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Poor little Naruto. So small, so innocent. And so very very hungry! Every day it was the same! He would wake up, and be hungry! Then Kaa-chan would make him ramen, and Otou-san would take him out walking, to meet Pineapple-sensei and Kiba-baka!

Naruto skipped down the hall, clutching his teddy bear close. When he got to his parents bedroom door, he heard weird noises. Oh noez! Someone was attacking Kaa-chan! Naruto threw his teddy bear on the floor, and jumped on the door!


Hinata grabbed a fistfull of Sasuke's hair and moaned. Sasuke's hands were magic. And to think, they were both virgins! 18 years old and still a virgin. Would she loose her virginity to Sasuke? HELL YEAH!! Her inner self shouted and grinned madly.

Just when it was getting steamy, the door burst open. And there stood Naruto, with a horrified look on his face.


Sasuke jumped off Hinata and they pulled the covers over them, blushing.

"What are you doing here?!" Sasuke almost shrieked.

Naruto dropped to the floor and wailed loudly. "A MONSTER WAS ATTACKING KAA-CHAN!! WAAAAHHH!!" he cried loudly.

Oh, the irony...

Hinata put her clothes on, and went to comfort Naruto, while Sasuke shook his head. 'And I was so close!' his Inner self yelled, crying.

"Let's go have some Ramen, ok?" Hinata smiled sweetly at Naruto, who grinned through his tears. "OK!"

Hinata picked him up, and walked to the door. Meanwhile, Sasuke put on his clothes. But he made the mistake of looking to the door as Hinata and Naruto left, seeing his "son" sending him the "evil eye" which led to Sasuke hiding under the covers. Three years old, and scaring the crap out of Sasuke!


Later that day, Naruto found himself staring up at TenTen-nee-chan's giant belly, wondering if it really was a baby. Kaa-chan had to go to the hospital, and Otou-san had a mission, so he was staying with TenTen-nee-chan. He had hoped to meet Neji-nii-chan, but he had a mission as well. They were watching TV, some soap opera that Naruto couldn't understand one bit! some girl was crying, another girl was laughing, then a guy was picking his nose. Naruto gave up watching long ago, so was now staring at TenTen-nee-chan's belly.

How could they put a baby in there?? Her belly was big and all, but... a baby? Naruto lay his head down on her belly, and felt something poke his cheek. He jumped up, and stared.

TenTen noticed him jump up and stare at her stomach. "What is it, Naruto-chan?"

Naruto's big eyes raised to look at her, and whispered. "It poked me..." He turned back to the stomach, and stared for a while, then poked it back. TenTen couldn't help but giggle a little. Naruto stared at her for a moment, then lay his head back on her stomach. The baby didn't poke him this time, so Naruto began tell her a story. Well, rather the history of Ramen. Amazing how much he knew about Ramen at just the age of three.

"And then, you put it in a pot, wait for three minutes, and it's ready!" Naruto finished, grinning happily. TenTen smiled, wondering if she should to take him out to Ichiraku's for dinner. Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud growling noise, which made Naruto jump from the couch and stare. TenTen blushed. She was hungry...

She looked at Naruto. "Ichiraku?" She asked. He grinned, nodded and ran to the door.


When they got to Ichiraku, they saw a very bored looking Shikamaru, and a very hungry Chouji. Naruto, of course, ran to them, and greeted them in the way he always did.

"HI PINEAPPLE-SENSEI, CHOUJI-SENSEI!!!!" he shouted with a big grin.

Shikamaru lazily turned his head to nod at Naruto and TenTen, while Chouji waved his hand, and went back to eating.

Naruto climbed into a chair next to Shikamaru, and TenTen sat down next to him, looking into her stuffed purse. 'This should be enough...'

Five minutes and three bowls of Ramen later...

TenTen stared at Naruto, and Naruto stared back. "No more Naruto, it's not healthy!"

Naruto stuck out his tongue. "Otou-san always lets me have five bowls!!"

TenTen fumed slightly. "Well, I'm not your Otou-san!"

Naruto froze slightly, and fumed some more. "OTOU-SAN IS THE GWEATEST OTOU-SAN EVER!!!"

TenTen shook her head, and payed for the Ramen, while grabbing Naruto by his arm. "That's it! No more Ramen for you!" She scolded as she dragged him back home.


"-AND THEN SHE DWAGGED ME HOME!!!" Naruto hugged his mother, who shook her head.

"Naruto-chan, you can't shout at her. I told you to do as she said while I was gone." Hinata tried to scold Naruto, but couldn't.

Naruto sniffled and looked around. "Whewe's Otou-san?" Hinata answered without thinking. "In the bathroom." Her eyes widened when Naruto jumped from her lap, and ran to the bathroom door, while peeling off his clothes. "NARUTO-CHAN!! STOP!!!!"


Sasuke sighed softly, and closed his eyes. Something about warm water always calmed his body. He had his favorite song on, "Dead Boy's Poem" by a Finnish band called NightWish.

And just when the great part of the song was coming, the door was opened, and with a loud SPLASH, guess who joined Sasuke in the bathtub. But something was wrong...