By Zandrellia

It's just a crush.

Disclaimer: I do not own the InuYasha series or any of it's associated characters.


He watched her from the shadows, perched high above in the treetops, her gaze matched his and a spark of recognition danced between them. She knew he was there and yet did not run, merely smiled up at him and waved a little. What a very odd reaction. Neither of them looked away, both afraid to see beyond their own little world they had created in their minds. Here, within the space between their eyes, it was all their own and nobody could intrude. Moments tumbled and turned, falling into an empty abyss as they lost their power over the participants and time no longer had any meaning. Her mouth moved, slowly, forming words silently for him to read and leaving her breath to fall heavily upon the autumn breeze. A smile formed on her face as he responded to her, answering her call with his own silent utterance. Her hands reached out towards him, fingertips tracing along his face in the distance and he closed his eyes imagining the soft caress. A shudder passed through his body as he slowly opened his eyes and sleepily he watched as she laughed lightly, the motion shaking through her chest before rising up to dance along the winds to him and kissing him upon his lips. Holding out his hand he beckoned for her to come to him but she did not come, shaking her head slowly. Her dark hair swayed around her face as if it was water and he felt his body cry out for just a touch of the gentle tresses. Lowering his hand in defeat he closed his eyes again for a moment to sigh and then looked back. She was gone.

Kagome awoke with a start, gasping for breath as she sat up in her sleeping bag. Quickly she looked around to find that nothing was out of place and she was with her companions. Glancing up in the trees she saw no demon lord looking down on her. With a sigh she turned and lay back into her sleeping position, closing her eyes with a small smile on her face.

Sesshomaru opened his eyes again and looked down at her. She hadn't noticed him this time so he was safe. Hopefully nobody would ever notice his presence and so his secret could be his to keep, forever. Turning from the small campsite he flew off into the distance, leaving the possibilities to lie where they were.