James awoke the next morning to the smell of fried fish. He groggily got up and went outside, where he found Tom sitting on a log poking at the fire with his wand.

"Morning" James said while rubbing his eyes.

"Good Afternoon more like" Tom was still poking at the fire but managed to look up at his friend. "I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to wake up."

"What time is it?" James muttered almost inaudibly.

"Almost 3 o'clock, I'm making some fish if you're hungry."

"Thanks, I'm going to go wash up. I'll be back in a second" James then walked away without waiting for a response, and strolled over to the river.

Once he got to the river he kneeled down next to it and cupped some water in his hands where he washed it over his face. He also saw his reflection and saw the bags under his eyes. When he was done looking at his reflection he got up and let out a sigh. He missed his friends already; he knew he would never see them again. He's already changed so much by stopping Tom from killing his father. That voice in the back of his mind came back:

Harry get a hold of your self, you're not going to see them for a while, and when you do they won't be your best friends anymore. Your here to save the world, this is your new life now. You're free, just like you always wanted to be. You even have a brother in Tom, you have family.

Hmm a brother in a person who once killed my parents now that's weird. After his conversation with himself he walked back to where Tom just started to eat.

"You okay mate?" Tom handed him a plate of fish while asking James the question.

"What yeah just a little tired" Tom just shrugged and went back to his food. After a silent lunch the both started to work on their little hut, or log cabin as Tom called it.

It took them about a week to finish it. When it was finally done it was a three-room hut with two bedrooms, and a small kitchen. It reminded James of Hagrid's hut just a little bigger. A day after the finishing of the hut, found the two friends in the Leaky Cauldron eating lunch in honor of their achievements.

"James I was thinking about our school. I was wondering if you would want to maybe build a town with the extra land behind the lake. You know kind of like Hogsmeade?" Tom was studying James' face to see any kind of reaction from his friend. As James heard this his face lit up with a smile.

"That's a great idea Tom, we could open up shops around it to. Maybe even get a Gringotts branch in there?"

"Brilliant, do you want to go check out if the goblins would be interested after lunch?" with his friends nod both teens dug into there food in a hurried pace. After the rather fast lunch, both teens ran to the wizard's bank and quickly jumped on the end of the line. After waiting a good time, Tom asked the goblin in front of them who they could speak with about inquiring for a branch to be opened in Ireland.

"Ireland ay, well wait over there and Goblin Graknod will be with you when he has time." The goblin pointed towards a few chairs in the corner and called for the next person. After another rather long wait a tall rather muscular young looking Goblin came over and introduced himself as Graknod and escorted them to his office.

"So what's this about an Ireland branch of Gringotts?" Graknod said while taking a seat behind his desk. Tom and James looked at each other before Tom decided to speak.

"Well you see mister Graknod, we want to open a school in south Ireland. We also came up with the idea of having an all Wizarding town around it. We thought it was best if we also included Gringotts in this town of ours. But you must understand we have not started on the school but we have found grounds for it. We both intend to start next summer on construction." Tom looked at James who nodded but also opened his mouth to speak.

"This new branch will also hold our personal vaults along with the school vault itself." Both teens studied Graknod for an answer, after a few moments of thought it seemed the goblin came to a decision already.

"Well young ones lets take a look at the spot you want shall we?" James smiled and got up to follow Graknod to the apparation points. After they got there Tom offered the goblin a hand but the goblin said hed follow us. The three apparated then away to Ireland, and landed next to the hut built by the teens.

"This is your home I presume?" At the humans nod he looked around. "I must say that this is a rather good spot for a wizarding school. Also it is good you came to Gringotts before you started on the school because it will take awhile for us to dig the caves and build the vaults."

Tom and James face smiled and they both asked excitedly at the same time "Does that mean your willing to make a branch here?"

Graknod gave a goblin smile "Yes, your lucky you came to me. You see my brother runs the branch in London and I have no way to move up with out him stepping down. I don't see that happening anytime soon, so this is a perfect opportunity for me along with you. I thank you for this, and I will start construction in 3 days time, Good day Gentlemen" and with a puff of smoke he was gone.

