The Dreaded Author's Note: Hello my friends! Just got a few notes to get out of the way so you can read as quickly as possible okay?

This has no relation to my other 'Venom' exclusive fanfic.

Timeline is between the end of Season 2 (Aftershock pt. 2) and the beginning of Season 3 (Deception). That means Terra and Slade are 'seemingly' not alive. :( I know.

The Spider-Man universe I am using is a hybrid. Combining what I like about the Amazing (History of the Symbiotes), Ultimate (Age factor), Animated (Spider-Man's history) and Movie (No mechanical web shooters!) Universes.

Elaborating on ages. Peter Parker in the Ultimate comics is around 16 and Eddie Brock is around 18. Now Carnage is a bit tricky since 'Cassidy' has never been in the Ultimate series. So for all intents and purposes I will make him around his mid 20's. Trust me when I say that the ages for Brock and Cassidy won't matter too much. Read and find out why. ;)

The Even More Dreaded Disclaimer: Teen Titans are owned by D.C. Comics. Spider-Man, Venom, and Carnage are owned by Marvel Comics.


( - From the Whacky World of 'Dimension Four and Nine-Eights' - )

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Thirty more seconds and I get to have another half hour of watching my favorite hero, Robin kick bad guy butt! YAY!"

This clearly over excited, pudgy looking entity was a prime example of a celebrity's worse nightmare. Whether it be a basketball superstar, a business mogul, an academy award winner, or a prestigious super hero - they all have the same common 'worst fear' people.

Of course I am speaking of the fear of the 'over obsessive fan'.

Oh yes kiddies, trouble definitely manifests itself in the most inane places that's for sure. Nosyarg Kcid, or simply Larry, was this certain nightmare's name. But like always, unknowingly being one of course. Yep, this was Robin the Boy Wonder's 'numbero uno' fan. Well, that is, if you could even call him a fan.

Actually you know what? No, no you couldn't.

This obsession was a bit more than just an intense feeling of admiration. Basic words cannot describe the haunting fascination this child had. And if the Robin banners, drinking cups, mimicking tunics, wall room papers, underwear (Gasp)…

(Five minutes later in Narrator's Time)

Bed sheets, T.V. sets, video games, and finally vitamin tablets shaped like 'Robins' weren't enough to clue you in? Then sadly the obsession will forever be out of your complete comprehension.

"It's TIME! It's TIME! It's TIME!"

Taking note from Larry's monotonous yelling, one easily could tell 'the T.V. show of all T.V. shows' was about to begin. The scene on the television screen fades into a dark warehouse and it is completely silent. Numerous camera angles of the all too quiet perimeter only added to the suspense and Larry was totally off his seat in anticipation, exposing the obsessed fan boy for what he truly was… er… a truly obsessed fan boy.

Suddenly a huge crash is heard and it is revealed that the concrete behemoth known as Cinderblock had been forced against his will through a large amount of crates. The monster groaned as it attempted to rise to its feet in a clear expose of anger. A heroic voice echoes from off camera.

Robin: "Come on, give it up Cinderblock. We gotta large reinforced jail cell waiting just for you. It even has your name on it."

The camera changes to a close up to a recognizable green boy adorned in purple and black, who like always, had a mischievous grin on his face.

Beast Boy: "Hehe, yea! Now don't you feel special?"

Oh yes, yet another stand off of good and evil. This was definitely an all too familiar scene in the friendly confines of this 'fictional' town called Jump City. A bad guy tries to stir up some trouble, and then a certain group of five gifted teenagers always comes to spoil the fun. As one could assume, it is simply a killjoy for the baddies of this fine town, just ask good ol' Cinderblock.

Robin: "Alright Cinderblock, your time's up."

Robin smirked confidently, spinning his signature steel bo-staff in a brilliant display of skill. After a couple of more twirls and flashes of dazzling martial arts background, he got into a low stance and taunted the large villain he was combating to get up with his gloved hand. The badly damaged concrete monster slowly complied and roared into the air as its ten foot tall figure reached its peak. The four teenagers behind their leader, who seemed equally as secure as Robin, stood like true heroes. Completely un-phased by the harsh sound waves erupting before them.

"Go Titans! Get Cinderblock! Yay!" Larry yelled bouncing up and down, pumping his fist.

Beast Boy: "Dude, I think we just ticked him off even more Robin. Sweet!"

Cyborg: "Aw, what's the matter? Poor block head got his feelings hurt?"

The screen shows BB and Cyborg pretending to cry, rubbing their eyes and frowning in an orgy of mockery.


