Title: It's Not So Easy

Pairing: Will/Jack

Summary: "It was so obvious, and yet he never suspected…" WillxJack

There was a haze over my eyes for so long, that I didn't even realize when and how it had been lifted. When it did come to my attention, everyone said how blatant it had been. They must have cowered behind my back, snickering, "It was so obvious, and yet he never suspected…"

I had suspected it, though. There were countless times where I thought he might be looking at me in a different way; much different from the best friend stares I felt back in collage. Maybe it had been going on for a while. It was possible he had felt these things for a long time. I didn't know; I was way too dense to notice.

I see it clearly now, though. I see the way he smiles whenever we hold hands walking down the street together. I hear his melodious giggles when I wrap my arms around him in the elevator, heading towards the apartment and into my bedroom…

People always stare at us. Some we know, some we've never met. Most of the time, they're scowling in disgust, wondering if we know just what the hell we're doing. They're narrowing their eyes in hate, and if they weren't such nice people, I'm sure they would have said something. But other times, they smile, recognizing the love in our eyes when we look at each other. They see the things we see; they feel the warmth we feel when we're embracing each other. And now, I understand…

When it comes to Jack McFarland and Will Truman, it's not so easy not to be obvious.