have some interesting verbal matches."

Harry simply nodded and gave her a brief smile. Nearly half an hour later, the Council was still deliberating the position of magical creatures in their society. In ages past Goblins, Dwarves and Elves alike were great allies to the Council. Now the Goblin Kingdom was reduced to running banks and gold mining operations. Dwarves had all but returned to their mountains in the south, and the Elves were reduced to house slaves.

While the rest of the Council argued, Harry sat thinking about Ragnok and realised that this was his meaning. Harry could help the magical races through his position on the council. A great banging on the door of the Council chambers interrupted his thoughts. It shone briefly white as its ancient wards fell and burst open to reveal a livid Minister of Magic flanked by a squad of Aurors.

"In the name of the Ministry of Magic you are all under arrest for treason!" He screamed as the vein in his temple bulged dangerously.

The Aurors began to move around the room as the Council members made cries of outrage. Narcissa stood and addressed the Minister as an Auror took hold of her arm.

"This Council is not under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Magic. You have no power here, Fudge!"

"Aha! Conspiring with Death Eaters! Another charge for these people! As for having no jurisdiction, according to Political Decree number 187, I the Minister of Magic have full control of all governing bodies within Magical Britain."

The Council burst out into whispers at this as a shrill voice filled the chamber. Lady Longbottom had released herself from the hold of Auror Dawlish and was now glaring daggers at Fudge.


Fudge's face had gone stark white and he was now twiddling his bowler hat between his hands. "We-Well I-I'm sure we can r-reach a c-c-compromise?" He stuttered out. Lady Longbottom simply glared at him. "Well I guess not, I'll take leave now. My Lady." He said managing an awkward bow.

The Aurors reluctantly followed Fudge out of the council chambers. When they had finally gone Lady Longbottom deeply apologised for the actions of her Vassal.

"It is quite alright, Lady Longbottom, we should have expected such interruption. I had thought the wards would hold anyone outside of the chambers, I appear to have misjudged their strength." Lord Emrys said with a slight smile on his face. "They will need to be recast. If you would be so kind, Wardmaster?"

Harry nodded and stood. He walked to the ancient door and pulled out his wand, with a quick incantation the deteriorating wood was restored and closed. The Council watched as Harry drew several white runes in the air, all the while chanting a lengthy incantation. They felt the magic building as the runes pulsed with white light before burning themselves into the door and then disappearing. Almost a minute later, the air around Harry was crackling with electricity as he completed the ward.

Slumping slightly, he said, "I think that should hold them out next time."

When the Council had resumed, Harry continued to listen to the arguments for the rights of magical beings he noticed Dumbledore's unconcern for the potential of an alliance. Harry stayed silent throughout the entire debate, which seemed to push towards leaving the status of Centaurs, Elves, Goblins, and Dwarves as they currently were – below human. When Dumbledore stood and spoke for neutrality in an effort to keep the current peace, Harry decided where he stood.

Looking around at the nodding heads and the thoughtful looks the Headmaster was receiving, Harry waited until Dumbledore was seated before rising from his chair.

"I am quite frankly disgusted at being part of such a council if these are the opinions that are given by our 'best minds'." Harry said with a not too hidden glare towards his mentor. "I am disgusted at the fact that we, an all-human council, would have the audacity to believe we deserve control over the fate of other races. We have taken away their right to practise Wizardry in fear of their own power. I have personally seen the power under control of Elves and Goblins. A single house-elf, in poor physical and mental condition was able to Apparate through the Blood-wards at my summer residence and the Wards of Hogwarts herself. I would like to know if any of you had ever read the 'warning' inscribed on the front doors of Gringotts, I doubt there is not one wizard or witch who hasn't. That is not merely a warning, but a powerful spell to deter any thieves from entering even the building of Gringotts. In my hand is a Battle Staff of the Black family, crafted by the Elves before they were driven from this realm by this very Council. By denying what is their right as magical creatures, as our brethren, we lose all hope of a united magical world."

Many of the Council members were looking at Harry in shock, others with disappointment, Dumbledore included.

"I put forth the motion to grant our magical brethren full rights in our society, as well as a representative position on both this Council, and the Wizengamot. By doing this we are creating new opportunities for ourselves to learn magic, along with creating useful allies, I for one would feel much safer with a contingent of Goblins guarding Azkaban rather than the Dementors who have been proved to serve Voldemort in the past. I bring this to vote, and I say Aye with all three of my seats on this Council. The decision remains with you."

Harry sat back as arguments were shouted out and agreements were made, he smirked at Dumbledore before catching the eye of Blaise a second time, he gave her a small wink and turned back to the arguments.

