Dark Mirror

Authors Note: This story takes place three years after the movie.


Somewhere In The Malaysian Jungle

Trangh Belagant a.k.a The Hood sat in quiet mediation in his inner sanctum of the old temple that he had long ago converted into his secret headquarters. No deities had been worshiped here in centuries; the only thing that was worshipped here now was power and wealth.

The Hoods inner sanctum was a plane circular room with walls made in plane oriental style. Lighting was indirect coming mostly from behind the walls. The only feature in the room was the mediation mat on which the Hood sat in the classic mediation pose. The Hood allowed no decoration in his inner sanctum he found the plainness of the room enabled him to focus his thoughts more.

A soft chime sounded through the inner sanctum drawing the Hood out of his meditation. Opening his eyes the Hood spoke in a cool calm voice.

"Enter," he said. The door to his inner sanctum quietly opened and Transom came in.

"I'm sorry to disturb you sir," Transom said apologetically.

"It's alright Transom," the Hood answered he knew that Transom would not disturb his meditations unless it was important. "What is it?"

"The device is ready," Transom reported smiling.

"Excellent," the Hood replied smiling back.

It had taken a long time for Transom to finish work on their little device. She had begun work shortly after they had broken out of prison two years ago having been there for a year. But the Hood hadn't minded the wait. He had long ago learned the benefits of patience.

"Send word to our agents in America. Have them initiate phase one of the plan," the Hood instructed at last.

"Yes sir."

The Hood smiled as Transom left the room. The first phase of his master plan was about to commence. Soon revenge will be mine, he thought, and this time Jeff Tracy you and the Thunderbirds will not escape me.

Then closing his eyes he returned to his meditation a faint evil smile on his face at the prospect of revenge.