Title: Relevance
Rating: PG
Content: Nothing Explicit
Anime: Witch Hunter Robin
Editing: Required

Leather gloved fingers stretched out into the darkness to slid across a slender neck. Wrapping their phalanges around the contours of white soft skin twitching in anticipation of strangling the life out of the pulsing throat that symbolize life in this certain individual.

The urge was sudden and yet even though it was there it was quelled when the attacker stared at the calm peaceful expression on the body that the neck was attach to then the face of his victim. The nude body shifted and a soft purr echoed from those cherry lips and the attacker paused feeling his heart twitch with soft pain at the thought of committing an atrocity against this young dove of a girl.

The fiery hair was tamed into silken strains and slid down the pert little cute nose that twitches with annoyance. The leather fingers moved on their own to brush away the hair so that he could view the face of his fallen victim one that lay dormant and sleeping.

Even though he knew that this young girl wasn't young anymore and that she was a threat to perhaps the world he couldn't do it. He couldn't kill Robin Sena no matter how hard he deluded himself. Robin was a witch and a threat with her growing powers; he just couldn't do it, because Robin was still Robin. She hadn't sub come to the darkness that surrounded her constantly.

When he had saved the craft user he saw her for what she was an innocent. Robin was kind hearted, filled with curiosity of her surroundings, dazzled by certain things since she was raised in a convent. Amon knew that Robin was a threat to Solomon since receiving the 'fragment of knowledge' she had gained and understanding. Tripling the threat of her existences to those of higher powers, this is why the boss of the STNJ feared her greatly, and wanted him to take her out just like he had with Kate. Yet—Kate didn't grow, as quickly like Robin, not to mention her intentions were never that pure to begin with in the end she had died by his hand. Robin however was different she had no motives to save herself.

Yet in the end right now he didn't regret his decision and though he fear that once his power awakens like his mother before him. He would just end up like Robin a witch by the views of those around there, even though he was still labeled as a seed.

Staring at the gloves he closed his eyes and lean his head forward to brush his lips against those of his angel. The others in the STNJ didn't really understand his feelings toward Robin. Michael surely felt a kindred spirit toward the younger girl and Amon knew that he shouldn't be jealous but he was—because he wanted to be the only thing that Robin would look up too. He wanted to possess her mind body and spirit, but all he could do is let her out of her cage out of that cycle that would descend upon her.

"Amon?" Robin's eyes open to look at him faintly with sleep and love, "What is wrong?"

Taking off the leather gloves it set it on the night table to bring her closer to him, "It's nothing." His eyes flicker to the door a strong wind kick up inside the room and the door slid shut. "Go bad to sleep Robin."

Robin snuggles closer her ringed hand slid up to clash her husband's hand. "Then come back to bed."

Quietly Amon slid back into the bed and wraps his arms tightly against Robin.