It was a foggy day. No one could she well and the thieves were injured and had to be healed. Nergal had come by to get a present and leave one for the group of heroes. He had Taken Rebecca instead of Nils. She told Nino to take care of Nils for her. To Rebecca Nergal was Powerful. She couldn't do damage is she paid him. Nils was sad; he had lost Rebecca and Ninian. Eliwood was in deep silence. Lyn and Hector were angered by fate. Nils was trying to be happy but; a loss was nothing compared to death and someone you knew well. Rebecca was a speedy sniper making her almost invincible except to critical attacks. The group continued on to Ostia (Hector: First we must equip!) and then To Valor. As soon as they got to Valor they had to fight Limestella and Kinushka. The battle System had changed to something similar to Final Fantasy. The group had hopes to rescue Rebecca. Nils being really mad at all of this, decided to fight, he grabbed a killing edge and his flute and bashed people (until they had a concussion) or death with swift strokes of his killing edge. Nino had to keep him company so that she would keep her promise and to keep Nils safe. When the group got to Limestella the tactician had seized one of the killer batistas. Everyone had injured her. The last to move was Nils. Nils did a critical with his lethal sword. After the group had to finish off the magic seal owner and finally they had reached Nergal. Nils always got criticals; it made Guy who was a Swordsmaster look really useless. Of course Nils had extra Killing Edges with him. After defeating Lloyd and Linus again, the next door opened. To everyone's surprise they had to defeat Rebecca who was a slave to Nergal. Rebecca was wearing black, a purple ribbon and she had her hair down. She had empty eyes like she was hypnotized. Nils noticed this, because; he had done this a lot. (Spacing out) First Nils, Nino and Dart surrounded her. They looked on with fear knowing they had to kill her off. Nino had fired an ice spell first, then dart hit her with a critical of an iron axe and finally Nils killed her with his last use of his killing edge.

Rebecca said her last words and fell to the floor. Nils had caught her and so had Nino. Dart helped to by bringing the dead body to Pent. Athos dealed with Nergal and that was the end. After Canas took out the dragon with Luna, everyone returned to their normal lives and Nils got a good bye kiss from Nino and Nils attended Rebecca's funeral. After the funeral while no one looked, he kissed her and cried. He left for dragon's gate and that's there was to all of it.