(Sighs) Larry is so silly.

The camera quickly cuts to a worried Starfire and an as usual bored looking Raven.

Starfire: "Friends he does not look very happy. I believe we shou-"

Raven: "Take him out, right now."

With that interruption from Raven, the camera pulls back to a shot of Cinderblock, who seemed to be actually smiling. Yeah sure it was an ugly smile, but never the less it was a smile.

Beast Boy: "Um Starfire, he seems pretty 'happy' to me."

Two loud crashes are then heard off camera. The screen then changes to a close up of each of the Titans with surprised looks in a split screen manner.

Raven: "Uh, this is becoming one big 'happy' reunion isn't it?"

The screen then cuts to the two beings that apparently caused the explosions. Revealing themselves to be none other than the toxic waste eating blob named 'Plasmus', and the electrical charged freak known as 'Overload'. The two chuckled with their very familiar distorted voices as a now seemingly confident Cinderblock joined beside them.

"No! Not all three of them again! They're in trouble!"

The camera cuts back to a mostly grinning Titan squad, with of course Raven being the minority.

Robin: "Ready to take these three out again team?"

Beast Boy: "Dude are ya kidding? I'm always ready. Bring it!"

Cyborg: "Am I ready? Please, that's like asking if 'Booyah' is the most awesome word in the English dictionary. Of course I'm ready! A butt kicking from good ol' Cyborg is open 24/7."

Starfire: "Affirmative Robin! I am most prepared to vanquish these persistent Zardnarks!"

Raven: "Sure, and by the way I am pretty certain 'Booyah' isn't in the English dictionary."

Cyborg: "Uh… well, it is in mine."

After an indifferent shrug from Raven, the Boy Wonder confidently pointed towards their three foes.

Robin: "Alright then team, you know the drill… TITANS GO!"

The Titans leapt into action and there was an animation pause with all five Titans frozen in battle mode. It was then that all too recognizable Teen Titan montage and theme song made their glitzy exposition.

(Guitars, Synths, and Drums Woohoo!)

Puffi Ami Yumi: When there's trouble you know who to call, TEEN TITANS! From their tower they can see it all! TEEN TITANS! When there's evil on the attack! (Tack, tack) You can rest knowing they got your back! Cause when the world needs heroes on patrol, TEEN TITANS! GO!


Larry yelled the battle words, throwing pathetic excuses of punches and kicks to his apparently invisible baddies. He speedily got up from the couch letting the music blast away and leapt to his relatively small feet with narrow eyes. The doppelganger crouched into a martial arts stance (if you could call it that), of course to honor and mimic his all time favorite hero.

"Yay! Robin is going to kick their butt! This is way too good! I have to see this up close. I just have to!" Larry exclaimed clapping his hands together with the largest smile you would ever see. But after that moment of heavenly bliss, a flash of silence came into play.

"But Larry cannot! Larry has promised Robin not to ever… wait," a mischievous grin made its way onto the boy's face. "But what Robin won't know won't hurt Robin, right? Yea! I will just hide and watch from afar! Yes! Larry will just hide and peak!" The conversation with him self, which sounded like something he was definitely familiar with, turned into a battle of the conscience; of course with the temptation ultimately winning out.

Puffi Ami Yumi: They got the bad guys on the run! They'll never stop till the job gets done! Cause when the world is losing all control! TEEN TITANS GO!

The Titan theme montage was nearing its furious (1,2,3,4) finish and Larry quickly ran over to his television set with his signature glowing finger which was shining with the brightness of the heavens. All was going according to plan.

Well that was until – the disaster or all disasters struck.

Inadvertently leaving the remote control on the floor, the accident prone boy stepped on it and switched channels. But of course it didn't stop there! In a simultaneous motion, Larry tripped over the controller and sent him self hurling towards the screen, still unaware of the channel change. The boy's gloved finger pressed against the television set and in a split second the doppelganger disappeared. A new theme song and montage played on the T.V. set, just as well-known to many as the previous one.

T.V.: Spider-man! Spider-man! Does whatever a spider can! Spins a web, any size! Catches thieves, just like flies! Look out! (Dunt! Dunt!) Here comes the Spider-man!

Is he strong? Listen, Bud! He's got radioactive blood. Can he swing from a thread? Take a look, overhead. Hey there, (Dunt! Dunt!) there goes the Spider-man!

In the chill of night, at the scene of the crime, like a streak of light, He arrives just in time!

