An Heir Before My Death

by Zaru

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It was a few days later when Zaru, once again, showed up along with Razico for Sesshomaru's burial. She had asked Kagome to notify her when Sesshomaru had passed on so she might take time off from work and attend since she was the demon lord's doctor, if only for a short time.

It was hard for them all. Especially for Sango who was walking in front of the glass case especially made for the dog demon. He was dressed in his finest clothes, clawed fingers interlocking with one another across his stomach and eyes closed as though he were just sleeping. Tisho, Inuyasha and a couple other demons were carrying the glass coffin into the garden where he asked to be buried.

The Lady of the Western Lands scurried over to the others when she saw them standing and waiting for them all to arrive. Kagome wrapped her arms tightly around her, soothing the demon slayer with soft words and rubbing her back.

It seemed she would never be able to get over his death.

The funeral went on as Miroku said his own prayers over Sesshomaru's coffin and a few demons mocked his moves in their own spiritual way promising a hopeful journey into the afterlife.

Zaru stood next to Razico, walking over to give their regards, bowing respectively to the former Lord of the Western Lands. She threw in a few white roses purchased from the future and wiped the tears wanting to shed desperately. Razico nudged her hand with his head and she looked down at him smiling.

"You did all you could for Lord Sesshomaru, Zaru. Be happy you were able to help find the cause." Razico bowed his head and headed away from his friend and companion.

Looking down at the grave, she asked, "Was there really nothing I could do to help save you?" No response. Quietly, she walked away allowing others to pay their respects to their lord.

Inuyasha threw in a piece of his fire-rat robe and closed his eyes. "At least we'll have a part of each other, brother." Nodding, he moved allowing Sango in and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "It's okay, Sango. He lived a full-filled life. He can rest in peace now."

Her face held a blank expression not knowing what to really think at the moment. Just standing there and looking into his grave? This was not how she pictured her husband in the future. She didn't intend on mating with a demon either, but look where she was? Mated to a demon who died within months of their mating. How could I live without you now? We've only been together for a while and I have your babies growing inside of me. Now they'll never know their father. Silent tears made their way down her cheeks and she sobbed, running away toward the castle.

"Sango!" Kagome called and ran after her best friend.

Tisho watched Kagome longingly. My hope for the future is that I will be there when our pups are born, Kagome. I promise I will. Glancing over at Inuyasha, he nodded and all the demons started digging dirt over the coffin.

Cries of anguish and pain spread out across the garden that day. It was a day of sadness where not one smile was smiled. Not one heart was unbroken. Not one tear was unshed. To lose someone truly dear to them... was painful.

When the sun began to set long the blue-purple horizon, everybody said their goodbyes. And when the rain began to fall on that gloomy day, they knew the heavens were crying as Sesshomaru was laid to rest.

Several months later, Sango gave birth to two healthy, beautiful pups. They were both girls whom she named Sakura and Kiiru. The demon slayer was now in charge of the Western Lands until her daughters grew old enough to find husbands worthy of ruling.

Kagome and Tisho had a baby boy who they named Sechiiru. They were continuing to live in the castle keeping Sango and the twin girls company. Tisho was still the main physician, healing all those who needed help from miles around.

Miroku and Madine were madly in love and mated. Madine is currently pregnant with their first child. Of course Miroku continued being a monk as the wind tunnel still resided within his right hand.

Hitori and Inuyasha remained friends. They are still uncertain if a relatinoship could even develop between them, but they are hoping for the best. Inuyasha continues to hunt down Naraku with Hitori's help along with Kagome, Tisho and Miroku. Sango, once in a while, would journey with them and slay some demons as she did in the past.

And Sesshomaru...well, he's still laying in peace while Tenseiga gently pulsates upon him.


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