Dear Fanfiction Readers,

I ingret to reform you… Er, that is, I regret to inform you that Shadows can be officially declared dead. I've never even looked at it for almost 2 years. And I am SO SORRY. This idea, this fic, has escaped me and I no longer have the inspiration to continue writing it. However, if anyone wants to adopt it, email me and you are welcome to continue it on your own. Again, I apologize profusely. I just noticed so many Hits (And, hm, NO REVIEWS) every day and I didn't want you guys to continue to wonder when I was going to update. You are welcome to check out some of my other Batman fanfiction and I hope to post another soon once I get the concept developed all the way. Thanks for your devotion. I will leave it up here for anyone who wants it.


Kyoko Kasshu Minamino