Nearly ten minutes into arguments of the danger these creatures created for society, Lord Emrys stood and called for silence.

"I believe that we've had quite enough arguments, this subject has been brought forward as a vote and shall be treated as such."

Nearly half the Council voted neutral, Nott voted nay, and the remaining seven seats voted aye. For the next three hours, the council discussed the use of so-called Battle and Dark Magics, in the end the category of Dark Magic was removed, the Unforgivables remaining of course, and Battle Magic to be used only in extreme circumstances.

When the council had adjourned, many left but three people approached Harry before he was able to leave for Privet Drive.

The first to approach was Lord Emrys himself, after a brief conversation he informed Harry that his family had long continued to practise Witchcraft and if he needed any help, to just send an Owl. Harry graciously thanked him for the offer and for the support he provided during the council meeting. The second to meet with him was Bill Weasley.

"Well Harry, I must say that was an impressive ward you cast over the chambers. I would be hard-pressed to crack it. If you wouldn't mind, stop by the Burrow sometime to help ward the Weasel's Den? I know it's a bit much to ask but we haven't had that much experience warding such a large area and if we had the help of House Potter it would be greatly appreciated."

Harry agreed to assist in the final warding of their fortress and told Bill to say hi to the rest of the family for him. The last person Harry met with before leaving was Blaise Zabini. Harry had spoken to her briefly during classes during the year, but weren't very close. Blaise was shorter than Harry, standing around 5'3 with wavy light brown hair. Her skin was a tanned olive, contrasting to Harry's rather pale skin. Her eyes were a light hazel and glittered in the flickering light of the auditorium. She walked up to Harry giving him a nervous smile. Harry returned the shy smile with one of his own.

"Hi, Harry. It's, erm… been a while since I've seen you. How've your holidays been so far?"

"Hi, Blaise, umm, it's been fine… not too much has happened yet. How's yours been?"

"Oh, not too bad, I finally completed my apprenticeship to Father. But other than that I've been locked up in the Manor. So do you, uhh… have any plans for the rest of the summer?" she said while absently twirling her hair over one shoulder.

"Oh that's good, I don't know really, I'm visiting some relatives across the pond in July, I'm not sure how long I'll be there for though, and you?" Harry asked, mentally trying to slice off his burning ears.

Harry and Blaise sat and talked for the next half an hour, where he learned that she too was going to California, to celebrate completing her apprenticeship in robe making. Over the course of those thirty minutes, they both became less nervous and more open to each other. When Blaise left, she made sure to tell Harry to owl her when he arrived in America.

As Harry left Stonehenge, he stopped to appreciate the view. The colours surrounding the area were spectacular; it appeared to be some sort of a nexus. All of the magic seemed to swirl outward from the altar stone in the middle of the monolithic ring. Across the way, Gregory Perkins, Security Guard for the Stonehenge site, was slightly awed at the lack of people present. The site was generally swarming with tourists. As he watched the ring, a man dressed in white appeared as if from nowhere in the middle of the stones. George blinked and the man was gone. A slight crackle of lightning was heard, and George looked at the twilight sky with slight confusion before walking back to his post.

When Harry reappeared at Privet Drive, he immediately sensed something was amiss. The red dome that the area had previously been encased in was now in shambles. There was a massive section of the wards missing. A woman's screams permeated the air. And Harry set off in a run through the yards of Privet Drive, making his way to the back yard of number four, with one thing on his mind. Death Eaters.

When Harry reached the now pitch dark yard he noticed that the Death Eaters were congregated around the front of the house, no doubt waiting for him, with several residents of Privet Drive captive; Mrs Figg and the Dursleys included. Without waiting a second longer, Harry drew all the stray magic he could find to him and set to work scribing runes with his wand, all the while incanting under his breath. He watched with his Environmental senses as the wards were erected. Anti-Appariton, Anti-Portkey, and repairing the Blood Wards; once they were complete, Harry once again drew energy from his surroundings into himself.

Creeping around the side of the house, he saw that the Death Eaters were now noticing the wards that had appeared. There appeared to be seven of them. Harry silently prepared himself, reciting incantations in his mind, readying himself mentally for battle. One of the Death Eaters was getting impatient,

"COME OUT TO PLAY, POTTER! WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!" The Death Eater snapped his wand down to little Mark Evans and with an evil grin Harry could see through the mask cried, "CRUCIO".

Mark Evans was only twelve years old; Harry had taken care of him when he was younger. He was one of Harry's only friends prior to Hogwarts. Anger coursed through Harry's veins at the sight of his first friend writhing on the ground in pain, unable to scream. Mrs Figg seemed to be the only one who knew what was going on and was holding Mark's parents back with surprising strength.

