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SUMMARY: Harry discovers that Draco is not only the High Elf Prince but is his mate bringing more confusion to his already rapidly changing life.

PAIRING: Draco/Harry, Ron/Hermione, Seamus/Dean. Others to be decided.

AUTHOR NOTES: Here it is everyone! The moment you've all been waiting for! When Harry finds out about Draco being a prince and his mate! Hope I don't disappoint.

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Harry stared at the woman who stalked down the stairs toward Draco. He'd never seen anyone dressed so elegantly. None of the village girls had ever had dresses that fancy, not even Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown who had loved to go to dances. That was because most of the residents in Surrey had not been particularly rich. The Dursleys had tried to pretend they had been but Uncle Vernon's horse shoe store wasn't exactly a novelty. Almost every town had one.

The woman whom Draco had referred too as "Mother" glared at her son and put her hands on her hips.

"Don't you 'hello, Mother' me, young man!" the woman stated angrily. "Do you have any idea how worried I've been!"

"Well-"Draco started to speak but was interrupted.

"No. You have no idea how worried I've been. How worried all of us have been. Ron has been fighting with Cornelius Fudge, AGAIN, over where to look for you. Your father has led search parties over all the places you could be, and you don't even have the decency to send a note!"

"It wasn't his fault!" Harry burst out before he could stop himself and then gulped when two pairs of grey eyes fell on him. "He-he was injured! Surrey isn't on any maps or anything, unless you knew it was there you wouldn't be able to find it. There aren't any carrier birds there either so he hasn't been able to send word."

Draco's mother narrowed her eyes at him critically and Harry couldn't help but squirm. Something about the way the woman was looking at him up and down was even more unnerving then when Draco stared at him. They may have had the same color eyes but he never minded when Draco studied him, when the blonde studied Harry, his heart gave pleasant little flips. This woman just made him feel nervous.

"Draco, who is this?" the woman asked her son in a cool voice. Her eyes flitted briefly over to Seamus and Dean who were both trying not to snicker at Draco's full name and his predicament. Normally Harry would have glared at them but he had to admit, it was sort of funny seeing the six foot two elf being fully chastised by his mother who was shorter then Harry himself at five feet.

The blonde smiled at Harry who squirmed. "Mother, this is Harry Potter and his two friends, Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas. Harry found me after the battle and nursed me back to health. Harry; Seamus; Dean, this is my mother: Her Royal Majesty, Narcissa Arwena Prewitt Black Malfoy."

Harry stared as Mrs. Malfoy eyes softened and she curtsied low to him. "If that's the case then I am in debt to you for saving my son, Mr. Potter."

"I-it was nothing. Nice to meet you." he stuttered out. He felt extremely foolish but his mind couldn't seem to get past the Her Majesty part. If Mrs. Malfoy was a Queen then that meant Draco was a prince! His mind boggled at the thought.

Seamus however didn't seem to have any trouble blurting out, "Blimey, you're a prince! You could have bloody told us!"

Draco started to open his mouth but whatever he'd been about to say got cut off by a loud shout at the end of the courtyard. "MALFOY!"

The group turned and stared as a pissed off looking redheaded blue-eyed male elf stomped over to them followed by a female elf with long curly brown hair and brown eyes who appeared to be trying to calm him down.

Instead of looking apprehensive though, Draco just smirked at the sight and crossed his arms. "Hello, Ron. Hermione. How are the wedding plans going?"

The redhead stopped and stared at him. "HOW ARE THE WEDDING PLANS GOING! You disappear for FIVE BLEEDING MONTHS without so much as a note saying 'Hey Ron, its Draco. I'm not dead, see you in awhile.' and then arrive here out of no where and just ask us HOW ARE THE WEDDING PLANS GOING!"

The brown haired female rolled her eyes and covered the redhead's mouth.

"What Ronald means to say is, we're very happy that you're all right Draco. Isn't that right DEAR?" She gave the redhead a pointed look as she removed her hand from his mouth.

The redhead sighed and crossed his arms. "Yeah, right. What she said." he grumbled.

Draco chuckled. "To think I've actually missed you two."

The redhead glared. "Yeah well, you do this again; I'm going to bloody kill you. I don't care if you are the High Prince."

"If he does do it again, you have my permission, Ron. Just make sure he has a legal heir first." Narcissa said with small smirk.

