This is another one of my fanfics that I came up with when my mom told me to get off.



-Splinter's POV-

I was busy wondering the tunnels. I had had several dreams of me doing so and running into someone. I had always woken before I could figure out who it was that I ran into. I turned left down another tunnel to find that this, too, was empty. Shadows were cast where the lights could not reach.

Suddenly my ears picked up the sound of footsteps. They were quick and had short pauses between them. Who ever was in the tunnel to the right of me was running my way. Quickly and quietly, I jumped into the nearest shadows and kept quiet.

"Becca? Baby Becca! Rebecca honey, where are you!" It was winter and I was not surprised to see her wearing a thick coat, however, I wondered why she was holding many blankets. If she was only looking for one person, she would not need that many blankets. "It's too cold out to run off! You were supposed to stay with me." Her worried voice echoed through the tunnels and her dark brown eyes were filled with worry. She had red hair and seemed to be thinner than what the healthy person was supposed to be.

She looked down both ways of the tunnel and then headed the way that I came. I heard a soft muffle. It sounded like a child trying their best to call out to their mother. The young woman must have heard it too for she had stopped suddenly and looked back. She then ran down torwards the muffle and stopped and called out the child's name again. Another small muffle came out and she ran to its origin.

"Becca! Oh my. Sweety are you okay?" She knelt down by a large hole in the tunnel and grabbed a blanket. "Come. We'll go find your mother now. Here let me carry you. Your frozen." She grabbed the child under the arms and covered her up before I was able to seeher. She then adjusted the child and the blankets and started to walk with the child held safely against her chest. As they walked by me I saw the child grab the blanket and pull it tighter around its body.

I gasped! It had a three-fingered green hand much like my sons! Obviously she had heard my gasp becuase she jumped and started to look around.

"Forgive me. I did not mean to startle you." I knew that I would have been able to hide from this woman longer but I was curious about the child.

"Who are you?" Her voice shook a little and her grip on the child tightened.

"My name is Splinter. I was walking along the tunnels when I heard you. I do not mean you any harm."

"Then come out of the shadows."

"I am afraid that my appearance will frighten you."

"I bet that it will not." Slowly I stuck one foot out of the shadows and she did not gasp or look scared at all. Finally I pulled the rest of my body out of the shadows and looked into her eyes. "Told you that I wouldn't run."

"I am very surprised. My sons and I usually get much different reactions when a human first sees us."

" Well I have been living with five people much like you for some time now. By the way, my name's Jessica."

"Big sis?" The child spoke from beneath the blanket.

"Yes Becca?" Her attention was completely on the child now and I dared another step torwards her.

"I'm hungry."

"I know dear, but ever since we escaped, we haven't been able to get any food."

"Please." I interupted her. " I have a home that I would gladly share with you. I am sure that my sons will not mind either. We have a place for you and the child to sleep and you may have some food too." I did not wish to see these two freeze or starve to death.

"Thank you, Splinter. I will stay only for a while. Then I must find my other friends and Becca's mother." I smiled and showed her the way to my home. I was not surprised to see my sons up and working in their usual manner. Rapheal was yelling at Mikelangelo who must have just played another one of his tricks on him. Donatello was busy at the computer, researching on what the foot might do next. Leonardo was most likely in the dojo still practicing. I cleared my throat and they all looked at me.

"My sons. We have company today. Please be kind and introduce yourselves." I led Jessica a ways into the lair before stopping so my sons could see her. Leonardo must have heard me, for he came walking out of the dojo. Leonardo was the first to introduce himself. Then Donatello, Mikelagelo, and finally Rapheal. We all returned our gaze to Jessica so that she may introduce herself to my sons.

"Wow. Four male turtles. Oh sorry. My name's Jessica and this." She looked at the child in the blanket. "Is Rebecca, or Baby Becca. Would you like to say hello?" Slowly she let the child down and took off the blankets that covered her head. Just as I had suspected, she was a young turtle. She had short blonde hair and hazel eyes. She looked around at my sons and I before backing up torwards Jessica. My sons gasped when they saw the child.

"Sorry. She's not used to everyone staring at her." Jessica rubbed Becca's head and smiled sweetly at her.

"Is she your friend?" Mikelagelo asked.

"Yes she is. So is her mother." I saw the look on my sons face when she mentioned that there was another turtle out there who was the mother of this young one. "Lolla, her mother, and I are good friends. I promised to take care of her if anything happened to her."

"Where did Lolla go to?" Leonardo asked. I knew that he would be the most curious of my sons once he saw the child.

"Well we were captured one day about two months ago by a couple scientists. They found Lolla's hideout and captured her and her friends. I was to come down that day and help Raven set up her new dojo when I was captured as well."

"Raven?" Rapheal asked.

"Lolla, Rebecca, Raven, Maria, and Danielle are all turtles. Their story was too long for me to memorize so when I find them, they can tell you."

"Big sis. I scared." Rebecca was holding her arms up for Jessica to grab her. Jessica bent down and pulled her into a comforting hug and laughed.

"Becca. You shouldn't be scared. These guys won't hurt you." Rebecca must have beleived and really trusted Jessica because she slowly came up to me and said hello.

"Hello young one." I calmly said. She smiled at me and the gave me a small hug. I hugged her back gently and then Mikelangelo walked over to her. She didn't see him coming and hid a little behind me.

"Hey kiddo. You like games? I have plenty of games that you can play." Apparently at the mention of games, she wasn't so shy anymore. She immidiatly jumped at the chance to play some games and ran up in front of Mikelangelo with a huge smile on her face. "What's your favorite game?" Mikelangelo took the child's hand and led her to his room to pick out a game. I turned back to Jessica.

Just before I could say anything I heard a voice come from what seemed to be a cell phone. "Jess? Jess? Jessica are you there? It's Danielle. Please answer."

Jessica let out a small scream and pulled a cell phone out of her right jean pocket. "Danielle! You alright? Is there anyone else with you?"

"Yes don't worry. The rest of us are here. Please tell me that Baby Becca is with you."

"Yes yes. Don't worry. She's just fine. Where are you guys?"

Another voice came on the cell. " We have no idea. I doubt that even lil miss genius could tell ya."

"Shut up, Raven." A third voice came from the cell. It was distant and the voice seemed to have a bit of pain in it.

"Jessica?" My son, Leonardo, was always the one to come up with a plan and I could easily tell that he was coming up with one now.


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