Three days later Tom and James were sitting at the table eating breakfast when a knock at the door startled them. James got up and opened it to find a smiling Graknod.

"Ah Goblin Graknod please come in, and enjoy some tea." After handing out the tea, Graknod broke the silence.

"We begin the construction today. It will take about 5 years, I hope that is suitable to you?" Tom decided to answer the question.

"That is fine, it will take us a little longer then that to build the school and town. So take your time." James nodded in agreement.

"Good now since that's taken care of shall we?" Graknod asked will getting up and walking to the door. The teens followed him out and walked to the far end of the property right in front of a huge hill.

"Well ill be off now good day gentlemen."

"James I cant believe I forgot, what about muggles?" Tom said in a frantic state. James couldn't help but laugh at his friends worrying.

"Don't worry, the founders put up muggle repelling charms around the far end of the forest and just before this hill here. I checked them out to see if they were still intact when I found this place, and I was pleased that they still are. Any way there's no muggles within miles of here, so don't worry. Also I don't know if anyone besides us even knows about this place, I only know about it because I snuck into the restricted section and read the original copy of Hogwarts: A history. The passage I found this place in was taken out of every other addition after the first." Tom nodded in approval and both teens found a seat underneath a tree and started to watch the goblins work. They were interrupted with a flash of a cameras and a reporter coming up to them.

"Hello my name is Herald Garett, reporter from The Daily Prophet may I have a few words?" Tom nodded.

"Well, is it true that you two are going to be making an all wizarding town here, and also a new magic school?" James decided to answer this time.

"Yes that is our plan, but if you please we will not be starting construction until the end of the school year. At that time we will be holding a press conference, and we promise you at that time you'll be the first question. But for now we would like to be left alone, is that agree able?"

"Of course ill just report about the Gringotts Branch construction beginning and also about your two plans but ill put in that you would like to be left alone until the end of term and then you will be having a press conference. Is that ok?" Once he saw the two teens nod, he asked them for their names in which they both agreed to give and with a crack he was gone.

The next morning James and Tom were sitting under the same tree. James was watching the Goblins work while Tom was reading a book about Transfiguration. The both turned around when they heard a crack, were startled to see Professor Dumbledore and Headmaster Dippet along with the Minister of Magic, Kennedy Darion. They both jumped up as they saw the three respected wizards walking over to them.

"Hello Professor, Headmaster, Minister" James said while nodding to all of them "To what do we owe this visit for?" They all smiled at the politeness of the boys, and handed them each a copy of the Daily Prophet. They were shocked to see a picture of them sitting under a tree.

Gringotts branch to be constructed in Southern Ireland

Yesterday I had the pleasure to talk to two young ambitious teenagers named Tom Riddle and James Evans. These Teens are ambitious due to the fact of there planning on constructing a brand new Wizarding school in Ireland. They also plan on building an all wizarding town including a Gringotts wizarding bank around the town as well. They asked for there privacy until the end of the term in which they promised a press conference would be held to announce information regarding the school. We asked the Minister what he thought about these two teens:

He graciously told us "We at the ministry think its great to have to young wizards out wanting to something so productive for the world, I personally cant wait to see what they achieve."

We also asked Headmaster Dipper about the two young lads " Tom and James are two amazing young gentlemen. They are both the top two students in the school respectively. Tom is Head boy and James is a prefect. I believe they will do exceptionally well outside of Hogwarts."

Albus Dumbledore, defeater of Grindlewald, and also Professor of Transfiguration at Hogwarts also gave a statement "James and Tom might be the two most brilliant students to ever walk the halls of Hogwarts. I give all my support to them in their endeavor."

Creation of Hogwarts page 3

Building of Hogsmeade page 7...

They both blushed as they looked up to the older wizards. They both opened their mouths to speak but seemed to loose the ability to talk. Tom was the first to regain his composure.

"Thank you for your support. We hope we can live up to those statements." The minister walked forward and spoke to both of them.

"Boys I give you the full support of the ministry, but I do have a request?" When both teens nodded he continued.

"I wish to have updates about the school construction and town. Also if it's not to much trouble my daughter is a Wizard Advocator, and I ask if she could set up shop here once its all completed?" Both teens nodded and agreed.