Spider-man, Spider-man, friendly neighborhood Spider-man, Wealth and fame, he's ignored, Action is his reward

To him, life is a great big bang-up, wherever there's a hang-up, you'll find the Spider-man!

Teen Titans: Arachnophobia

(- In a Truly a 'Marvel'ous Universe -)

The sheer beauty and splendor of the golden sun setting upon a warm day in this New York City was truly something one would just marvel at. Yes people, New York City, the city of plenty. Oh, why is it called that you must be asking? Well it is very simple, it's because there's plenty to do, there's plenty to see, and there's definitely plenty to be happy about.

Okay, so some would just call it the good ol' NYC. And others would just call it the 'Big Apple'. Heck, a select few may even have enough love for the metropolitan to call it the greatest city in the world. And who could really blame them? This city and its citizens had everything. They got a skyline view to die for, they got the Yankees, they got Madison Square Garden, they got Central Park, they got the Empire State Building, they got Coney Island, and they unquestionably got the most flamboyant New Years Eve parties every year.

But in the same token don't be so easily fooled people! Just like all cities it isn't just peaches and cream. The crime rate is relatively high in some areas, it is horridly over crowded, cars are rendered completely useless, pollution is a definite problem, and of course one has to take into account they do have the Knicks. (You know it's true.)

Of course this is only a brief list of the good and the bad to one of the most breath taking cities in the entire world. And this list certainly does not only apply to the normal citizens of this particular city, but it also applies to its higher beings. Yes, this municipality, like many of this planet, was one filled of super heroes and super villains. Some well known, some barely even noticeable, and of course as only luck would have it; two of the more prominent super villains were about to grace us with their presences.


Glass, steel, and concrete all tumbling down at great speeds from thirty stories high is never a sight any sane person would like to see, especially when the debris was raining down directly on them. Screams from below could be effortlessly heard from afar as the frantic 'civilian scramble' game had obviously begun. A few of the braver citizens stood relatively still and looked upwards to find out the exact cause of the explosion. Numerous long red 'whips' flailing wildly out of a large gap in a building was never a good sign.


"Oh dad, come out come out wherever you are!" The high pitched voice screeched above the New York City sky, ringing with much displeasure into the ears of many. The red figure, obviously responsible for the 'kaboom', stuck his ugly head out of the large hole he created scanning the area below with a sickening sense of joy.

"It's… it's… Ca- Ca-Carnage!" A civilian yelled as anyone, especially in this city, could easily distinguish this infamous symbiotic monster. Fact is, killing thousands upon thousands of innocents usually leaves a harsh memory to many of the one who executed the heinous acts. And this psycho really loved that fact.

The scurrying got 'a bit' more frenetic with the new piece of information and justly so. Two large eyes and rows of sharp teeth will do that to people obviously. The symbiote's large white pseudo eyes skimmed the quickly dispersing area as he sustained his signature maniacal laugh.

"Heh, hey Venom! Already down for the count? I'm disappointed! How can you deprive your favorite son of a little quality time with his own pops!"

Carnage let his tendrils thrash madly, purposely slashing at the building structure around him sending even more debris crashing down in a compacted heap on the streets below. His teeth suddenly snapped at the air as he began to sense an all too familiar presence. He spun a vicious look towards his right, finding the 'target' he had just forcibly launched out of the building moments ago.

"Deprive you 'son'? Now why in the hell would we want to do that? What do we look like? A bad parent?"

It was Venom.

The black symbiote let his infamous tongue flicker menacingly as he chuckled to himself. The pseudo eyed stare down brought both symbiotes to a sickening scowl.

"Dad, so you got back up!"

"Of course man! We wouldn't miss this! Beating the hell out of you is one of our greatest hobbies."

"Tsk tsk tsk dad, you should always choose a hobby that you're actually good at."

"Sorry, pottery and quilting weren't intense enough for us."

"Aw bummer, but hey! I hear 'dieing' is a fun hobby. Let's try that one out shall we?"

"Sounds fun enough."

With cynicism still in the air, Carnage launched his many razor sharp red tendrils towards Venom. The black fiend only grinned and quickly flipped backwards. Still clinging onto the side of the building with his planted hands, he evaded the attack.

In a swift counter, the black symbiote grabbed one of the retracting tendrils and violently pulled on it, sending Carnage's head slamming into the broken down wall he was peering out of. A moderately dazed Carnage began to reel back but Venom followed up by firing a stream of his infamous webbing, entangling his offspring's wrists together.

