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Chapter 4

A Wedding Day

The same night that Sirius returned to his new family after Peter's attack, his name was officially cleared, the next morning he was a headline in the Daily Prophet, next to Peter's capture of course. Of course the fact that Sirius had been secretly trained as an Auror for the past few years was not released to the public, in fact it was decided by the few superiors that it would remain secret. They told him to continue with his daily training with Kingsley and to open up the book shops. Little did he know yet, that they planned to use him as an undercover agent, an idea that Sirius himself came up when he had been joking with Kingsley one night during their training. The Headquarters now planned to make, well, a secret branch of the Headquarters that dealt with only undercover things. The Agents would be specially trained by inside members. Everything would obviously be secret.

With his naming being cleared, Sirius was able to open up his shop in Diagon Alley with no worries, with in weeks it was done. Together, both Kristen and Sirius managed the stores, and had a lot of fun in the process. They would go to work together and come home together. The most difficult thing about the work was, taking care of the kids. With Aaralyan, Harry, and Daniel enrolled in schools they were left with the triplets each day. So each day the children came to work with them, and entertained the customers many a time.

The day after Sirius' coming out with the truth the couple made quite the act in moving Kristen out of her old home and into his across the street. With in the week their house sold to another young couple that had kids ten and eleven years old. They didn't have a lot of interaction with them though, because the new family based their stay at Grimmuald. With the help of Kingsley, Sirius had made a door that connected the two houses directly, so as not to arouse any suspicion from the neighbors. Also it provided them a place to keep the car, seeing as Grimmuald was still hidden from prying eyes.

Sirius also had another use for the house; it provided quite the lay of protection for Harry. Though Kristen didn't know it, Harry was still in danger from other Death Eaters. The day that the house was attacked, they were 'officially' moving out. Sirius wasn't completely sure where they would go after that.

Now seven months later, everyday was the same: take the kids to school, go to work with the triplets, return 'home,' and go to Grimmuald. They were a happy family. Today they were making it permanent.

Harry looked up at Sirius from his position beside him; Sirius looked down at the same time and flashed Harry a bright smile, which Harry returned instantly. The two were dressed similarly in black tuxes, and Harry disliked this greatly. He wasn't one to wear a tux, it didn't help that he had to stand still. Thankfully the ceremony hadn't started yet, so he could fidget all he wanted.

Looking away from his Godfather he looked out towards the crowd of people sitting in the pews, they were all talking in low voices, why Harry wasn't sure. In the front row on the other side of the aisle from his sat his brother and sisters with Kristen's parents.

Sirius didn't have any actual family present except for Andromeda, a cousin of his, and her family. The rest were either dead or in the wizarding jail, Azkaban. So the people that made up his side of the aisle were the Weasley's –all garbed in new dress robes from Sirius himself, Remus' family (Remus actually stood beside his best friend), Dumbledore – who was dressed discreetly with several charms on him so as not to startle Kristen's family members and the other muggles present, he now merely looked like an old man, Kingsley was Sirius' best man so he stood just by Harry and Daniel who waited at the end of the aisle with Sirius, Marie, Joe, and a few other choice people.

Harry caught Ron's eye and waved ecstatically at him and his brothers, who waved back with equal enthusiasm. The loud notes of the organ made Harry look away with a jerk as he jumped then look around trying to find the source of the noise, with a blush he followed everyone else's gaze down the aisle. Only he couldn't actually see anything, everyone was too tall. His face screwed up in annoyance as he settled back on his heels again and crossed his arms waiting; just what he was bad at doing.

Shortly Aaralyan came into view tossing fiery red rose petals on the white carpet that led up to where Sirius stood; she was followed by two bridesmaids. When she reached him she smiled up at her soon to be father, before moving to his left where she turned to face down the aisle as Harry was, or had been, doing. Now he was studying his friend. She was wearing a white dress that had a skirt with a ridiculous amount of fabrics that made it poof out away from her body in a way that one wouldn't have thought possible unless the child had had hips, which she didn't. Harry looked up from her dress and saw the weakly covered look of discomfort. She didn't like being dressed up any more then he did, Harry thought smugly.

Movement out of the corner of his eye made Harry look away from Aaralyan, what met his five year old eyes was what he thought was the most beautiful thing.

Kristen, whom Harry had turned to look at, was dressed in a beautiful white dress that trailed behind her with a foot long train. The strapless dress looked as if it had been made to fit her. Along the train and the edges of the skirt white and silver beads had been sewn on in elaborate waves and curls. It was very simple, but beautiful. Her long hair had been pulled up into an elaborate bun, and a small tiara accompanied it delicately.

When she reached Sirius, Harry blinked and came back to his senses. With a small smiled he looked up at both of them with clear admiration. From there the ceremony crawled by from Harry's position. He tried to contain his fidgeting but to no avail he began to as he blocked out the droning voice of the priest. In small movements he tugged at his sleeves, pushed up his glasses, messed with his hair. Across the way Aaralyan was equally as fidgety. She tugged at her skirt disdainfully and then soon began to run her free hand through the left over rose petals to keep herself occupied. The sudden outburst of clapping made the two look around then up at their parents.

