Title: Sept en tant qu'un

Author: PassionateDarkness

A/n: Response to Gidgetgirl's Beltane Babies challenge. Massive writers block on my others stories, which results in this. Enjoy.

: Journal Entry

!I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Innocent little girl, not allowed to save the world. Sent to her room because of some stupid little mistake. Not my fault the make shift bomb I created didn't go off. Not my fault Uncle Angel messed up. But that doesn't matter, cause I switched the one Aunt Fred made with the one I made…which resulted in disaster of course. Always disaster. We cant do anything right...everything we do seems to back fire as though we're jinxed. Ironically jinxed. We're the epitome of ironic. What kind of a number is seven anyways? Back to me hating it. They're all downstairs, all mounting up for another grand adventure. And where am I, you ask? In the room I share with my best friend in the whole world, sitting on my bed, rambling to this piece of garbage laptop. Not even really my laptop…I snagged it from Aunt Willow's closet. Cadi just walked into the room, telling me to buck up. She's a bitch of a best friend sometimes, really annoying in her Cadi-like ways. She laughed at me, sitting Indian style on my bed pouring my heart into a hunk of metal. Maybe she's right…maybe I am too old to be so immature.!

"Breathe, Shay, it's not that big of a deal," Cadi laughed, pulling her jacket on over her patrol clothes.

"So says the girl who gets to be all hero-like,"

"Ha, far from it,"

"Cadi, you're the best fighter out of all of us,"

"All of us being fourteen year olds. The only reason Daddy lets me go with them is cause I'm good for reconnaissance. I get these feelings, ya know? Anyway, the Xan-Man says I have the skill to be a five-by-five war hero. I'm the weakest out of all of them,"

"Then why do they let you go?"

"Cause I'll burn the hotel down if they don't," She flipped her mane of dark hair over her shoulder, winking at her friend.

"I shoulda known that," Shay muttered, smiling as she picked her poetry book from her bedside table. Dickson's a-callin.

"Caden, don't you dare pull any funny stuff, got it?" Cadi glared at her full name, nodding stiffly to her father's command.

"I'm standing outside the crypt, dad. I get any stray vamps that happen to get free from the rest of you. Highly doubtful I'll get the chance to pull any "funny stuff","

"Dad, huh?" He demanded, wrapping his arms around his daughter. She squirmed, glaring up at him.

"Yeah, you want to make something of it?"

"Gunn, Cadi, stop foolin around," Faith yelled back, grinning at the sight of her boyfriend and daughter.

"Yes, Mommy," They both answered.

"Watch it, don't piss off the slayer with the cross-bow," Cadi walked towards Connor, allowing her parents to continue flirting.

"You with me tonight?" She questioned, shouldering her battle-axe.

"Looks like,"


"Cool," Connor replied, walking slightly ahead of the girl so she didn't see the small smile that spread across his face.

"Don't move," Beau ordered, pulling the rope that held his friend to the chair a bit tighter. Tight enough that the girl shrieked in annoyance.

"Do I really have a choice?"


"Lily, what are you doing?" Ari asked from the top of the stairs, watching as her best friend who sat in the center of the lobby, hog tied to the chair.

"Nothing I want to be doing, untie me,"

"Or what?" Beau laughed, slapping his hand to Darin's.

"Or I'll send Tinkerbell after you,"

"Oh wow, a dog named Tinkerbell…I'm so scared,"

"Dumbass," Shay muttered from the top of the stairs, her nose stuck in her book as she walked towards the kitchen.

Lily whistled, which was answered by a loud bark.

"You're sicking BRUNO on me!" Beau yelled, jumping on top of the couch.

"UNTIE ME!" And suddenly, there were three of her. Three screaming blonde Lily's. One was still tied up, and the other two yelled at Beau from each side. Then the other two disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

"What the bloody hell?" Shay muttered, her book dropping to the floor.

"Shaylee Summers," She looked up at her dad, her dark hair covering her blue eyes.

"Daddy, there were three of Lily,"

"Yeah, yeah, and there were flying pigs disrupting our patrol." Spike chuckled, hanging his sword up on its' rack. As Ari untied Lily, Darin shooed Tinkerbell/Bruno off into the kitchen, and Beau carefully climbed down from the sofa.

"Did I miss something?" Amy asked from atop the stairs, her eyes wide as she looked around the crowded living room.

"Just our normal insanity," Darin replied, his eyes rolling to the heavens.

A/n: Alright, there are seven kids. And the parent/powers thing will be sorted out in the next few chapters if I get the response I'm hoping for. So yeah, review and tell me if I should bother.