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Chapter 1

Changes in the Past

Sirius fell to the ground as his knees gave from beneath him, before his eyes was a scene of utter destruction and loss. Struggling to his feet he tried to asked the only question that was raging in his mind, who had given the Potters away? Only one person could have but, why? How? Sirius shook his head, any thing was possible. The feeling of utter betrayal flooded through him. Peter hadn't been at his home, there had been no sign of struggle, and everything had been left open. It had to of been him, by choice as well.

Involuntarily his jaw clinched together in anger, he was going to get that sniveling little bastard if it was the last thing he did. Turning back to his bike he mounted it. Something made him pause though as he was about to start his motorcycle a new sound other then silence reached him. Was that someone crying? Pulling his hands away from the handles he sat up and listened, yes that was defiantly crying. More or less leaping off the bike he ran back to the house and began to look through the rubble that was left of it. He had to find Harry; it was by obligation he had to if both Lily and James were dead.

After five minutes of rummaging through the cinders and ash he pulled back a piece of wood propped up by a few standing bricks and found Lily holding a crying Harry in her dead arms.

Suddenly Harry's crying stopped when he saw Sirius standing over him. The small baby emitted a giggle as he reached out to Sirius, "Si!"

Sirius raised his eye brows a second before reaching down towards Lily. He hesitated, he already knew her fate, the Dark Lord left no one alive, yet Harry…Reaching down Sirius searched for a pulse. As he thought, there was none. He squeezed his eyes shut in sadness as if it were a physical pain.

"I'm sorry Harry…" Sirius pulled Harry from Lily's limp clutch and held him close. Sirius turned and before to look for James.

After several minutes of searching he had no luck, he hadn't find James's body. It wasn't helping having Harry's in his arms either. A several pops suddenly sounded all around him; he dropped and several stunning spells that had been directed towards him flew over his head. Rolling over quickly he fumbled for his wand that was buried in the pocket on the side that he held Harry. He looked up and found a wand in his face.

"Sirius Black, at the scene of the crime, and I always thought you to be more intelligent then this."

"What are you?"

"Silence Black you know your rights!"

Sirius knocked the Auror's wand aside and sat up, "What is your problem, I'm Harry's Godfather; I was coming to check on them."

Sirius rolled his eyes as the Auror began to accuse him, "You were their secret keeper, only you decided that they weren't worth anything and revealed their position, Death Eater!"

Sirius's eyes flared in anger, "How dare you!" He was on his feet in a moment, even with Harry in his arms he was maneuvering quickly. "You have no right to say that, you don't even know me! James was my brother and Lily just as well was like my sister! They were my only family, you think I would destroy that?"

The Auror brought up his wand higher and Sirius hit it away again, "And you call yourself an Auror, a sorry excuse for one if you ask me. Learn to open your eyes and try to understand the situation before making accusations!" he growled something incoherently before looking up at the Auror again to explain, "I was not their secret keeper."


"Just listen. I was a decoy. I begged James and Lily to switch to Peter because he seemed more discrete, I figured Voldemort would hunt me down and put me under the Imperlious Curse (look up) and use me that way. James was reluctant at first but finally conceded to my wishes and switched. I was wrong and it has cost the Potter's their lives." He sighed, "I went to check on Peter like I do every week and found his house open, he wasn't there and there was no sign of struggle. I came here as quick and possible and this is what I found. Only thing I don't understand is Harry is alive, Voldemort always kills those he goes after, what is Harry's exception?" he looked down at the wide-eyed Harry and brushed back some of his hair. He looked closer and saw a lightening bolt shaped scare, when his brushed it Harry made a small cry and gripped Sirius's clothes tighter then normal. "That is my story. Confirm the switch with Dumbledore, he is the only other that knows."

"I'm sure-"

"You're finished Phines…"


"I said you are finished!" Behind Sirius's interrogator another Auror made a hand signal of some sort and two other Auror's apperated. "You should think about becoming an Auror, Black, if it turns out what you say is the truth. We'll find out in a matter of time. Take a seat everyone, we're on guard." The Auror turned from Sirius and looked at a few of the others that had arrived, "Start to search the area for Lily and James' body, but do not touch anything!" he turned back to Sirius, "Take a seat, you might as well relax."