"Ewwww!" the two intoned together making the whole audience laugh, even Sirius and Kristen, who broke apart their kiss and looked down at the two children with bright smiles. Sirius leaned down and ruffled Harry's hair, who swatted his hand away playfully.

With a final look down at Harry, Sirius turned away and began to escort his new wife down the aisle. Everyone watched as the couple disappeared through the doors before moving.

Before Harry could move, two hands reached down and scooped him up; "Hey!" he looked back at his captor in protest, "King!" he smiled brightly.

Kingsley smiled Harry, "Come on your riding with me and the rest of your family in the second limo."


Kingsley laughed at Harry's antics and began to make his way down the aisle. No one stopped the two as they went, for none of the people making their way out of the pews knew who he was. So far all of the wizards present in the church had only stood, when they saw Harry and recognized his scar, they all froze to watch in awe as the boy-who-lived was taken down the aisle by a very well know Auror. Only when they had gone did they gain back their senses and move to leave the church so they may attend the reception.

Later at the reception Sirius sat with his new wife at a round table for only them and their already large family. To the right of their table was Kristen's family and to the left were the Weasley's and Remus' family. Other smaller tables were scattered around the room for all the other guests present.

At the present time dinner was being served. Sirius watched as Kristen let go a heavy sigh as she watched the triplets. He turned around and saw that Molly Weasley had seen the exact same thing. The two made eye contact, she smiled pleasantly at Sirius and stood, before she had even made a step in the direction of the table a voice that Sirius didn't recognize spoke up near where Kristen was.

"My, you shouldn't handle them while you're in that beautiful dress of yours Kristen!" exclaimed the high voice of a woman, Sirius turned around just as the lady began to speak again. "Of course you wouldn't have to if you hadn't gotten yourself pregnant before hand."

Both Sirius' and Kristen's eyebrows shot up at this, "How dar-" but the woman trudged on before Sirius could properly retort. He took her appearance in with a seething stare as she began again. She was a very thin woman, with dark brown hair done up smartly. A hat settled nicely on her head, its rim swept wide and tilted down slightly blocking part of her face if you were look at her straight on. But she held her chin high, giving her a stuck-up appearance, and her steely gray eyes did nothing to help the aura she cast. Her tweed suit did nothing but give her a stiff appearance in Sirius' eyes, and he was generally not too fond of stiff people. The only one he could possible find that he like was a former Professor of his, and was actually some where present in the room with his former Headmaster.

"How dare you do this to Kristen! Like she hasn't dealt with enough in her life! Raising two children on her own for over a year, and then here you come and get her pregnant! It's always the man's fault in these situations." She continued with a very degrading voice on Sirius' part. "I would bet anything you married her out of shame and pity. I wager you will be gone before they have reached the age of five-"

Sirius' eyes flared at this, Kristen noticed but made no move to stop him from interrupting her, "How dare you say something such as that! I love Kristen with all I have, not to mention her children! They are the only family I have, don't you dare say that I would leave them!" by the time he had finished, Sirius found himself standing and the room quite. "Now if you will Ms…"

"Mrs. Dolan, and I-"

"If you will leave me and my wife, which whom I truly love, and our family to enjoy our dinner." He turned away from her and looked back at Molly, "If you will Molly, we could use your help with the children."

"Of course dear." Molly approached timidly under the glare of Mrs. Dolan.

"What is the mean-"

Kristen stood now, "Leave it Serena…" in a huff she turned on her heel and marched towards the exit. Letting out a sigh she took a seat and smiled, the rest of the room seemed to relax at this, "Thank you Molly…" she smiled as she watched her friend lift Annelise out of her high chair.

"No problem child, we have them for the night anyway," Kristen's eyes darted in Sirius' direction, he was smiling, "It won't hurt for us to take them while you eat."

Sirius finally sat down beside Kristen, "Who the bloody hell was that?" he kept his normally colorful language at bay.

"A cousin of mine…" she said with a low tone of distaste. "Her husband left her a month after he found out she was pregnant. Why she keeps his name I don't know, but ever since she's become some what of a feminist. I don't know how she ended up coming."

"Well if you look at all your family." Sirius smiled as he looked around the full ballroom.

Kristen laughed, "True…"

"Dad?" Sirius blinked at being called this, he turned and looked down at Harry, he gave a pathetic stab at his meat making Sirius smile.

Aaralyan had started calling Sirius 'dad' a few weeks before, already recognizing him for what he was to be. What made the difference was that she had never actually known her real father, unlike her brother Daniel, who had known their father. He was having a bit more difficult of a time gathering the fact that Sirius was going to become his father. Harry was a completely different matter, the two had been together since he had been a little over one, and the only thing he had called Sirius, was 'Si,' never 'dad.' He wasn't sure exactly what brought along this change.

"Let me take care of that kid…" Sirius took Harry's plate and began to cut his meat.

