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Life isn't fair...
Chapter 1

Sasuke had been looking for a few hours. 'that idiot! I'm going to kill him when I find him'

After about 5 minutes of running he saw someone lying on the ground about a mile from him. From what his Sharingan showed him, it was just a child. He sighed and ran to the figure, but stopped to stare at the child. It was a boy, only about 3 or 4 years old...but something was wrong.

The boy sat up and rubbed his eyes. He turned to Sasuke and grinned. "hehe you founds me, Otousan." He then stood up and ran to Sasuke. He poked his leg and screamed "YOU'RE IT!" and ran in circles around him. Sasuke just stood there in shock...'what' he looked at the boy and said: "what's your name?"

The boy stopped running and looked at Sasuke like he had green skin, pointy ears and a white beard. He giggled at the vision that came to his mind, but answered anyway; "I am the great Uchiha Naruto, the future Hokage of Konoha village." He said with a fox-like grin. Sasuke stood still as 'Uchiha Naruto' ran in circles around him screaming "YOU'RE STILL IT!" Naruto was imagining a green skinned, pointy eared Sasuke with a white beard running after him; Naruto was laughing his ass off, having the time of his life. Sasuke just stood still, his face was paler, if possible, and his eyes were as wide as the full moon shining above them. 'Uchiha Naruto……..Uchiha Naruto…….!UCHIHA NARUTO! AND HE'S CALLING ME DAD AS WELL?SHT!FCK!DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!' he then promptly fainted.

Sasuke stomped out of the Hokage's office, mad as hell. 'That old hag is going to kill me one day!' He heard laughter from behind him, and he silently plotted Tsunade's death.

Taking care of a 3 year old wasn't easy, but taking care of a 3 year old NARUTO was hell. Thinking about it, a cold shiver ran down his spine; a hyperactive, loud, Ramen-loving (Sasuke almost threw up) 3 year old calling himself 'Uchiha Naruto' and calling Sasuke 'dad', this WAS hell! 'GODDAMN IT! FCKING BULL
SHIT! I HATE you, Hokage-sama, ya'old hag.'

His mind cursing stopped as he looked in front of him, a sleeping Naruto in Sakura's lap, sucking on his thumb. Sasuke almost fainted 'GODDAMN IT NARUTO! Curse you and your…..KAWAIINESS!'


'CRAP' Sasuke looked up, his onyx eyes meeting Naruto's blue eyes, those big, Chibified, cute blue eyes. Naruto had his hands in front of him, trying to reach Sasuke, making soft whining sounds. Naruto's eyes filled with tears when he noticed that his hands were too short too reach Sasuke.

"I can't weach him" and a sob followed.

Sasuke stared at Naruto, not sure of what to do. He looked at Sakura for help. She glared at him, sending a message with her eyes: 'Hold him, NOW!' Sasuke looked at Naruto, who was now rubbing his eyes and sobbing. Sasuke reached forward, cursingeverything he could think of,and picked Naruto up, who attached himself to Sasuke and sobbed.

'He's so small, smaller that other 3 year olds. Che, guess the dobe always will be short.'

Naruto hit Sasuke's shoulder and screamed at the top pf his lungs "WHY DID YOU WEAVE ME!" and the fact that he was right next to Sasuke's ear didn't help. Sasuke stared at Naruto, who was now pouting.

Sasuke sweatdropped. What the hell? Did he do something? He looked at Sakura for help, who just shook her head. The message was clear: 'it's your mess, you fix it'

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. What did he do? He looked back to Naruto, who was now asleep, with a firm grip on Sasuke's Jounin-vest, so he wouldn't leave him again.

Naruto looked so cute! Inner Sakura fainted from the cuteness, and he made Sasuke smile a very small smile.

Sasuke sighed, he needed help. He turned to Sakura "Sakura, I need a favour" it took all of Sasuke's wiillpower not to bang his head on the wall next to him.

"what is it, Sasuke-kun?"

"I may need some help with him, do yo uthink you can help me?"

"eh?" Sakura almost fainted; the great Uchiha Sasuke, asking her for help?

"of course, Sasuke-kun" Sakura smiled, while Inner Sakura screamed:


Tsunade had been watching the whole thing, and was now shrieking in laughter.

After calming herself down, she walked to the window and sighed: she would never hear the end of this. She started thinking of ways to hide from a very angry Uchiha.


"Naruto will be in your care, Sasuke-san"

"WHAT? Why?"

"He seemes to like you, a lot"Tsunade said, trying to hide her amusement, failing horribly.

Sasuke looked like he wanted to murder something. "I will make you pay, Hokage-sama"

Tsunade sighed. "You know of Naruto's past, haven't you" Sasuke nodded "well, if he stays with you, then he has a better chance of a normal childhood" Sasuke glared daggers at her, Tsunade sweatdropped "until we fix this" she added "but until then, he's all yours" she finished with an evil smile.

Sasuke strongly resisted the urge to kill her prized pig, mumbled a "fine" bowed and stomped out of room,cursing silently along the way.

Tsunade sighed, and burst out laughing.

Flashback ends

Tsunade knew he had slightly big with his temper, but he would never hurt Naruto, they were like brothers.

She sighed deeply 'I hope I'm not wrong on this' she thought, and burst out laughing, remembering the look on Sasuke's face.

Sasuke made his way up the stairs in the Uchiha mansion. He put Naruto in one of the guest rooms, which just happened to be next to Sasuke's room.

Sasuke walked out of the room.


'CRAP' Sasuke turned around "what?"

Naruto was sitting up, staring at Sasuke "Whewe will you slweep?"

"the next room"

"oh" Naruto looked down

Sasuke sighed, cursing Naruto, walked to the bed and sat on the edge. "What's wrong, Naruto?"

Naruto seemed shy about it, but said: "I'm afwaid of the dawk"

It took all of Sasuke's willpower and strength not to laugh. He looked at the floor, calming himself down. Naruto crawled over to Sasuke, sat in his lap, and fell asleep, sucking on his thumb.

'GODDAMN IT, NARUTO!' Sasuke wanted to scream , but somehow, much to his annoyance, he didn't want to wake the blonde haired boy, so he put his arms around him and lay down, soon falling asleep himself.

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