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Buffy and Willow decided to stop for coffee before heading to the gallery. Vince and his friends were still there when they arrived. "Yo, check it out," Turtle stated, tilting his head toward the two girls. They boys looked over.

"Cute," Vince declared.

Buffy and Willow turned to find a seat, when they saw Vince and co. Buffy walked over to them Willow following. "Hi," Buffy said, "I am Summers... I mean Buffy Summers, you're here for my the art show I'm hosting."

Vince turned to look at her. "Yes I am. It's funny, I believe we just met your sister not to long ago that said something along the lines of the same thing."

"You met Dawn? Look if she was bothering you, I'm sorry..."

"It's fine. She wasn't a bother," he assured her. "Actually she was amusing. Her and her friend."

"Although they weren't much of a help when we asked what was fun to do in this town," Turtle pointed out.

"That's because there really isn't anything. Believe me. I moved here from L.A. actually, and I was shocked at how different two places can be that are only a car trip away," Buffy explained. Willow coughed. "Until I met Willow and my other friends and everything was fine," she added. "That's my best friend Willow."

"Hi," Willow waved.

"So there's really nothing to do in this town," Turtle whined.

"There's a club... that's not really a club, but there's music and alcohol. Other than that there's another coffee shop if you need a lot of caffeine. But no, we're you're typical old school small town." Buffy replied.

Meanwhile, Xander, Anya and Giles were in the Magic Box, when they got a visit from five people, three they already knew. "Hello, Sunnydale," Cordelia said as she entered the shop. Wesley, Gunn, Fred and Angel (who had a blanket over his head) were behind her.

"Hey guys," Xander greeted.

"Welcome," Giles said.

"You can't have Xander back," Anya told Cordelia.

"I'll try and restrain myself," she snarked.



The two former Watchers said to each other.

"Hi everybody," Fred waved.

Cordelia pointed to Fred, "that's Fred. Oh and that's Gunn," she then pointed to Gunn. He quickly waved.

"Love the ensemble, Deadboy," Xander commented, about Angel having the old blanket on his shoulders.

Angel whipped it off and tossed it his way. "Here, it goes better with your outfit."

"Was that a joke? Did I just hear words of humor come from your dead lips?" Xander mocked with a fake gasp.

"It's weird right?" Cordelia asked, continuing the mocking of her boss. "One day, a couple of years ago, it just came out of no where, and it hasn't felt the need to leave. Though at times, it really, really should."

The phone began to ring as Angel shot Cordelia an angry look, which she responded to with a innocent shrug. Xander answered the phone, said 'yeah' a few times and hung up.

"That was Buffy." He informed the room. "It's time to start setting up for the art show and if we show up in the next ten minutes, we get free coffee."

"Will there be food too?" Fred asked. "I'm kinda hungry."

"Yeah, after all, she only had two sandwiches before we left," Gunn said.

"There will be food. I helped make some of it," Xander answered.

"So will there be edible food too?" Cordelia replied.

"And this is why I haven't missed you," Xander stated as they all got ready to leave.

"Are they always like this?" Fred whispered to Angel.

"No, sometimes they're mean to each other," he told her.

Spike decided to treat himself to a proper afternoon lunch at the Bronze. Buffalo wings (which he topped off with some blood he snuck in, a flowering onion, and a beer. All the basic food groups were covered. He was minding his own business, a rarity for him, until he a woman staring at him. He stared back.

As Lindsey and Lilah waited at the bar at the Bronze for their drinks, Lindsey noticed his co-worker staring at the platinum blonde. "Didn't realize bleach goths were your type," he told her.

"Shut up," she snapped, "don't you know who that is? It's Spike."

"Spike? The Spike?"

"No, another one."

"Screw you," he snapped.

"Whatever," she huffed. "I don't know about you, but I am going to do work."

Lindsey wasn't about to let her one-up him. "So will I," he said. They walked over to Spike. "Spike," Lindsey said.

"Yeah, I already knew who I am," Spike replied. "You want to tell me who you are?"

"We work for Wolfram and Hart," Lilah explained. "And I.."

"We," Lindsey corrected.

"Might be able to do some business with you," Lilah continued.

"I don't need a lawyer," Spike replied.

"Would you like to have that chip in your head removed?" Lilah offered.

Spike was now interested. "Go on."

"We can do that," Lindsey promised. "Of course, you'd have to do some thing's for our firm in return. Take care of a few of our problems for taking care of yours."

"I don't take care of anyone's anything," Spike replied. "I'm not going to have my chip out only to be corporations bitch. I listen to no one."

As if on cue, Dawn stormed in the Bronze headed right for Spike's table. "You are in so much trouble," she told him.

"What are you on about?"

"You were supposed to help Buffy with carrying stuff. And you're here eating."

"Shit," Spike muttered. "Is she flying around on her broomstick pissed off?"

"I don't have a broomstick," Buffy defended, entering the scene. "And how about I tell Willow you said that? You know how she feels about that steriotype. She'll probably turn you into a toad."

"Buffy," Spike greeted, "how nice of you to intrude on my lunch and interrupt my conversation with... these people."

Buffy finally noticed the two lawyers. She couldn't believe she was actually seeing the man driving the car again. "Hi," she said. "Sorry how rude of me."

"It's fine," Lindsey said, eying the girl. "We should apologize. We didn't realize we were taking up your friend's time."

"He's not my friend," Buffy said quickly. "He's... just Spike."

"And you're just a pain in my ass," Spike told her.

"Get to the gallery. Now." She ordered.

"Gallery? Are you by some chance Buffy Summers?" Lindsey asked.

"Yes. Yes I am."

"Me and my co-worker Lilah, are here for the art showing tonight."

"Oh really? Great," Buffy said happily.

"Yeah. I'm Lindsey," he said holding out his hand to her. She shook it. "See you later."

"You too."

The lawyers left. Dawn went to get a soda before leaving herself. "So you like Mr. Suit-and-Tie?" Spike questioned. Buffy didn't answer. "Lindsey huh?" Spike continued, "well it's nice that you're keeping with the tradition of guys with uni-sexual names." Buffy glared at him, obviously getting annoyed. Spike was enjoying his efforts were working. "So, are you going to plan on making him the next long running drama? Or are you going to repeat history and make him the one nighter before the next long term one?"

Buffy had reached her limit of his comments and slapped him in the face. "Get to the gallery. Now."

"Fine," Spike mumbled, doing as he was told.


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