From then on the already family of eight enjoyed their dinner in peace. Every once and a while a family member would come up to the table and talk to the new couple. It was when the music started up that Sirius sent Kristen a wild smile. Pulling his wife from her seat, they were the first to sweep onto the floor.

When it came to the father daughter dance, Sirius had three to choose from. With a smile, and a giggle from Aaralyan, he picked her up and spun onto the dance floor. Beside them Kristen danced her with father. Half way through the song Sirius traded Aaralyan for Annelise and Jade, he held one in each arm as he danced around the floor with them. Nearby Kristen danced with her father, around and around them Sirius went with his daughters making them both laugh.

Hours later Kristen and Sirius were standing at the door way thanking and saying good by to their family and friends. When Remus and Arya stopped before the couple, Sirius was in for another surprise.

"I thought you only had Fable…" he said looking down at the white haired and green eyed little girl who stood beside a boy the same height and maybe age, he had black hair and blue eyes.

"Ah, well I just failed to mention Ronan…" he ruffled his sons hair, who protested in the same manner that Harry did when someone ruffled his own. "He's Fable's twin."

"Ah, well we need to keep in touch now that I am out of 'hiding' I suppose you can say."

Remus nodded, "Of course Sirius. I don't think you can avoid me now."

Sirius smiled, "It's good to have you back my friend." They gave each other a brotherly hug and parted.

The Weasley family came next, Molly and Arthur had in their company all of their kids as well as Sirius and Kristen's. Making them account for quite a large party, sixteen in all. "We'll watch of the kids for the night while you two enjoy your wedding night together." Molly smiled, "We'll see you around two in the afternoon tomorrow." She gave the new couple a quick hug, and Arthur gave Sirius a hand shake and Kristen a brotherly hug. The two then escorted the fourteen children in their care out of the reception and into the limo that had been rented just for their use.

Forty-five minutes later the last guests were sent on their way and Sirius and Kristen were finally left alone in the large Hall that they had rented.

Kristen let out a small sigh and rested her head on Sirius' shoulder, his hand rested gently on her waist in a comfortable way. He rested his chin on the top of her head and held her close, she felt perfect in his arms. "Well, this is our last night alone for…" he looked down at Kristen, only moving his eyes, "Well, for a long time."

Kristen laughed, "Lets make the most of it then." The two vanished in an instant.

If the Weasley's trip in the limo on the way to the reception had been interesting, the trip for the Weasley parents on the way to home turned out to be a fiasco. Though they had always been able to handle their own six children, handling sixteen was a different story.

It wasn't until they were five minutes from home that the majority of the children settled down.

Mrs. Weasley let out a small sigh and looked over at her husband; Ginny lay limp in her lap and Ron on her left, and Harry on his, and smiled softly. "Finally."

"I do not look forward to waking them to get them in the house."

"No, I don't either."

Five minutes later when the limo came to a stop in front of their teetering home, Mrs. Weasley looked at the children with a worried expression. "Ok children, time to get up…" she gave Ginny and Ron a small shake, then Harry. One by one each of the children awoke.

Mr. Weasley climbed out of the limo then the children followed, "Here Charlie, take your sister!" she handed the three year old to her older brother. After that she proceeded to hand two of the triplets out to her husband in their carriers, and followed carrying the third.

"Ok, into the house! All of you!" Mrs. Weasley looked back at the setting sun before following the party.

"Harry! Harry! Come on! You've got to see my room!" yelled Ron running towards the stairs once they were inside.

"Don't terry too long Ron, I'm fixin' your dinner!" she yelled after the two as they charged up the stairs.

Harry blinked as he entered Ron's room on the very top floor, a majority of the room was bright orange with posters of people flying on brooms all around it. Something Harry had never seen before. But what bewildered him even more was the fact that these pictures were moving, he had been in the wizarding world before for a brief time, but he had never seen such a thing.

"Whoa…" Harry's voice was soft with awe.

"It's not much…" Ron shrugged his six year old shoulders.

"Not much?" asked Harry, "This is wicked…" he touched one of the posters.

Ron's ears reddened slightly, "You've never seen a moving picture?"

Harry shook his head, "So cool…" he smiled back at Ron.

"Ron! Harry! Fred! George!" Mrs. Weasley's voice drifted up from the distant basement. "Dinner!"

Ron and Harry looked at each other briefly before running out of the room. They nearly collided with Fred and George on the way down.

"Watch out you blokes!" said Fred looking back at them with a joking smile.

"Yeah, elders first!" George ran off after Fred down the stairs.

Daniel suddenly appeared behind George just before Ron tried to go down after George; he smiled at the two and ran after the twins.

"Settle down now…" demanded Mrs. Weasley as she finally sat down at her own seat, her gaze was pointedly in Fred and George's direction. "Now, eat your dinner, and then it's off to bed with ya. Can't have you staying up all night, it's already late as it is." Ron sent Harry a disgruntled look and started eating the food that had been put on his plate.

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