"Lily is over that way, I found Harry with her; she's gone I checked. I couldn't find James either." Sirius sighed for what seemed the hundredth time that night and dropped to the ground where he stood, only careful enough to not jerk Harry around. "I'm impressed you haven't cried yet…of course you're too young to really understand this right now but with everything you've gone through." Sirius ruffled the young boy's hair. His hand froze suddenly when he caught sight of the scar again, "What is this?" Sirius peeled back Harry's hair and studied the lightening bolt shaped scar. The area around it was a dark red, a small line of dried blood traveled from the bottom tip to a short distance away before it stopped. He didn't dare touch it and wake Harry; he looked up and around a moment before covering it again with Harry's hair. He'd asked Dumbledore about it later.

"That was Moody's student who was jumping to conclusions." Kingsley took a seat beside Sirius, "I should have stopped him earlier but I wanted to see where he was going, sorry."

Sirius jerked his head in Kingsley's direction; he knew who Moody was through James's complaints and stories. "Really? Should have known he belonged to Moody, where is the old man anyways?"

"There's a different dilemma he has to deal with at the moment."

"I see…"

"What do you plan to do after this, Black?" Kingsley's eyes never met his as they talked, they were constantly moving around the sullen scene.

"To take Harry and settle down in some muggle community most likely, disappear. Until he's older at least." He let his shoulder relax, "Maybe I'll tell him about this world when he's nine and move into my parent's old home, after I get it cleaned up of course."

"Never actually saw you settling down honestly."

Sirius shook his head, "Me either, but circumstances change and I suppose I'll have to change with them."

"Yes they do change and you will as well…" they listened to the growing sounds of the night, "How do you plan to protect Harry?"

"That remains to be seen." Claimed Sirius discretely.

"I can train you Black, for a few years before Harry starts to gain memories. It'll be a private practice of course, no one but me and my supervisor would know, and you would be my only student. You won't have the highest rank of them all with only a few years of training but you will have the authority to use certain magics, you will also be able to protect Harry even better. But or course this is all your choice. Give me your answer later." Kinsley stood and left his side.

Sirius jumped about a foot when two sudden cracks sounded near by. He pulled Harry tighter to his chest and whipped out his wand prepared.

"Relax Sirius." Said a calm voice to his right.

Sirius spun and found Dumbledore standing with one of the Aurors that had gone to find him, "I have to say I've never been happier to see your ancient face in all of my life and time at Hogwarts."

Dumbledore smiled softly, "Take a seat Sirius I'm going to speak with Kingsley."

Sirius did as suggested and took a seat; he was too exhausted from the night to really take notice that it was really an order. Anguish gripped his heart suddenly as he remembered he was never going to be able to speak or see the Potters again, and Harry was never going to know them. He bit his lip, something he hadn't done it seemed ever. "What am I going to do Harry?" He closed his eyes wishing all that had happened away.

"Sirius?" asked the gentle voice of Dumbledore.

Sirius opened his eyes slowly and repressed a groan, his wish hadn't come true.

"Come, we need to get you and Harry to the Auror Headquarters, you'll be safe there."

Sirius nodded and eased himself up so he didn't disturb the sleeping Harry. He looked at his motorcycle and shrank it easily and pocketed before turning back to Dumbledore. "So what do I do?"

"First Sirius I must have you promise me that you will not go after Peter yourself!"

With a grumble Sirius emitted his promise, "I won't go after Peter…." Dumbledore raised his eyebrows, "I promise." He glowered a moment, Dumbledore was going to hold him to that promise. Sirius longed to get his hands on the worm, but that would mean leaving Harry and breaking his promise now with Dumbledore and him becoming disappointed. Normally that wouldn't mean much to him, but if Sirius ever lost Harry to his relatives, if you even called the Dursley's relatives, Lily would haunt him while he rotted in Azkaban Prison if that was where he ended up by going after Peter.

Sirius blinked and looked at Dumbledore who was searching his eyes at the moment. "Take Harry and apperate to the Auror Headquarters. Just think of the name and you will arrive there."

"Isn't that a bit too easy?"

"Kingsley was right; you would make a good Auror despite your school persona. A man named Daren will be there waiting for you. Stay safe and keep your promise."

Sirius' brow knitted in annoyance when his question wasn't answered. "I will see you." He nodded to Dumbledore and looked down at Harry sleeping in his arms.