"We suggest you hold on to your symbiote 'offspring', because we're going for a ride!" Venom fired another gray line towards an adjacent building with his free hand and leapt off, sending Carnage 'along for the ride'. Like a large pendulum and using Carnage as the anchor, Venom whipped his body through the air gaining tremendous momentum. During the peak of his swing, the psychotic anti-hero released the stream of web connected to his younger counterpart, sending the crimson menace on his way.

"We shoot,"

Carnage screeched as he flew through the air and eventually hammered into a nearby window shattering the glass with greatest of ease.

"We score!"

Venom chuckled as he landed adjacent to the windowpane where his counter part had just blasted right through. Wall crawling his way over to the destruction he created, the black alien suited villain sat completely still with his tongue lightly swaying back and fourth. Venom waited relatively with great patience for his 'son' to get up but there was no movement or sound of any kind. That is until…


A young woman's scream suddenly erupted out of the broken window bringing Venom to an amused head tilt. Soon after, there was a high pitched 'horn dog' whistle that rectified into his ears.

"Wowzers, Carnage likes what he sees!"

Venom laughed hysterically letting his guard down and suddenly red tendrils erupted from the very concrete he was clinging onto. The brick wall shattered with no resistance and forced Venom to plunge downward in a rapid fall.

Carnage stuck his head out the window and looked down towards his tumbling foe. "Wow! Thanks dad! Now that was a sight for sore pseudo eyes!"

The crazy symbiote laughed as he leapt after his falling father. Venom only smirked confidently as he extended his fist towards a nearby building and fired a web line to slow his decent. The black arachnoid landed gracefully on the asphalt, in turn sending a few by standers running away screaming for their lives.

Carnage hit the floor just as methodically, of course letting that sharp toothed smile radiate from his face. The two stared at one another, crouched and seemingly ready to attack at any given moment.

"Just like old times." Carnage snickered. Venom only shrugged with his own cackling.

"Nostalgia is fun, oh yeah."

The two shared a mutual nod, preparing to lunge at each other but someone very familiar was about to spoil their fun.

"Ow!" The two yelled in unison, and for good reason too, as both of their over bitten jaws plainly felt like they had been dislocated. Of course this was compliments of two certain crimson covered feet that have had a history of doing such things. The two symbiotes shot off in the same direction and both crashed into the ground with harsh thuds. Venom and Carnage quickly shook their alien suit covered heads trying to regain some composure, as a few by standers began to cheer at their 'falling'. The symbiotes scowled at the group, sending them scurrying off like the others. A voice filled with sarcasm that could rival only a certain cynical and mystical 'Titan' echoed from above.

"You know I love it when you two are dealing with your little family problems and all. But seriously, can't you leave the city out of this? What did it ever do to you two?"

The two fallen symbiotes looked at one another as the owner of the voice mocked them. Venom returned his gaze where he felt it belonged and growled, narrowing his large white eyes in hatred.

"Well if it isn't our favorite little Spider-Dweeb. We've been expecting you."

Yes, the Amazing Spider-Man had officially arrived.

"Oh yeah. the one and only!" he winked. "And I thought you'd forget about me Venom. I'm touched."

Carnage sighed indifferently but quickly became very 'serious'. He looked towards his father in a concentrated gaze. Some would say overly concentrated even.

"Venom, I think this is a perfect time for a well placed… DUND! DUND! DUND!"

Venom ignored the more or less unusual reply as he snapped his jaws together towards Spider-Man

"We've been waiting for awhile Pete. We and Carnage have been beating the hell out of each other for at least a good thirty minutes now."

"Oh please, don't let me stop you guys. I'm just here to watch. This sure beats the WWE any day."

Venom snickered. "Hah, you should've stayed at home Parker. Unless you were planning on getting your head splattered against the street curb any time soon! If ya smell what the 'Brock' is cookin'!"

"Wow dad! That was a good one!" Carnage pointed mockingly at Spider-Man, "Oh Parker just got served!"

Spider-man nodded slowly. "Actually I'll admit it, that wasn't too bad at all."

Venom absorbed the compliments like a complete ham. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! Remember to tip your waitresses on the way out, and we recommend trying the deep fried brains. It is to die for!" he then bowed towards our crimson hero only to return to a tilted gaze.

"Tardiness is a bad habit Pete. What was it now? Auntie May making you do the dishes again?"

Spider-Man shrugged. "I know, sorry. I just had a few pizzas to deliver, a history test to make up, a few photographs to take. You know a little something about doing that right Brock-o?"