Harry stepped out from the shadows; his aura had once again become tangible, flickering around him like green flames. Small sparks and jolts of electricity ran visibly across his white robes, up the length of his wand and staff, scorching the earth where they hit it. Harry's eyes were once again a solid shade of jade, literally crackling with small bolts of lightning.

"Leave. Him. Alone." Harry said in a quiet voice that ran through the hushed street.

The people that had known Harry since his childhood looked in awe and fear. They now had a vague idea that he was in fact some sort of magician, rather than a once scrawny-shy boy turned incurably criminal. The Death Eaters who had not heard, or believed Harry's spectacle in Diagon Alley at the beginning of the month were now scared. They had taken the initiative to plan this attack while their master was in a magical coma. It had gone perfectly until now. They had greatly underestimated Harry. The Death Eater who was Cruciating Mark cancelled the spell and stepped forward, the rest of them followed.

The residents of Privet Drive were slightly in awe, they were witness to a magical stand off that wouldn't have been out of place in a cowboy movie. They watched as jets of light began to fly from the robed men to the Potter boy. He looked like some sort of mythical god in his immaculate white robes. As the jets of light approached Potter, they began to dim until they disappeared. He smiled chillingly. And surprisingly to the residents of Privet Drive, he winked at them.

Harry dissipated the curses before they could reach him and absorbed their energy. Twirling his wand upwards, Harry let loose a series of blasting curses into the group of stunned Death Eaters. The curses surprisingly had no colour; they looked simply like a distortion of air that you might see rising from a metal surface on a hot summer day. As the Death Eaters futilely tried to block or dodge the curses, they were thrown back several metres, landing hard against the ground. Harry turned to the crowd of residents, who were tending to Mark and yelled.


They didn't need another warning. They all turned to run for cover as Harry engaged the Death Eaters. Curses and hexes were flying through the air. Harry's wand was singing with the energy it was using, he now knew why Dumbledore was hesitant about using powerful magic, it was, quite disturbingly, almost erotic.

Harry's wand was constantly in motion, a steady stream of curses flying from the tip. He had already downed two of the Death Eaters with an advanced stunning spell, so the others couldn't revive them. The Death Eaters were hesitant in casting the more powerful spells at Harry, they were afraid to waste their energies only for the curses to disappear before they hit him. Several of the Death Eaters were now downed, leaving four left for Harry to contend with. As curses were continually exchanged, Harry fell into a heated duel with who he thought must have been the leader of the group. As the duel continued, Harry was now on the defensive against the four Death Eaters.

As Harry slowed slightly to pull some more energy to him, the Death Eaters jointly cast severing charms. Alone the charm would have splashed off Harry's shield, but the combined strength broke through causing a six-inch gash to form across his chest. Surprised at the warm liquid flowing down his chest, Harry fell to his knees, again casting curses at the Death Eaters. He vaguely heard a voice screaming through the pounding in his ears, he had lost a fair amount of blood. Harry took a second to sloppily cast a healing charm at himself. The Death Eaters noticed this and two of them simultaneously screamed the Killing curse, Harry's head swung around to see a beam of green light slam into his Uncle Vernon, who had jumped with surprising agility in front of Petunia and Dudley. A look of surprise flew across his face as Vernon fell to the ground; Petunia stared at him, mumbling under her breath, eyes wide. Harry heard another thud of a body hitting the ground, right in front of him. As he turned his head back, Harry saw the prone form of Mrs Figg on the cold ground of Privet Drive, staring blankly upwards, eerily similar to the visage of Cedric Diggory only a year ago.

Anger coursed through Harry's veins, Mrs Figg was dead. She died to protect him; the same Mrs Figg that had just last summer been a witness at his trial; the same Mrs Figg that had watched over him for his entire life. Harry's aura again flashed, glowing brighter as he rose to his feet again, now noticing that the three downed Death Eaters had been revived. The lightning that had diminished with Harry's constant spellcasting had returned, crackling around him; with a growl, Harry pointed the battle staff that had stood forgotten in his hand towards the seven laughing Death Eaters screaming,


A low rumbling was heard as the staff flashed a bright green. Dark clouds gathered over Privet Drive as the Death Eaters sent curses towards Harry, each of them being dissolved into nothingness before they came within ten feet of him. Thunder rumbled through the streets as the Atlantean Battle Curse took effect. A sonic boom crashed through Little Whinging as a blinding beam of lightning streaked earthwards to the battle staff. The staff channelled the lightning forward, breaking it into multiple streams towards the Death Eaters. A couple of them dodged the bolts of electricity as they slammed into the others. Harry stepped forwards as the Death Eaters rose into the air, smoke rising from their charred bodies, surrounded by crackling heat; vaguely aware that his aunt was walking with him, still muttering under her breath, tears streaking her face. As the bodies of the Death Eaters dissolved into nothingness, Harry dropped the staff to the ground. The surviving Death Eaters looked in horror as their companions disappeared.