Group apperations were generally difficult and hard to accomplish when tired. But with Harry being so small and his magic not developed yet it would be simple and would bring him no harm. There was the only possibility that he may be able to start apperating at a very young age because he was going to be introduced to it so early. He didn't consider that to be anything serious though, it'd just be a useful ability in his opinion. The thought made him smirk just before apperating without a word.

The two appeared in an out door court yard that was empty except for a man standing near the only tree in the court yard leaning against it lightly. "Hello?"

The man straightened and gave a short bow surprising Sirius; he had never been treated that way before. "Sirius Black I presume." He stated rather then asked.

Sirius didn't quite catch that though, "Yes, Daren?"

"Yes Daren Essindel." He answered.

Sirius sighed with relief.

"Follow me Black; I'll take you to a room you can rest in."

Sirius nodded and followed the man. Daren lead him through a large set of doors and into a large hall that was full of Aurors running back an fourth, a few jumped up every now and then and grabbed one of the many airplanes that were flying over head. The hall was tall and supported by four pillars that were carved elaborately with different and intricate designs up and down. When Sirius looked closer he realized that they told the history of the Auror Headquarters. One of them was completely blank while another was only half covered and two were completely filled. One told of the years of the founding of Hogwarts as well as the defeat of name. One and a half of the pillars told of Voldemort's 'reign' it now came to a sudden stop at the end of a countless list of names. As Sirius walked by he caught sight of the final name, The Potter Family. Sirius's jaw clinched and he looked away down at Harry whose face was clearly visible. He pulled Harry's blanket over his sleeping face to hide him from others as he went.

Daren lead him past the other pillars and into a less crowded corridor, at the end of the hall was a door that he took Sirius through swiftly and they continued to walk. As they went Sirius began to notice a difference in Daren. He walked like he was gliding and held himself with an assured stance. He was no normal wizard.

A door on their left opened and Daren walked in, Sirius followed, "What are you?"

Daren closed the door behind Sirius and turned back to face him, "I am a friend."

Sirius frowned and turned away figuring it'd be useless to even ask again. The room was just the same as the Hall. The carvings on the wooden trimmings were just as elaborate.

As he looked around Sirius began to take notice of how heavy his arms felt. The room looked like a study to Sirius, he took a seat in one of the many chairs and let Harry lay in his lap while he relieved his arms and relaxed.

"Rest if you like Black, it could be a while, and I'll be keeping watch for the time you are here."

Sirius looked up at Daren and relaxed back into the chair and closed his eyes.

With a jerk Sirius sat up and looked down at a howling baby Harry, "Oh so now you decide to cry?" he breathed in and coughed harshly the breathed in and immediately regretted doing so, "Ugh, what is that smell?" he looked down at Harry who was still crying, "Oh you've got to be joking…"

Sirius looked up at Daren with a panicked expression; he only received a blank look before a nod towards a nearby side table that had a fairly large white bag bulging with stuff. With a brief frown he got up and walked over to it, the crying Harry relaxed with the movement.

Holding Harry with one hand Sirius searched through the bag with the other. He found a bottle with magically warmed milk, food for both of them, and nappies with accessories. Sirius looked at Harry, the nappies, then back at Harry. He didn't know how to change him magically, let alone by hand. Sirius looked around, his mind whirling with panicked questions. What was he supposed to do? Where did he even begin? He looked at Daren again, "You wouldn't know how to, would you?"

Daren didn't say anything; he only granted Sirius a blank look before turning back forward.

"Didn't think so…" Sirius shook his head, "Do you know anyone who does? Around here preferably…" he gave Daren a hopeful pathetic smile that looked more like a wince then anything else.

For the first time Sirius saw a smile crease Daren's face for a moment he continued to face forward before turning to look at the panic-stricken Sirius. "Someone will be here in a moment; she's a friend of mine."

Sirius relaxed and Harry started crying, "Well tell her to hurry."

Daren laughed lightly before facing forward again an amused look on his face.

Sirius bounced lightly on the balls of his feet trying to calm Harry, something that he amazingly succeeded in doing. Harry calmed quickly and his eye lids relaxed. Sirius smiled to himself, so Lily had told him something useful. Ok so that was a lie, Lily was one of the few who kept him going in his later years at Hogwarts, all because she was with James. The thoughts of his two friends made him slow the bouncing and stop; Harry opened his eyes and looked up at Sirius but did not cry.

