Complete Opposites


I will be stealing the Diamond of Aphrodite at the stroke of ten.

Dark Mousy

Satoshi snorted as he read the card over, then he looked at his watch, it was ten thirty, that bloody bastard of a thief. Late as usual, the blue haired boy frowned in annoyance and looked at his watch, even Krad was bored. The blonde was twirling a strand of hair around his finger over and over again. (Where is the damn thief?)

((He's late.))

(No shit.)

He was running out of patience which resulted in him snapping at the hunter which was not a good idea. ((Satoshi-sama…))

That was the warning, it was calm and filled with mock patience, Satoshi sighed and leaned against the wall, still waiting. Then they heard a commotion down the hall, (So he finally decided to show up.)

The thief was running towards them, huge grin on his face, behind him, a herd of police officers. Dark ran into the room and shut the huge oak door on them, on the other side of the door, banging and yelling could be heard. The kaitou smirked, "That was easy enough."


The thief looked up, "Oh dang…you're in here…geeze, so much for an easy steal…"

Satoshi snorted and crossed his arms, they had a staring contest, Krad frowned, weren't they going to do anything? He was getting bored so he decided to take over. Satoshi collapsed, (Not now!)

((You're not doing anything!))

(I will in a second!)

((No you're not! All you're doing is having a staring contest!))

Dark raised a brow as white wings sprouted from the blue haired boy's back. –Hiwatari-kun!.-

/Shush you./


/You're ruining the show./

-What show?.-

/The show of evolution./

-How's that evolution?.-

/See? Creepy boys turn into homicidal blondes./

-That's hardly educational.-

/No but it's entertaining enough./


Then Krad appeared, (You cheap bastard!)


(You just had to project images of Niwa into my head didn't you?)

((I wouldn't call it cheap more like…logical…))


((I don't lie.))

Golden eyes glared at the thief, (You're doing exactly what I was!)

((No, watch.))

He grabbed the diamond that the thief was going to steal, "So this is what you're after."

Dark smirked, "Yea so how about handing it over?"

"What if I said no?"

"Then I'd have to take it from you."


The thief blinked, "You know what I just noticed?"


"We're not completely opposite like what they said…I mean…we're both guys aren't we?"

It was Krad's turn to blink, "That is…unless you're actually female…"

Dark's eyes widened, "Me? You look more feminine than me!"

"I do not!"

"Yes you do! I mean you have long hair and a slim waist!"

Krad blushed, Dark took the chance to try and grab the diamond from the blonde's hands, but when he touched the diamond, there was a glow and everything went white then black.

Daisuke sat up along with Satoshi near the door of the museum, "What happened?"

"I don't know."


No reply.

"I think Dark's asleep."

Satoshi nodded, "Krad too."

They received no answer from their minds, Daisuke gave a nervous laugh, "This is strangely quiet…"

The blue haired boy nodded, "Let's go, I'll walk you back."

The redhead blushed, "T-thank you."

And off they went, not even turning back, if they did, they would've seen two unconscious figures lying on the floor. One in gold, and the other in black…

Violet eyes opened groggily, he sat there. Looked around, he was still in the museum, moonlight spilt everywhere within its reach. He let out a groan. Not too far from him laid a mop of gold. "Nnn…what's going on…?" Then the gold began to stir…

Opening his eyes, he groaned, he had a headache, not too serious but still painful. Not to mention is hair was untied…it was awfully cold for a spring night…he looked up, the thief was sitting not too far from him, "…Dark?"

Wait…that wasn't his voice…


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