There's a horrible habit I retracted from my mother. Lists. They have forever been my enemy since the first time I picked up a pen. You see, it is very hard for someone with Burkle blood to keep track of something without it being in list form. And so, when trying to figure out more about us of course a number of lists came about. First off, our names and ages (in birth order with nicknames in parentheses). What? There's no point in rambling on paper if there is no way to understand it.

Darin Wyndam-Pryce, aged fourteen (none)

Caden Gunn, aged fourteen (Cadi)

Aridia Harris, aged fourteen (Ari)

Beau Chase, aged fourteen (none)

Amara Osbourne, aged fourteen (Amy) ├čthat's me

Lillian Giles, aged fourteen (Lily)

Shaylee Summers, aged fourteen (Shay)

Names, ages, and nicknames are taken care of. In the order of the kids, here are their parents and their romantic status and special abilities.

Buffy Summers (slayer) and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (former Watcher, former rouge demon hunter, current research dude)- Married

Faith (slayer) and Charles Gunn (vigilantly fighter)- Dating

Alexander Harris (former car guy, carpenter) and Willow Rosenberg-Harris (witch)- Married

Cordelia Chase (seer, former higher power) and Angel (souled vampire)- Dating

Winifred Burkle (former hell dimension liver and physicist) and David Osbourne (werewolf)- Married

Tara Maclay (witch) and Rupert Giles (former watcher, all around brains)- Not together, share raise-age of Lily

Dawn Summers (Key) and Spike (souled vampire)- Not together, definitely some sexual tension though.

Alright, now we get into the complicated part. Past relationships that make this whole thing incesty.

High school:

Buffy dated Angel.

Willow dated Oz.

Cordy dated Xander.

Cordy hooked up with Wes.

Faith hooked up with Angel


Buffy had a bunch of sex with Spike.

Willow had gay-lovin's with Tara.

Fred dated Gunn.

Fred dated Wesley.

Other key facts:

Willow considers herself Bisexual.

Tara is fully gay.

Xander left his dead girlfriend at the alter.

Xander and Willow cheated on Cordelia and Oz (couples in respective order) once when Spike kidnapped them.

Buffy died to save Dawn, leaving Spike as her protector.

Buffy came back to life.

Tara died.

Oz was killed in Rio.

Spike was dusted in the apocalyptic fight against evil.

A God killed Fred.

A scary magic dude killed Wes.

Gunn died in a battle against the Senior Partners.

Powers pulled mojo that brought all champions who died in a year span back to life.

I think that about clears up all the simple stuff.

A/n: Short but there to clear up your minds. Review.