"Yeah…so let's figure this out Harry." Sirius heaved a sigh and laid out a blanket from the bag and sat Harry on it. He pulled out the various things that were in the bag and looked at each of them a moment before looking at Harry once more, his expression highly confused still. Quietly Sirius unbuttoned the top button on Harry's jeans and winced as he pulled them down to the boy's ankles. He turned away with a gag. Not a moment later a woman walked through. She didn't look all that different from Sirius's 'guard.'

She raised a thin eyebrow and looked a Daren and gave him a look that Sirius took to be of annoyance.

"Thanks for coming to help."

The woman waved him away and stepped in front of Harry, "Well at least it looks like you were going to try. Watch what I do."

Sirius nodded, her musical like voice making him relax. He watched as she changed Harry in silence.

"Think you can remember that?"

Sirius nodded again, "Who are you?"

"Same as Daren, good-bye Black." She turned and walked out of the room her black hair drifting behind her. "You two related?"

Daren nodded, "She's my twin. She wouldn't have come normally, only Harry is the reason for Voldemorts destruction and his parents are gone. She felt it was only right to help him." Daren glanced at Sirius and caught a highly confused face. "We're different; we can speak to each other with our mind's, which is how she knows."

"Ok, that makes more sense now…I think." Sirius looked down at a content Harry who smiled up at him with a cheeky baby smile. "So what is this about Harry being the one who destroyed Voldemort, he's a baby!"

"No one knows exactly, but Harry managed to destroy Voldemort, I don't think he is fully gone though. Kingsley or Dumbledore will explain further more to you later."

Sirius nodded and picked up Harry. "What do we do now…" he looked around the study like room and took a seat on the couch. In a matter of minutes Harry dropped off in his arms and Sirius followed shortly his head dropping to his chest in exhaustion.

Daren looked over at the two; a lot was coming their way.

-Two Weeks Later-

Sirius looked up at a small ranch styled house, it was located on the outer skirts of London so he was not to far from all wizarding communities, but it was also not obviously close. "Well Harry…This is home now."

He turned slowly watching the movers carry the little amount furniture he had and the small amount of boxes into the house. They had to go shopping to get the proper furniture needed and muggle clothes to fit in to the neighborhood properly. It obviously wasn't a large house that he had to fill with many things, but what he had now only occupied the master bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. He still needed to get Harry a crib and more clothes. He needed to get himself some new clothes and furniture for the rest of the house. Thankfully he had his parent's fortune to cover it all.

"Hello!" a very cheerful woman's voice calling out of no where made Sirius jerk his head up and look around.

A middle-aged woman came up to Sirius with a pleasant smile. She was wearing a dark red skirt and matching black top with a light robe on over it to keep out the chilling fall wind.

"Hello." Sirius put on his own charming smile to please one of his new neighbors.

"I thought I'd get myself introduced before you ran out on errands or something. I'm Kristen Summerland." She held out one of her dainty hands.

Sirius shifted Harry to one arm and took hers in a light shake of greeting. "Sirius Black."

"And who would this little man be?" she smiled at Harry, whom amazingly smiled back with his own toothless baby grin. "Well aren't you adorable."

"This would be Harry."

"Well hello Harry." She took one of his hands with her forefinger and thumb, and shook Harry's hand as well. Kristen looked around then, "Where's your wife? If you don't mind my asking, its not that you're boring or anything I was just hoping to meet her."

Sirius looked down at Harry briefly, "There is no wife."

Kristen's hand flew up to her mouth in reply, "Oh I'm so sorry I didn't mean-"

"No harm done, don't worry Kristen."

She relaxed, "I am still sorry though. I had no idea."

Sirius waved it away, "Just me and Harry for now."

Kristen nodded, "Well I'm glad to of met you, I live across the way in 146. Stop by if you need anything."

"Thank you. With that offering you may expect to see me and Harry a lot."

Kristen laughed, "Well good-bye then."


Once she was gone Sirius walked up into the house. The front door opened up to a small foyer. From there Sirius could go to the right to another room or straight toward a small hall that had a set of stairs that lead up to the second floor and the hall lead further back into the house. Sirius took the stairs; a lot of the movers were up on the second floor. One mover was looking down at a box with an odd expression.

