Furious Angels


Chapter 1

WARNING: The first chapter is NOT PG-13. Skip ahead to the second if you are not over 17.


"Rude?" Tones of relief, quickly fading into nothing. "You're here."


A pause. The sound of a door closing quietly behind him.

Inhalation. Exhalation. "I'm… leaving."


"I'm leaving."






"No. For good."

Rude immediately reached for his gun, whirling around and pressing the tip of it into Reno's forehead. "Traitor."

Reno just looked up at him blankly, head tilted up, eyes devoid of fear. "Kill me, then…"


"Do it."

With a soft, intense curse, Rude lowered his gun and turned his back, gritting his teeth. "Go."

"That's it?" Shock, surprise. "You're not even going to ask—"


"—why I asked you here?"

Rude twitched at that, locking the safety on his gun. "No."

"No cameras in here." A pause, then a rush of words. "No one else knows—"

Adroit. "Neither do I."

"You… knew, didn't you? That I'd break. That I couldn't take it. The injuries. The failure. The hate. The… everything."

A nod.

A long pause. Then, slender arms were around Rude's waist, pulling him close as a smaller body pressed against his back. "I… wanted to ask. One more time. For old times' sake…"

A human wall.



"You're going to be hunting me down."


"At least let me leave with a good memory."


A lean upward, a chin at his shoulder. The rush of warm breath across his cheek. One whispered word.



Then, Rude's lips were pressed to Reno's, pushing him back against the wall. Hands, frantic on both sides, pulled at jackets, shirts, belts, pants, dropping them carelessly onto the floor. Sunglasses tossed to the side, arms entwined, hips pressed together, skin on skin, only breathing…


Confusion. A raised eyebrow.

A worried glance downward.

Confusion, then a blink. Acknowledgement.


A dark grin. Reno, handing you a Potion.

Flat words. All business. Turk-style.

"Not enough? I'll bleed."

Anger. Refusal.

Matching anger. "Come on. We don't have time."

Acknowledgement. Gritted teeth, closed eyes, a brutal kiss. Throwing his weight forward, Reno's back smashing into a nearby table, and then-

A muffled cry of pain, fingernails digging into Rude's arms. Letting go. Climbing to his shoulders, circling around his neck, urging him on. More whispered words through teeth pressed tightly together with pain.

"Keep going…"

Hands leaving his neck, trailing down his sides, clutching at the edge of the table. Knuckles white with pressure. The quiet sounds of the table's steady creaking beneath them. Reno's head, pressed back against it, eyes closed, mouth slightly open, chest heaving with the effort to stay silent.

"Yes… Gods, yes…"

Hips, thrusting up against his own. Desperation in Reno's eyes, before they slid shut. Strained, stifled noises of pain and ecstasy.

"Just like that… just like that…"

Breathing, audible now. A light sheen of sweat, glistening in the stark, moodless lighting. A clatter of small falling office objects, swept off the table by Reno's arms as they moved to place his hands behind Rude's shoulder blades. Reno, curling upward to capture his mouth with his, lips locked together with bruising force.

Lips then torn away. A panting, whispered plea to the ceiling. "Stop… don't stop… don't… stop…"

Hands at Reno's hips, one holding him down, the other teasing gently, then firmly, then beginning to pump. A long, low, despairing moan. Reno's teeth biting down hard on his lower lip to keep from crying out.

"Gods… yes…"

All thought banished. Frantic movement. Matched breathing, fingernails at Rude's back again, bright drops of blood against unmarred skin. More whispers into his ear, words of desperation, pain, anger, pleasure, love.

"Gods, yes—Gods, Rude—Gods—yes—!"

A shiver beneath him, then an unsuppressed cry of bliss, tearing into the silence. Warmth, exploding against his stomach; warmth, tightening around him; warmth, rushing through him and into Reno. A soft, answering groan.


Silence, reigning again.

A minute, maybe two, maybe five, just looking at each other.

Then, Reno shoved Rude aside gently, climbing off the table and wincing as he landed on his feet. Blood on them both: Reno wiped some of it away with a dry laugh. A hand, thrust toward Rude, fingers glistening red.

"Told you I'd bleed."

Rude sat up, watching Reno move. The red-head went immediately for their clothes, and, sorting through them, tossed Rude's toward him. Both began to dress, methodically, neatly.

Reno threw him his watch. Rude caught it, checking the time.

"Break's up."

"There's a meeting upstairs, right? Sixty-fifth floor?"

A nod.

"I'm going to call in sick." That dark grin again. "Or not call in."


Reno went to the door, glancing back at Rude to make sure that nothing appeared out of the ordinary, then pulled it open. "I won't be back. So… I'll be seeing you." He bent, picking up his sunglasses from the floor and sticking them onto their usual place on his forehead. "When you come to kill me."

A rare smirk from Rude. A joking, yet deadly serious tone. "Run fast…"

"You're kidding me, right? Of course I will be. Once you even find me." A pose, a smirk in return. "I was a Turk, you know."

A pause. Silence. Two pairs of eyes, reading each other from across the room.

Determination in the green pair, burning bright and hard.

In the other pair, quiet defeat, quickly covered by nothing.

Rude began to rise, hesitated, and sat back down, closing his mouth.

A flicker of pain flashed across Reno's features before they settled back into his usual cocky nonchalance. "Yeah… yeah." His voice was agonizingly false, grating at the edges. "It was good. It was all good. But I just gotta go…"

One hand, lifted in goodbye.

Another, still bloody, lifted in response.

No apologies. No thanks. No farewells. No promises.

Reno's non-bloody hand went to his mouth as he grinned, lips pressing into it to blow Rude a final kiss.

"Come and get me, lover."

Then he turned on his heel, and with a cheerful slam of the door, Reno was gone.