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Goodbye Y'all

Lolla sat in the infirmary as everyone asked the same quiestions over again as Leo and Master Splinter healed her wounds. Leo was dabbing the cut across her face which had now stopped bleeding. Her arms had also stopped bleeding and were already wrapped with cotton and guaz. Master Splinter was busy working on her thigh and Danielle was trying to calm Rebecca down.

"Mommy's gonna die?" Rebecca asked for the hundredth time. Her face was still red from crying and her eyes were slightly red and quickly filling with tears.

"No, Becca, she's going to alright. Okay?" Danielle was patting Becca's soft blonde hair.

"Rebecca, sweety." Lolla said soothingly. "I'm going to be alright." Becca ran over to her mother and hugged her once Splinter and Leo were finished checking her wounds. Lolla held her daughter close and kissed her forhead. "I promise you that I'm not going anywhere soon, okay?" Rebecca just nodded her head and fell silent as she stared off into space.

Lolla and the other's stared at Rebecca as she scruntched her face and had the look of deep confusion in her eyes. Lolla and several others couldn't help but bust out laughing.

"What are you doing?" Lolla said as she laughed a little more. Rebecca looked up at her mom with a serious and confused look.

"If your not going anywhere anytime soon how are you getting home? Do I leave with Aunt Dan' elle or wait with you?" Everyone now started to crack up as she finished her sentence.

"No dear, I meant that I'm not leaving you anytime soon."

"Oh. Your not going to stay with me all the time, are you? 'Cause it would be hard for me to sleep with a pair of eyes watching me all night. It's kinda scary." Everyone laughed even harder and Lolla gave up on trying to explain it to Rebecca.

The following week, Jessica was healed and everyone was prepared to go. Lolla's wounds had healed greatly and so did Jessica's. The girl's volunteered to help clean around the lair as a thank you for helping them. Once everything was cleaned, Maria and Michelangelo made some lunch and a dessert. The girl's answered some questions that the boys still had, including where they lived and if they could visit.

"We live in a community of people like us. We're over in LA." Danielle said.

"There's more mutants in LA?" Donitello asked in amazement.

"Yup. Loads of 'em." Charlie said as he helped Don and Danielle put the finishing touches on the four small hover skooters that were capable of carrying two turtles and some luggage. Danielle and Charlie insisted that they go and get thier own supplies so that they wouldn't have to use much of Don's.

"Finished" Danielle said as she put her screwdriver away. "Okay guys, we're done in here."

"We're all ready out here too." Maria shouted. "Not like we got much anyways."

Maria walked in the room and helped bring one of the hover skooters out into the tunnels.

"Why's this one got a chair?" Maria asked as she looked down at the small chair that was connected to a pole on the skooter she was carrying.

"For Becca." Charlie answered simply.


"Okay let's get ready to go. Our neighbors, the calico's are worried about you, Raven." Sam said as he strapped a small bag full of camping equipment and foods to the back of a scooter. The guys packed the luggage onto the scooters while the girls said thank you and goodbye to Splinter's sons.

When Lolla got to Leo she hugged him tightly and wispered in his ear. "Thanks again for everything." and then kissed him on his cheek. She looked up into his eyes with a smile and kissed his lips gently. She then grabbed Rebecca and strapped her into her seat.

Everyone started the scooters and tied their helmets on tight. They waved their final goodbyes and left. Their lights shrinking with every second.

Leo continued to stare down the tunnel until Mikey jumped at him.

"So bro, why are you blushin'? Did Lolla do something we didn't see?" he taunted.

"I saw it," Raph spoke from Leo's other side. "She kissed him."

"Oooo, really, Leo?" Mikey said as eyes grew. He looked at Leo and gave him a look that seemed to say 'I'm going to taunt you about this forever.'

"Ya so what." Leo said as he walked back into the lair. He was so hoping that they wouldn't keep this up for too long. The door shut behind them all, but it failed to drown out Mikey's never ending taunting.


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