"What's wrong?" asked Sirius looking at the man.

"Wha-what is that?" Sirius looked down into the box and saw a foggy mirror sticking out of a piece of cloth.

"Oh nothing, just a new product that my company has been working on." Explained Sirius quickly. "Just put the box over there, a lot of my work things are in there."

The mover did as told and Sirius moved on. There were four rooms and two full bathrooms on the upper floor. Three of them Sirius planned on using as bed rooms and the other for an office. Sirius walked into the room that he planned to use and found many of the boxes he had brought. Looking at Harry once and then around the room he let out a small sigh, "Well then, on to shopping?"

Sirius waited with Harry for the movers to leave before he locked up the house and left. Strapping Harry up in the car seat the Ministry gave him, along with many other things he was going to need (like the car he now had), the two headed off for down town London. It was mid-November so he knew he wasn't going to have much luck with sales, but he had to get the shopping done sometime soon.

The drive wasn't too long to get into the city; there wasn't a lot of traffic during the middle of the day. Sirius easily found a parking place on the street near the shopping center he planned on exploring first. He looked up at Harrods (I'm not sure if the kind of stores I mention in this part are actually in Harrods, seeing as I have only been in part of it for a small amount of time (the make-up department) so forgive me if I am wrong) and then winced before walking through the doors; a lot of money was going to be spent.

An aroma of several kinds of perfumes hit Sirius as he stepped through the doors; he had chosen the wrong entrance. Slipping through the crowded rooms of make-up counters and many women he finally found himself in a crowded corridor with many stores lining each side. So maybe he had been wrong about not many people being there, it turned out everyone just got there before him.

Making his way around all the people Sirius wandering around until he found a store he thought would be of use to him. After two hours of his roaming around Sirius has purchased a few pieces of furniture, things for his kitchen, muggle clothes for himself, and now he was on the watch for baby things after he had made a trip back to his car.

Once back in the enormous building it wasn't long before he found the store he was looking for; it had everything he was looking for, from clothes to cribs, and it wasn't horribly crowded like every where else. Only problem was he did not know exactly what he should get.

"Where to begin…" he looked at Harry then the several racks of baby clothing.

"Need any help deary?" asked an Irish women's voice.

Sirius looked over at her and found a middle aged woman, whom he would have said was at a comfortable weight. She had dark brown hair that was pulled back out of her face and the average face that was easily forgotten if only known for a few minutes. Sirius gave her a pathetic smile, "I...yeah…I have no idea what I'm doing honestly."

"Oh you poor dear…" she granted him a soft smile. "Seeing as we are here, how about we start with some clothes. How old would your son be?"

Sirius thought a moment, "Sixteen months."

"Ok this is how you find clothes. Some are sized by month or length." She pulled an outfit off one of the several rack and showed Sirius what she was talking about. After half and hour they had at least a months worth of cloths for Harry and other niceties. Now they were in search of a crib and bedding as well as things Harry would be able to play with and learn. An hour later Sirius had everything he had gone off in search of. The expense was enormous but it was not so much of a dip in his finical stands currently.

With a yawn Sirius strapped Harry into his new stroller and looked down at the two boxes and bags. How was he going to do this with out a wand? He stuffed two of the bags in back of the stroller; that left the boxes and one bag.

Not far off the woman who had helped him before was watching him silently with interest. She smiled slightly when he stuffed the two bags in the back of the stroller then turned to look at the other three items in question. "Do you need some more help child?" she smiled pleasantly at him.

He looked up at her and winced as he nodded.

"In that case…"

"Kim," she turned away from Sirius briefly, "I'll be back in a few." The woman nodded in return and walked over to the helpless Sirius.

"Take the stroller and last bag, I'll take the boxes." Once Sirius had adjusted them so he could carry them properly they moved on. Not long into the trek back to Sirius's car he glanced over at the woman, "Thanks by the way."

"I couldn't leave you standing there so helpless now could I?"

"No, that would have been heartless."

The woman laughed slightly, "New at the whole parenting thing?"

"Am I that obvious?"

She nodded, "Did you adopt him?"

"No," Sirius shook his head as he looked over at Harry in the stroller, "I'm his godfather, his parents passed away a few weeks ago."

