Captain Picard stared intently at the view screen. A moment ago he and the Enterprise had been engaging a Jem'hadar vessel. Now the vessel had disappeared.

" Commander Data, scan the area," he ordered, " Search for their warp signature."

" Aye, sir," came the immediate reply.

A few moments later Data replied, " I'm unable to find any signatures of any kind."

" Its possible they obtained cloaking technology," voiced Riker, " Possibly part of their treaty with the Romulans."

" Agreed, number one," said Picard. Which places us dead in the water, he thought to himself.

Suddenly Data's voice interrupted, " Captain I'm picking up something on short range scanners."

" The Jem'hadar?"

" Negative, it appears to be an anomoly," replied Data with suprise.

Picard turned to share a look with Riker. They both shared a questioning look.

Turning back to the screen he ordered, " What sort of anomoly?"

" Unknown," came Data's immediate reply. Again Riker and Picard shared a look. This was to suspicious, especially during a battle.

" Data," said Picard, " See if you can match this anomoly to Starfleet intelligence on Dominion weapons."

" Aye, sir," replied Data.

Suddenly the ship pitched forward. Picard barely had time before he was thrown to the floor. His tactical officer went flying over the consel right next to him. Data automatically grabbed a hold of the helm and began to try and get hold of the ship. Another volt seemed to hit the ship keeping everyone from recovering their feet.

Picard yelled, "Data, what the hell is going on?"

" We seem to be within the anomoly, Captain," replied Data with an android calm.

" Well, lets see if we can find a way out," replied Picard with some sarcasm.

Just then a comlink opened and Geordi La Forge could be heard saying, " Captain, the Warp core is of line. Whatever we're in, it's messed up the warp field."

As he said this a sudden flash of light erupted on the main view screen. It seemed to almost have a mind of its own as it swept over the bridge and bridge crew until nothing could be seen. Then it decended slowly past the floor, leaving unconscious bodies in its wake. Then just as suddenly as it appeared the light could be seen crossing off into the distance as the ship began to move on its own accord. It moved on towards an unknown destination.