Hi, everyone. I just wanted to tell you that this is my first attempt at writing a fanfic, so don't be too evil, ok? This is an American Dragon: Jake Long fanfic, so I hope that you like it. It takes place in New York City, the same place the TV show is set.

"You Raise Me Up"

They didn't know who started the fire. All they knew was that it was going to spread to other buildings if they didn't act fast. So it was to all the resident's relief when the FDNY showed up to set an end to the blaze.

The building had been old, probably from the 50's. Still, that was no excuse for it to catch on fire, just like that! But that's not what mattered. What mattered was getting anyone that was in there out of there and putting it out.

Jake Long had been walking back to his house after another "wonderful" day. It was about seven o'clock- just a little later than he'd hoped to be home. He had been doing a task for his grandfather, who lived a few blocks away. It was the usual: Go find some mystic artifact somewhere in the city, bring it back so that grandpa can use it for whatever and either go home or train. Believe it or not, that's basically a normal day. Sounds strange, you think? You haven't heard anything yet...

Jake Long, on the outside, looks like a normal 13-year old boy. He hangs out with friends. He goes to school. He likes to skateboard. And, like other kids his age, he thinks he is the "Mac Daddy" when it comes to putting the charm on beautiful girls. But that's not all that Jake is. He's also a dragon.

That's right, a dragon. Jake's mom is a descendant of dragons, as his is grandpa, and so is he. He has the ability to transform into a dragon, as does his grandpa and his sister, Haley. Jake has been entrusted as the American Dragon; to protect all magical creatures living in New York City.

So, now that everyone's up to speed, let's get on with it. Jake was walking home (he might be spotted if he flew home, and that wouldn't be good) when he saw the smoke. Seeing as this could be a problem, he ran to the site to see an apartment building on fire. The fire department was already there, and it appeared that everyone was out.
"Okay, that's good", Jake said. "Now I won't have to... wait, isn't this the apartment where... oh no!" Jake then realized that this was where a group of mermaids in human guise had been hiding out at. Where they out? What if the Huntsclan had found out about them and had set the place on fire? Worriedly, Jake ran off looking for the three mermaids that were living there.

"Oh, man, oh... Wait, there's Rebecca!" Jake exclaimed as he located one of them.

"Hey, Jake. Some fire, huh?" Rebecca asked him. She was about his age, with shoulder length brown hair and... There was that whole mermaid thing.

"Oh, Rebecca, am I glad you're out! Where's your sisters?" Rebecca had two sisters named Leah and Emily. They weren't anywhere to be found.

"Aw, don't worry about them", she replied. "They weren't even here." She looked over at the still-burning building. "We were lucky. We only live on the first floor, so we were able to get all of our stuff out. It's just... everyone on the third floor. They've been able to get some of the stuff out of the windows, but...". Rebecca looked both mad and sad. "That evil little girl; why would anyone do this to the people who live here?"

"Girl? You mean, you know who set it?" Jake asked. "What did she look like?"

Rebecca nodded, "Yeah, she had blond hair, she looked about your age, but I couldn't make anything else out. She was wearing some kind of ninja costume, and she haad a mask on."

Jake growled. "Huntsgirl. Rebecca, did she say anything to you? Did she even see you?"

"Yeah, she looked at me kind of funny, and then said "It's only a matter of time", and then she left." She looked at Jake. "Why, is something wrong?"

"Rebecca, I think you and your sisters might've been found out. We need to..."

"HELP! SOMEONE'S STILL UP THERE!", a woman's voice exclaimed. Jake noticed her as Natalie Portman's mom. Natalie was a girl from his school. But he didn't see Natalie. Her mom was saying something to a cop.

"Ear of the dragon", Jake said, and his ear morphed into that of a dragon's. Jake had the ability not only to become a dragon, but also morph his body part by part. His dragon hearing, as you could guess, is better than his human hearing.

"Officer, our little girl is still up there. Someone needs to go up there and get her!"

The policeman replied, "Look, Ms., I wish I could. But the third floor is currently inaccessible. There's no way we can get up there!"

"Natalie's still up there? Why couldn't she come down with her parents? Aw man!" Jake turned back to Rebecca. "Sorry, Rebecca. Stay right here. I'll be right back." He ran into an alleyway by the burning building out of sight.

"A'ight, let's do this. DRAGON UP!" Jake exclaimed as his whole body was covered by fire. Jake could feel his human body changing into that of a dragon. When the fire was gone, a huge red-scaled dragon stood in place of where Jake had stood. As a dragon, Jake had red scales, black claws, black fins running down his back, a yellow underbelly, and of course, a tail and wings. Jake was the American Dragon.

Jake was pretty sure he knew where Natalie lived. Her window overlooked the alleyway. Jake was about to leap inside, snatch Natalie, and get the hell outta there when he heard voices. Natalie's, and... someone else's. He peeked inside and gasped at what he saw.

Natalie was backed up against the window, and right in front of her was the Huntsgirl! The Huntsgirl was part of the Huntsclan, a group Jake had to defend magical creatures from. But what was she doing inside, and with Natalie?

"I can keep you here all night, and this building's not gonna hold up much longer... So tell me, who are the mermaids?" Huntsgirl told Natalie.

"I don't know who any of your damn mermaids are, just please let me leave, please!" Natalie was crying wildly, and looked like she was about to jump out the window if threatened anymore.