Draco rolled his eyes. "Thank you for that, Mother."

It was down right surreal to Harry as he watched Draco hug the brown haired elf and his mother. He'd never seen the elf look so relaxed as he looked here. The blonde had often spoken to him about his family and friends at home and he had heard the affection in his voice but had never really seen him show affection like this. He had also never once mentioned the royalty part. It hurt that Draco hadn't trusted him with this knowledge even after they had became friends.

Were they even friends? He had never once seen Draco show the affection he saw him show his two friends, who he assumed were the much mentioned Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Oh, Draco thanked him things yes and he made it clear that he appreciated Harry's help with his injuries. But he still sometimes seemed aloof. In fact the only times he had even hugged Harry was when he had been leaving and when he nearly died and both of those Harry had initiated. The man shook his head because it was silly to be jealous of Draco's mother and longtime friend who was engaged all ready but nevertheless, he was.

"Draco," a voice came from the entrance again. Harry looked up and found himself staring at someone who looked like Draco but only older. The man who had spoken had Draco's long silky hair pulled back with a black ribbon. He dressed elegantly in black breeches, polished black calf boots, a white linen shirt with a dark green velvet tunic over it that had silver edging. The only difference between him and Draco was that he had coal black eyes that made Harry shiver when they looked at him.

Draco smiled and bowed. "Hello, Father."

Draco's father gave a small smile to his son and bowed in return. "We have much to discuss. Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger, would you please escort my son's friends to the guest quarters and help them get settled?"

The two elves bowed (or curtsied in Hermione's case) and said, "Yes, your Majesty."

Draco frowned slightly but followed his father and mother into the castle. He gave Harry a reassuring smile as he went in and then was gone.

"You think you know a guy..." Harry heard Seamus mutter to himself as soon as the doors shut.


God it was good to be home.

Draco couldn't help but smile as he followed his father and mother to his father's study. Hogwarts was just as he left it: long corridors filled with small rooms to house not only the royal family but the members of the council, other royal families, guests who came to stay for his mothers lavish parties, and all the people who worked in the court. His mother insisted that the servants have as decent rooms as everyone else because in her opinion they worked the hardest of all.

Paintings filled the halls and elf magic was abundant in the castle thanks to many mages who stayed there so they could use the extensive library at the school. As they walked to the study they passed several servants doing various tasks who greeted the prince happily. He sidestepped a pair of twin elves and dwarf child chasing each other and being followed by a harassed looking human nanny who he tried to remember the name of when she said hello to him.

They finally reached his fathers study and closed the door behind them. Then his father gave him a hug. His father was not the most demonstrative person in the world but there was no doubt that he loved his wife and son. He just chose to show his affection in private without on lookers to judge how the family behaved.

"Don't you ever pull another stunt like that again, young man," his father said sternly when he pulled back.

"Yes, Father." he replied obediently though both knew they couldn't predict if he could keep his promise.

"So have you been staying with that young man out there all this time?" his mother asked.

The blonde nodded. "Yes. I was about to leave when the village he and his two friends used to live in was attacked."

His father narrowed his eyes. "Attacked? Was it...?" he trailed off as Draco nodded. "Damn. Those three are lucky to be alive."

The blonde nodded. "Yes. Especially since their village was burned to the ground. They need a place to stay and work."

Narcissa furrowed her brows. As queen, she knew almost everything that went on in the castle and most of what went on in the city. "Well, what were their jobs in their village? Do they have any skills?"

"Harry is a healer, he used to work at the clinic the village had. His friend Seamus bartended at the local inn and from what I gather Dean worked at his parents store but he's quite an artist though all of his work and supplies were destroyed in the attack."

The Queen smiled. "That's perfect! Madam Pomfrey over at the army infirmary has been in desperate need of some help. The inn a block from here is all ways looking for extra bartenders and Artemis has been looking for an apprentice lately, something about leaving a legacy to the world."

Draco smiled. He knew he could count on his mother for this. "Wonderful. I'll let the three of them know as soon as possible." His heart also gave a burst of joy. If Harry worked for Madam Pomfrey then they were sure to see each other. Madam Pomfrey stitched up all the wounds that were inevitable if you were a soldier. He averaged scratches in practice at least once a week. Especially since his sparring partner was Ron.

Lucius narrowed his eyes at his son and studied him. "You seem awfully interested in this boys' welfare. Is there a reason for that?"

