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Of course, just as I was thinking that I could trust her, she did something stupid…something that I could have shot her for…her cell phone went off and woke up my dad.

"Quick, Mimi, hide! If my dad finds you here he'll hurt you worse than he hurt me!" I heard my dad's lazy, loud feet finding their way towards my room, as Mimi hid herself under my desk, shielding herself with my chair.

As I was about to motion for her to come out, my dad came into my room. I was used to him not knocking, and I was used to him not saying hi, but I was usually used to seeing him in clothes; this time he chose to go with two out of three.

I had seen my dad naked before, oh yeah, lots of times, and it always made me uneasy. He was standing there, his long, unkempt hair in a ponytail and his very awkward beard smelling of beer. His broad, muscular, hairy chest that I had always envied over my flat chest was looking even more majestic as it stood out from his six pack abs (also hairy) and surprisingly miniscule penis. It was almost funny to laugh at his tiny dick that was probably like half an inch flaccid and three inches—if that—when he had a boner…and he always had a boner.

"What you doing boy?"

"I'm just cleaning up."

"You had better be getting that blood off the carpeting, and not cleaning up after masturbating, like I saw you last night. I never want to see your normal sized penis leave your pants again! Hear me boy?"

"Yes sir." I was so embarrassed! Mimi had heard that. I mean, duh, all girls know that all guys jack-off, but to hear it from their father! I mean, come one. Everyone knows that girls are PMS-ing and going through their periods, but no one ever talks about it…at least not to guys.

My dad left, and Mimi got out of her hiding place.

"I…I had never seen your dad before. He looks…mean…and tough."

I didn't know how to answer to that. I knew that she was shocked, and God I would be too. SHE HEARD MY DAD SAY THAT I MASTURBATED! I mean, for the love of masturbation, why did this have to happen to me? Oh well, I'm seventeen; it's not like I'm married or anything.

I waited for a second, wanting her to be the one to break the ice; things just weren't looking up today. "So…who called you before my dad came in?"

"I don't know. It'll be in my directory, but the phone will beep loudly."

"Come on. Let's get outside!" I opened my door, and saw that Dad was in the bathroom, right next to my room, facing the opposite wall. There's no way we can get past him; he'll see Mimi. Why can't he close the door like normal people? Probably just to make me feel bad for him because he's got a hobbit-sized dick.


"Come on, Mimi, we have to go out the window." I took her by the arm and led her towards the curtains that shielded my window.

She pushed my hand off of her arm and then hissed, "Izzy, have you gone completely insane? We could get killed."

"Yeah, that or you could get another look at my hairy, naked dad. The choice is yours, but no matter what you do, I'm going out the window. It's completely safe; I've done it hundreds of times. Here, I'll go first, just to show you how easy it is."

I motioned for her to come closer to the window, and see how completely simple it would be. As I raised my finger to my lips, signaling her to keep quiet, I lifted my leg over the windowsill and began my descent. With one hand, I grasped the gutter pole, which, after stretching across the entire roof of my house, turned vertical toward the ground. With my other hand, I held onto a brick on the siding of my house, and slowly, brick by brick, I descended to the ground.

As I reached the ground and stretched my arms, I motioned Mimi to follow in suit.

Oh, this is gonna be great! Look at that skirt that she's wearing!

Mimi did the same as I did, and I was glad, because I got a good look at the thong she was wearing. A smile came over my face, and I didn't even notice her reach the ground.

"How did I do?" she asked, rather proud of herself.

"Absolutely perfect," I said, still somewhere in my reverie. Breaking from it, I asked, "So, who was it that called?"

"I'm not sure. Let me check."

After dialing a couple of numbers, Joe's voice could be heard on the cell phone, saying, "Hey Mimi! It's me. I'm here at Davis' house with Cody, Ken, and Yolei. Davis isn't feeling very well, says he's got muscle pains and a headache, and he's running a pretty high fever. He sort of pops in and out of delerium. I just thought you should know. And his parents are out of town, so he's really got no one to look after him. If you want to come over, I'll be here all day, and I'm sure that the others won't be leaving any time soon either. I haven't been able to get a hold of Matt, Tai, T.K. or Kari, but I'm gonna go call Izzy or Sora now. See you soon! Bye!"

As Mimi closed her phone and put it back in her purse, a wave of terror ran over me. If Joe was going to call my house, that means that my dad would easily find out that I wasn't home.

"Mimi, we've got to get to Davis' house now! If Joe calls my house, I will be road kill if my dad finds out that I left the house without his permission.!"

Without saying any more, the two of us broke into a sprint, running down the many similar blocks that led the way to Davis' house. On the way, we passed Tai and Kari's, but saw no one home.

Maybe Joe got a hold of them.

Pushing and shoving through street grocers and pedestrians, not to say cars as well, was not the way I had hoped to spend my free time with Mimi, but if Joe was able to call my dad, this would probably be the last time I saw daylight, not to mention Mimi.

As we reached Davis' driveway, we ran up the last few yards into freedom, and saw Joe on the phone.

No! This can't be happening!

"Yes," he said. "Okay! All right. Thanks! And tell Sora to call here when she and Tai get back." Putting down the phone, he turned to us and smiled. "Hey guys! Long time-no see! How is the future senior class of 2006 doing?"

"Fine, Joe." I said. "You didn't call my house, did you?"

"No," he answered. "I was just about to, though. What's wrong with you two? You look worse then Davis!"

"Nothing," I answered. "I just need to get a glass of water." I walked into the kitchen to get a glass, but that didn't stop me from hearing what was being said in the foyer.

"So, Joe, how was your first year at college?" Mimi asked.

"It was okay, I guess. I missed all of you guys a lot, though."

"Make any new friends?"

"Not really. No one can compare to the ones I've already got."

Mimi giggled almost flirtatiously.

"We'd better go see Davis. You coming, Izzy?"

"I'll meet you upstairs." I few moments later, I placed my cup in the sink and followed Mimi and Joe upstairs. What I saw shocked me.

Davis looked terrible!

He was sweating so bad, that it looked like he had been showering five minutes beforehand. His face was flushed, and he had a rash going up his right arm, probably onto his chest as well. It might have just been me, but it looked as if he had lost a significant amount of weight as well. His eyes were glued shut, but even as he slept he didn't look peaceful.

"You guys just missed him," Yolei said.

"Yeah," Ken answered, "I thought he would never fall asleep."

"It's probably for the best, though. He said that he hasn't slept in days."

"Yeah," I repeated, "for the best." I sat and pondered for a moment. "So do you guys have any clue what it is that is wrong with Davis?"

Everyone shook their heads.

"Okay, then. Well, I'm going to go to the library, because they've got this huge medical book that can place the symptoms to the disease. It looks really serious, but don't call a doctor just yet. Wait to see if he gets any better on his own." With that, I started out.

"Wait!" Cody yelled. "I'm going to go with you. You may need some help."

"Suit yourself," I answered, and the two of us walked out. As we headed for the library, I wondered if our lives could get any more complicated, but alas, I was soon to find out that life on earth is much more complicated than life in the digital world!

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