So, it WAS Huntsgirl who set the fire. They must know that Rebecca and her sisters live here. Or maybe they already know... Oh, I have to get Natalie out of here before she gets hurt!

"Hah!" Jake cried as he jumped in through the window and knocked Huntsgirl to the ground.

"Dragon!" Huntsgirl exclaimed. She raised the sword-like weapon she'd been holding.

"Yeah, baby. Miss me? Y'know, it must be fate that we keep gettin' tangled up with each other and..." Wait, what am I doing? I gotta get Natalie out!

"Heh heh, wish I could stay and talk, my fine mortal enemy, but I got somewhere I gotta go." He dashed toward the window. "Natalie, grab on to me! I'm gonna get you out of here!"

Natalie grabbed on to Jake's arm and he flew out the window. Jake turned and faced the building. There he heard Huntsgirl say, "This is not over yet, dragon!", as she ran off into the night. "Yeah, uh, is it ever?" Jake called back as he flew up into the night sky.

Natalie got up on Jake's back as they flew through the air. "Wow, this is amazing. That was amazing. You're... A dragon?" She had just realized it.

"Yeah, so your teacher isn't as whacked as you think.", Jake laughed, referring to Professsor Rotwood, as he flew over the rooftops of the urban NYC. "Can't say you've ever done this before, huh?"

"No, I can't. It's so... beautiful up here. It almost reminds me of Aladdin. Can you do that one thing with the clouds?"

"Uh, don't think that's really possible", Jake laughed. But in his mind, he was thinking Oh man, she wants me, she wants me so bad. What if I told her that I was Jake? Ooh, I've gotta.

"Hey!", Natalie yelled. "Are you still in there?"

"Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, I'm cool."

Natalie giggled. "You know, you remind me of someone. Someone that goes to my school." She smiled at him. "Well, you'd better take me back. My parents are probably flippin' out back there. Maybe the fire's out."

Jake let her down in the alleyway where he'd transformed. Turning around, Natalie petted him on the head. "Thanks a lot, for everything. You think I might see you sometime?"

Jake was about to explode. "Girl, you may not know it, but I'll always be there. Really." He really wanted to ask her out. But how? Oh, well, another handicap of being a dragon.

"Oh, okay. I still say you look like someone from my school. But if you don't want to tell me, that's cool." She smiled slyly. "I can always find out myself..." With that she was gone.

"Ahhhhhh, the fires of love", said a voice said a voice from behind him. Jake, now in his human form when he was sure Natalie was gone, whirled around to see Fu Dog standing there laughing.

"Fu! What are you doing here?" Fu Dog was a 600 year old talking dog that lived with Jake's grandpa. Jake wouldn't be surprised if Fu had laid down a bet on him just now on something. Sure enough, Fu replied, "How could you not ask her out? I had forty biscuits on you! Now that's just one more thing I owe Ernie. I don't think I even have forty!"

Jake chuckled. "Come on, Fu. They know who Rebecca and her sisters are. Can they stay with you and Grandpa until we find them another place?"

"Don't worry 'bout it, kid. We can hold 'em for awhile." And thus ended another day in the life of the American Dragon.

"Yeah, it's great to be me!" Jake told his grandpa the next morning. "How can today get any better?"

"Oh, I have a way", Grandpa replied. "You get to come to Grandpa's shop after school and train your dragon abilities more! Ah, I see you are already most pleased!"

Jake was not. "Aww, come on, Gramps! Today's Friday! I never come on Friday! Plus, Trixie, Spud, and I were going to a skateboarding competition and..."

"Do not speak more. You come and see Grandpa or there will be circumstances. Do you remember last time you did not show up?" Jake did all too well. The last time he skipped, the Huntsmaster came and kidnapped Grandpa.

"A'ight, whatever you say. See y'all later!" And with that Jake was out the door and on his way to school. School meant friends. School meant seeing Natalie. And it meant... Jake then realized that he'd forgotten all about Rose- his current girlfriend. "Damnit, I gotta get a better memory."

"Yo, what up, Trixie. Spud", Jake told his two friends when he got to school. "Look, you'll have to go to the competition without me. I gotta go to Grandpa's shop again after school." Although they were his best friends, Trixie and Spud didn't know Jake's dragon secret.

"Aw, dude, again? This goes against, like, child labor laws or something. I ain't right, I tell you. IT AIN"T RIIIGHT!" Spud exclaimed.

"Yo, calm down, Spud. Jake, don't worry about it. It'll be okay", Trixie said. "We were just waitin' for you to see if you'd heard what's up with Natalie!"

"Natalie? What's going on?" Jake asked, and Trixie and Spud pointed over at a crowd of people. They were listening intently as Natalie stood in the middle. Jake ran over to the crowd where Rose was standing.

"Rose, what's up?" Jake asked the blond-haired girl whom he'd been crushing on since the beginning of school.

"Hey, Jake. This Natalie girl was in that fire in the Daytona Apartment Complex. She says she was threatened by this ninja-like girl but then she says she was rescued by a dragon! Apparently, Rotwood's not as strange as we think!"

"Dude, that's weird", Jake said as he began listening to Natalie's story.

"And you know what, everyone? He took me up into the clouds and we were flyin' around and everything! It was tight! And you know what else?" She looked around at everyone until her eyes rested in Jake's direction. "I know who the dragon was, and he's in this hallway right now."


Ok, there you go. My first attempt at something like this. Please R&R, and maybe I'll have the second part up soon. Thanks a lot!