Drabble: The Fox and the Kitten
Pairing: FujiRyo

There were once two boys, one was a cunning fox the other a prissy cat. Both had this secret feeling between them.

The fox was in love with the Prissy cat but the cat didn't notice being so ignorant and all toward the feelings of his admiror. So day in day out-until the fox snagged the cat in a incredible trap of ping pong. The cat began to notice the fox-until one day the fox took the cat and in the end they were in love together and had 3.4 fox kits and 1.5 kittens. The End.

Ryoma gave Fuji a disgruntle look, "Fuji-sempai that was one weird story."

Fuji just chuckles, "Aa-but that is where your wrong Echizen-kun."


"The story is absolutely true..." Fox ears then appear on Fuji's head as the smiling tensai jumped the surprise Echizen-kitten.