Not mine, J.K. Rowling's it is though.

"Aveda Kedavra" screamed a High-pitched voice, and all that sounded after was a thud as a body landed on the ground dead.

"No Professor Dumbledore" Harry cried out.

"Its ironic, huh Harry or shall I say Evans. The person Dumbledore and you were fighting was made by the oldfool, and yourself." sneered Voldemort.

"What are you talking about Tom?" a confused Harry asked.

"Your Betrayal that's what I mean. Haven't you ever wondered why it took me 25 years to resurface?" Voldemort asked while walking towards Harry.

Harry furrowed his brow in thought."Because you were driving yourself deeper into the dark arts the whole time."

"No your wrong Evans, I spent 10 years looking for you. I even went as far as to check the records of the ministry for you.' Laughed Voldemort."Then I figured you wouldn't be back, you went against me, so I changed my dream." Voldemort paused for a second. "You see this whole wars only been about one thing."

"And what's that Tom?" asked a bewildered Harry.

Voldemort laughed at his ignorance. "Killing all the people that has given me pain my whole life. We were the best of friends Harry or James whatever you go by; I had it all for a year; a best friend, a brother in you, and a girlfriend who loved me. But when you left it went down hill."

"You contained the darkness within me Harry. All the hate I felt was released when you were there Harry. Such good friends that not even time could stop our friendship. Don't you get it were exactly alike" Voldemort said with a frown.

"Harry's nothing like you Voldemort!" screamed a crying Hermione.

"No Hermione, he doesn't mean Voldemort, he means Tom Riddle" Harry answered trying to hold back the tears that he felt coming.

"But there one in the same Harry, what's going on here." asked a confused Ron.

"Ron, Tom Riddle is nothing like Voldemort. Tom Riddle craved love, not power. All he wanted was someone to be there for him just like what I want. You seea month agoI went back in time, and became friends with Tom; to try and changed history. But I guess I wasn't there long enough."

" And now my pain, my hurt ends here James." Voldemort scowled.

"One second Tom, Hermione and Ron I don't want you to forget this so listen up." Harry said turning towards his friends.

Ron looked scared, but was brave non the less."What is it mate?"

"You got a plan Harry?" Hermione inquired with hope in her voice.

"Yes, but remember this, ill never forget you guys. You are my family remember I'll always love you. I'm doing this for you, everyone I care about." Harry said with tears running down his face.

"Harry, what are you talking about?" cryed Hermione.

"Watch, and remember I love you." Harry then turned back towards Voldemort." Your right Tom the prophecy said I have to vanquish the dark lord. And Lord Voldemorts reign ends tonight."

"Right potter, your powers nothing compared to mine" hissed Voldemort.

"Your right, I don't plan on fighting you. But I'm killing Lord Voldemort tonight." Harry yelled while taking a glass snake out of his pocket. "You remember this Tom?"

Voldemort looked at the snake and flinched. "I gave that to you for the Yule, what about it?"

"Well friend, its time Lord Voldemort dies. Good Bye everyone, I want you to know I love you all" Yelled Harry to everyone who was on the battlefield.

"Harry, no what are you doing" screamed a hurt Remus Lupin.

"Changing history, you see if you make a port key and don't use it till the future it brings you back to the time you made it in." Harry stuttered through the tears he was crying. "Good bye everyone"

"Activate" and with a pull behind his navel, Harry Potter was gone from Hogwarts, only to go back 53 years to the same place he just left.

"No Harry, come back" Hermione yelled to no one.

"Good bye mate, ill miss you." Ron said while holding Hermione.

"Thank you friend, brother, for ending my pain" Voldemort said with a smile, and with that everyone faded away into oblivion.

Harry Potter landed with a thud inside of Transfiguration Professor, Dumbledore's office.

"Merlin, I hate port key travel." murmered Harry.

"Harry?" the younger version of Albus Dumbledore said rather in a question then a statement.

"Ahh, hello professor" Harry muttered while whipping away the tears from his face.

"What happened you were supposed to go back a month ago?" asked a bewildered Dumbledore.

"Yes, yes I know that was the plan, but Voldemort was too strong. I saw him kill you, right in front of my eyes, he had me trapped. So I escaped, into the past." after Harry said that, he soon took a thoughtful look. "Merlin, Professor, this is my destiny it all makes sense now!"

Dumbledore frowned in confusion. "Harry, slow down, and explain"

"It's James in this time, James Evans or did you forget?" Harry mocked with a smirk

Dumbledore smiled and pointed to a seat."No I did not forget, now explain James, oh and Lemon drop?"

After nodding in the negative Harry started to pace back and forth. After 5 minutes of this, Harry finally sat back down.

"You see professor, when Dementors get near me I hear my mothers pleading for my life. I also hear Voldemort telling my mother to get out of his way, basically showing mercy to her. He didn't care about a stupid Prophecy all he cared about was killing me this whole time. He wanted to end his pain by killing the people who gave it to him in the first place. I assume he gave my father a chance for his life as well. He was only attacking the Potters to kill me he didn't care about my mother and father. The prophecy states that I have a power the dark lord knows not; to vanquish him. In reality I had the power from the port key I made back when I first came to this time. You see by me being here, I'm vanquishing the dark lord. Tom said it himself in the future, that while I was with him he didn't feel pain or rage, only happiness. He has a family in me, he has a brother. That's what started this whole thing, he wanted a family someone to care about just like me, but he also wanted revenge on his father, and when he got that revenge he felt the power and wanted that. With out me here there was no one for him to turn to. To help him sort out these feelings."James said somberly.

After a couple minutes of Dumbledores thinking he finally spoke. "Makes perfect sense, so I guess your staying here forever?"

"Yes, as much as ill miss my friends, I have to. It's for the good of the world. Anyway I don't even know what future id be going back to." frowned James.

"Yes you are right in that, you've already changed the future by returning." Dumbledore wisely stated.

"Professor what's today's date?" gasped Harry.

Dumbledore was concerened with the look on James' face. "July 31st, why"

"My birthday, which means today's the day, what time is it professor?' as Harry's voice got louder at the end of his sentence Dumbledore new something was wrong.

"Almost 6:30 why James?"

"I got to go, can I use your floo?' before Dumbledore could answer Harry was already grabbing the powder off of the mantle. "Professor if you want to talk meet me at the Three broom sticks tonight around 8 you'll get your answers" and with a whirl of green flames Harry Potter, or JamesEvans ratherwas gone.

Landing in an ungraceful way, James stepped out of the fireplace in the Three broom sticks, ran out side to the street of Hogsmeade, and disapparated. Miles away he apparated in a small town named little Hangleton.