Harry felt his aunt grab his hand, now speaking louder. His senses felt a rising power coming from Petunia, and from the blood wards that surrounded Privet Drive. He was vaguely aware that Dudley was now too chanting, and was on the opposite side of his mother. A group of Aurors in bright blue robes ran onto the scene as Harry started chanting with his relatives. Much like the oaths he had sworn only a few weeks ago, the words came to him instinctually, the three of their voices joined together as Lily's blood wards joined the growing power.

'In Warren's name,

This place my home,

I call the powers of Hecate's throne,

A Witches' anger has been set alight,

Through blood's power I call to thee,

And vanquish now these Warlocks three!

The words were chanted as the remaining Death Eaters appeared to catch fire, screaming in agony before they exploded into oblivion. The Aurors looked in shock at the scene, before rushing forward to begin obliviating the Muggles. Harry looked in horror at what he had done, the bodies of his uncle and Mrs Figg, the ashen remains of seven Death Eaters, the loss of blood hit him full strength as he stumbled to the ground, Petunia kneeling at his side, Dudley still staring blankly at the scene. Aurors approached asking questions; Harry was silent as Petunia answered. Harry didn't take notice as they obliviated his relatives, Harry didn't notice as they took away the bodies of Vernon and Mrs Figg. When they reached for the Black Staff, Harry noticed. He grabbed the staff in his free hand, vaguely aware that the Aurors wanted to bring him in for questioning. With a slash of his wand, Harry disappeared in a crackle of lightning, with only one thing on his mind, Death Happens.

The Janus Thickney Ward at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies was home to the unfortunate witches and wizards whose minds were lost beyond the skills of magic. It was also home to the soulless victims of Dementors. Most of the patients had been put to sleep hours before; the nurses had all gone home except for the night staff of two. In a private room decorated bright orange Ronald Weasley lie alone is his bed; completely unaware of his situation, mind addled beyond repair. A slight crackle of air and a slight smell of burnt ozone wafted through the room as a figure in bloodied, white robes appeared. He stood silently beside the bed, watching his friend with an eerily blank expression. Harry had killed tonight. Seven Death Eaters were dead by his hand; Vernon and Mrs Figg were also gone, in a fraction of a second their lives had ended. Countless lives had ended for Voldemort's goals, innocent lives. Harry's mind raced, had those Death Eaters had families? Had they been under the Imperius Curse? Harry didn't know. But looking down at his fallen friend, he reached a decision. If so many innocent lives had to be sacrificed for Voldemort's cause, where was the harm in the deaths of wizards and witches who had killed and tortured innocents themselves? Harry knew there was none; and he would be the one to bring justice to the memory of these innocents. A silent whisper ran through the ward as another crackle of light signalled Harry's disappearance.

"They died for you, Ron, Uncle Vernon, Mrs Figg, Mum, Dad, for all of you."

Nearly the same second he disappeared from the ward in St. Mungo's, Harry reappeared on a deserted street in a London slum. He walked silently past the dilapidated sign proclaiming the street's name; Grimmauld Place. Stepping up to number 11, Harry noticed that the Black Manor was no longer hidden from view, 'The Fidelius is gone,' he mused silently. Stepping up the rotted stairs, Harry knocked three times upon the thick door; the Black signet ring on his hand shone briefly as he intoned,

"I am Harold James Potter, Head of this Most Ancient and Noble house. I demand this home be opened."

The serpentine door handle squeaked as the door slowly opened. When Harry entered the Manor he felt the home's extensive wards bind themselves to his command. He also felt another bond connect to his magic, one that he didn't recognise at first, but found from his signet rings was the bond of a House Elf.

With a flash of anger Harry growled, "KREACHER!"

The filthy form of the House Elf appeared before him, sneering gruesomely, though he was trembling with fear.

Author's Note: Sorry about the long wait, THANK YOU ALL for being so patient, this was almost ready about the time HBP was released and needless to say that book SEVERELY ruined my appreciation for this fandom. I'm now getting back into the groove, so be prepared to see releases for my other stories in the next three weeks. Oh, and I hope you liked this chapter:)