Draco sighed. It would be useless to lie to his father and mother; they knew him too well. So he just told the truth. "Yes, there is. He's my mate."

His parents stared at him in surprise. Then his mother threw her arms around him, "Oh, Draco, this is wonderful! I'll finally get grandchildren!"

He and his father rolled their eyes at each other behind her back and Lucius said, "Congratulations son. I assume you've all ready begun courting him? No wonder you waited so long to return."

Draco winced. "I haven't exactly begun courting because Harry doesn't exactly know that he's my mate."

His mother pulled back from him. "What?"

"Relax dear," Lucius put a hand on his wife's shoulder. "I'm sure there is a reason Draco hasn't told his mate who he is yet."

His parents looked at him expectantly. He sighed and started to explain.

"Harry is a human. They don't know anything elf bonds. I wouldn't even begin to know how to explain it to him. I'm not even sure if he'd believe me. Not to mention there's a war going on. I can't court a mate now. Voldemort would find out and do God knows what and I refuse to let Harry get involved in this war."

Lucius studied his son with a frown. "Wanting to protect your mate is all well and good, Draco, but not telling him is not right. Besides, if he's been around you all these months he's probably starting to feel something all ready and is confused about it. You could hurt him unintentionally if you don't tell him about the bond."

"How could I hurt him? He doesn't feel the bond much, he isn't an elf. He probably just gets twinges or something. Nothing serious."

Narcissa sighed. "Denying a bond is dangerous, Draco. Especially if you die in this war without telling him. He could go insane or die himself."

"Or become bitter, cold, and unfeeling," Lucius added. "This is not common knowledge but part of the reason Lord Voldemort hates other races so much is because his mate was accidently killed by humans before they met and he saw it happen in flashes sent over the bond. Ever since then he's grown increasingly insane with hate."

Draco blanched. He had no idea that was why Lord Voldemort was the way he was. Now a small part of him almost felt sorry for the insane murderer. He would've hated to lose Harry that way.

"Tell him Draco, as soon as possible," his mother urged.

The prince nodded silently.


Harry was finally able to get some time to himself around sunset. The entire day was a confusing blur. First the new knowledge that Draco was a prince and not just any prince but the High Prince. Then he met Ron and Hermione who led him, Seamus, and Dean on a tour of Hogwarts that was overwhelming. He liked Draco's friends. Ron was funny even if he sometimes spoke before he thought and Hermione was a fellow book lover who was able to keep him in line with a look. Though they had gotten into two small arguments during the tour they weren't serious ones and Harry could see the complete devotion they had to one another in their eyes.

Hogwarts was even more impressive on the inside with all the architecture, paintings, suits of armor, statues, and artifacts that were along the walls like some sort of museum. It was also startling to run into not just elves but humans like him, dwarfs, trolls, and countless other magical races. He was given a room to himself that was bigger then his whole house.

The room had a large four poster bed against the left wall with red and gold curtains that hung around it. The walls were cream with thin gold stripes shimmering on the surface. Across from the door was a large bay window with a window seat overlooking a garden. A large oak wardrobe stood across from his bed along with a matching desk and two night stands. He felt severely underdressed in his patched pants and old shirt. He wasn't even wearing shoes.

After thanking a servant for bringing him dinner and eating it he stole away into the garden below his room hoping to find someplace to think. He finally found one in the center of a small hedge maze in the garden that had a tree with a bench under it. So he sat and mulled over the days events and where to go from here.

His brooding was interrupted however by Draco walking into the courtyard.

He had changed from his outfit before. Draco now wore clean charcoal grey breeches and an obviously new dove grey linen shirt. His hair was pulled back by a silver hair tie. He smiled and nodded at Harry, "Hello. Mind if I sit?"

Harry shrugged and said, "It's your palace, your Highness."

Draco flinched at the formality in Harry's tone. "I prefer Draco, if you don't mind."

Harry shrugged again.

The elf sighed and sat down next to him on the bench. "You're angry at me, aren't you?"

"I don't know," Harry answered truthfully.

Draco raised an eyebrow. "You don't know?"

The green eyed man frowned and drew his knees to his chin and rested his head on them. "I understand why you wouldn't tell me at first, I mean, you barely knew me. But another part of me is annoyed that you didn't tell me before we got here. It would have been nice to know beforehand."