She nodded, yet remained silent until they had reached the doors that Sirius had come through. "Where is your car?"

Sirius nodded to the red car right behind his own silver, "Thank you for your help again." He relieved his arms by setting the boxes down.

"No problem at all. Good luck with parenting, the first one's a charm." She smiled briefly before turning away, then looking back, "What did you say your name was again."

"I didn't, but Nicolas." Sirius smiled at her, the lie was simple to someone he didn't know hardly.

"It was nice to of met you Nicolas." She finally left Sirius who made sure she was gone and on her way up the steps before actually moving to his really car and unlocking the boot and loading the boxes and bags into it quickly. With one last glance he turned back to Harry and unloaded him and put him in his car seat, then folded up the stroller and put it on the floor in front of the back seats.

He pulled away smoothly and entered the afternoon traffic as he contemplated the day's events. Yes, he had a practice in the art of lying and he had just used it on that woman. She had been a nice person an all, but too nice, far too nice and he didn't trust that. Sirius had to watch his steps where ever he went. The only reason he had not second guessed his neighbor Kristen was that the neighborhood had been checked out by Aurors. Plus that fact that she hadn't even offered her own name bothered him. Voldemort may have been gone but that didn't mean his Death Eaters were and Harry wasn't still endanger.

It was a longer trip out of the main city of London then it had been on the way in. By the time Sirius had reached the house, Harry had passed out in the back seat. He took Harry out first and checked the house quickly before laying him on his own bed with a light blanket to cover the bare mattress.

Unloading everything else from the boot, Sirius dropped it all in the main hall and closed and looked the door. Harry started to cry up on he second landing. With a heavy sigh Sirius went to tend to the child.

Later that night after laboring over putting the crib together that afternoon then getting the newly purchased crib together as well, in the process of putting Harry in it to give at a run someone knocked at the door lightly. Carrying Harry he went and investigated who was there and found Kingsley looking around quietly as he held a few bags of groceries.

Sirius opened the door, "Thanks for coming." He closed and locked the door behind Kingsley and took a bag with his free hand and made his way to the back of the house where the kitchen was at the end of the hallway.

"I see you've started settling in." Kingsley poked his head into a few still empty rooms.

"Ah, about the settling in part..." mused Sirius, "The furniture if coming tomorrow, if the rain holds off during the afternoon that is."

"I see a practice room?"

"You just looked in it."

Kingsley back tracked briefly and looked back into a fairly large room that occupied most of the right side of the house, it had one window that stared out at the siding of Sirius' neighbor's home. "Looks good, you'll need a curtain to cover up that window though."

"That should be easy enough." Muttered Sirius as he rummaged through one of the bags for the baby food he had asked Kingsley to get on his way there. "Ah here we are Harry." He pulled out the jar he had found and set it on the counter and went back to the entrance hall to and picked up his bag of kitchen ware and trekked back to the kitchen. Putting Harry in his high chair he turned back to the bag to search for the silverware he had just purchased. He was well aware of Kingsley standing off to the side watching him as he worked and occasionally taking a look at the things Sirius unearthed from the bags he had brought in.

"I see you've done your errands for that day." He commented as Sirius pulled out the box that held the set.

"Just have to get everything where it belongs now." Sirius sighed as he twisted off the top of jar and stirred it some with the soon he had chosen.

Kingsley observed Sirius with a bemused expression as he began to feed the stubborn Harry who was refusing the spoon.

Having learned from the first time he had feed Harry, Sirius kept a hold on both the spoon and jar. On their first two adventures in the matter, Harry had tipped the jar over and taken the spoon then thrown it at Sirius. After that aggression was out of his system he became easier to feed, this just seemed to be one of his nights. Normally he was quite good, better then most, so he had heard.

After a few more minutes of struggle Harry finally gave in and took the offered food. With him now cooperating in ten minutes the jar was half gone and Harry was looking drowsy. "Let me tuck him off in bed and I'll be ready." Explained Sirius to Kingsley as he picked up the content Harry and made his way up to the second landing. Changing his nappy and cloths, Sirius tucked Harry into his crib, and then made his way back down to Kingsley who was waiting in the kitchen standing in the same place and position.

He straighten when Sirius walked in, "Ready to begin your training?"

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