"I know. I just wasn't sure how to tell you. If it makes you feel any better my mother reprimanded me thoroughly for not telling the three of you the truth. She has a thing about being truthful to your friends."

Harry couldn't help but smile at the thought. "Your mother is very...vocal."

Draco rolled his eyes. "You have no idea."

Harry looked at the elf seriously. "Being a prince is the only thing you haven't told me, right?"

The blonde frowned and looked away from him. "Not exactly."

"There's more?" Harry asked apprehensively.

"Yes. It involves you as well."

"What? I don't understand. What involves me?"

Draco sighed and stood up so he was facing Harry who was still sitting on the bench looking up at him in confusion.

"Harry most humans don't know this but all elves are born with a mate; someone they are magically bound too. You humans would probably think of mates as soul mates but elf mates are much more then that. When they're completely bonded they feel what the other is feeling, they can heal the other if they are injured or make them feel better if they are ill. A particularly strong bond lets mates speak to each other in their minds over great distances. They're connected in every sense of the word."

He paused when Harry stood suddenly, looking at him warily. "Why are you telling me this?"

Draco gave him an exasperated and tired look. "Harry, isn't it obvious?"

He started to feel nervous when Draco stepped forward and he couldn't help but step backward and get behind the bench so it was between him and the elf. "No. Should it be?"

The elf smoothly stepped around and paused as Harry stepped backward again. Draco narrowed his eyes at him. "Why are you nervous?"

Harry frowned and looked at him in confusion. "I don't know."

The blonde reached out before Harry could move away and grasped his arms with both hands, pulling him closer until their faces were inches apart. "Harry, you're not stupid. Surely you must realize why I'm telling you this?"

Heart beating rapidly in his chest, Harry stubbornly shook his head. He froze when a calloused hand rested on his right cheek and an arm wrapped itself possessively around his waist making it so he was pressed tightly against the prince. He shivered when Draco pressed his forehead against his and whispered, "You're my mate, Harry."

Then soft lips brushed his and he trembled at the tenderness.

His entire subconscious was screaming 'what are you doing!' at him but he couldn't help but melt into the kiss. His arms somehow found themselves around Draco's neck and his hands tangled themselves into the blonde hair that was just as soft as it looked.

It wasn't until a wet tongue asked for entrance into his lips that it suddenly dawned on him what was going on and he gasped and pushed roughly away from the prince, his body protesting the entire time along with his heart. He backed away from Draco until his back was against the tree trunk and he couldn't go further.

Draco studied him, hurt and confusion on his perfect face. "Harry?"

He looked down. "I-this is too much."

"Too much?"

"I mean, I just got here. I'm in a new place. I suddenly find out you're not only royalty but my mate? It's too much at once. I need time to...I don't know, adjust to this."

The prince frowned slightly but slowly nodded. "Very well. I'll let you get settled in. When you feel ready to talk about this, come find me." He gave a bow to Harry and then left.

Harry watched him leave and thought 'when did my life become so complicated?'

AUTHORS NOTES: ;gulps; I probably have a lot of readers who want to kill me right now...sorry, but I HAD to leave it there! My muses wouldn't let me add any more, they are surprisingly stubborn about things like this and I don't want to get them angry because then they would leave and I would get writers block.

People seemed curious so here are some notes on elf bonds:


To understand elf bonds we must know about elves first:

What they look like: All elves have pointy ears and long waist length hair (yes, even the guys). All of them tend to be vain about their appearance so they are usually dressed very elegantly even in casual situations.

Traits: Tend to be stoic around other races. Gossip quite a bit. Old elf families can do simple magic spells. Have sonic hearing that allow them to hear the tiniest noises and can see over long distances. They aren't invulnerable but if they aren't killed early on they can live for hundreds of years. All elves are fiercely protective of their mates and will do anything to ensure their safety. Male elves can impregnate any type of creature including other men.

Society: Elves are scattered throughout the realm but usually tend to live in cities. The five major countries/cities they have are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Hogwarts. Each country has different values and customs then the other and each has it's own minor royal family. Hogwarts is considered the capital of the realm and is the headquarters for the court. The head royal family of the elves (the Malfoys) reside there. Elves are pretty tolerant of other creatures with minor exceptions. It is not uncommon to have same sex partnerships as well as het partnerships. Elves are not allowed to marry anyone else except for their destined mate.