Venom angrily snarled at the comment but the masked vigilante wasn't through.

"By the way, you symbiotes have way too much time on your claws." Spidey mused. "But hold up! How'd you know I was doing the dishes?"

Venom only clenched his clawed fist at his arch nemesis' always witty cynicism.

"Pizza!" Carnage smiled. "Hey Spider-Nerd! Why don't you be a good little delivery boy and go fetch me some? Remember, I want everything on it except for those God awful anchovies! Stinks up the breath,"

Spider-Man laughed. "Stinks up the breath? First off I don't think your breath could get any worse. And call me crazy, but doesn't eating brains have the same effect?"

Carnage gave an over exaggerated scoff towards his color matching foe. "Are you kidding? Brains are better than Altoid mints dude! Get with 'ze' times! Toss that bottle of Listerine out the window and go get yourself a brain to consume in the morning!"

Spidey suddenly pulled out a pen and a piece paper. He began to write things down. "Okay note to self… buy brains at supermarket. Oh wait does it have to be human brains? I mean I am a first timer and all."

Carnage and Venom sweat dropped.

"Funny Parker, we do hope you're still in the joking mood after we're done with you." Venom threatened. "It's hard to crack jokes when you're decapitated by the way."

"Yea nerd boy! Ready to die?"

Spider-Man scratched his masked head puzzlingly. "Wait a sec, you two are teammates now? Hey! What happened to all that 'We hate you offspring!'? And 'Die dad! Die!' stuff?"

"Hah! Me and dad have worked out the kinks in our rickety relationship, you could say we've been 'Oprah'd'. Didn't ya catch it on T.V.?"

"Gosh darn! Was it the one called 'Ugly Symbiote Fathers and Their Even Uglier Symbiote Sons'? Because I really wanted to catch that one! But that Tivo is expensive ya know."

Carnage only nodded in teasing agreement. "Right on! And after hanging out with my dear ol' dad, I've come to realize he's not that bad of a guy after all! Check this! We've been spending the whole week having quality father and son bonding time. We've been playing football, eattin' hot dogs, canoeing, playing chess, tormenting innocents, beating the heck out of one another, ya know! The usual!"

"Fun," Spider-Man muttered as he tilted his head in an overly curious fashion. Venom cracked his knuckles.

"That's right web head. We've finally come to the realization that he isn't such a thorn in our side. Of course he has a few screws loose here and there, and he is a poor excuse for a symbiote, and his logic is more or less comparable to a toddler, and-"

"Alright, I think he gets the point." Carnage growled. Spider-Man shot both of his symbiotic foes a look of confusion and worry behind his mask. Okay, this is a surprise.

"Bottom line, we've found some common ground." Venom grinned. "Of course you know what that is don't cha Parker?"

"Um let's see. You both hate me, uh you both want to kill me, and um you both wish the fiery pits of hell to rise from under and engulf me?"

The two symbiotes looked at one another with a 'false' sense of awe. Venom laughed as he spoke. "Well we were just going to say we both love a game of miniature golf on Tuesday evenings, but yours is even better!"

Spider-Man shrugged at the extremely harsh statement that he himself stated. Well don't I feel special.

There was a pause as the crimson adoring hero sighed. "I really don't know what to say really guys, uh, congrats?"

The symbiotes laughed.

"Gee thanks. And sorry to say this because we're having such a great time, but you just fell for our trap hook line and sinker. We've lured you out and now we're gonna play an old favorite symbiote game called 'Squash that Big Mouthed Spider.'"

"Alright! This is even better than 'Guess Whose Brain That Is!'" Carnage yelled in approval.

Spider-Man groaned from within. Oh great, one of them is already enough of a pain. Now I gotta take both of them at once? My life totally rules.

"Any last words?" Venom asked as he cracked his neck with a violent twitch. Spider-Man only stayed silent behind his bug-like mask. His eyes enlarged and suddenly he exploded.

"Whoa, I got it!"

Awkward silence.

"'Whoa, I got it'?" Carnage paused. "Those are your last words! " he scowled, "Jeez, you really are freakin' lame!"

Spider-Man, in a surprising move to say the least, took a whiff of his hands. He then pointed at Venom, who in turn enlarged his right pseudo eye.

"It's the soap! My hands smell like lemon scented soap! That's how you knew I was doing the dishes. Whoa! You almost made me believe you were psychic Venom, you trickster you!"

Venom and Carnage gave mutual 'uuh's only to scowl soon later.

"Seriously I've had enough of this bullshit V. And I think you are too, so if ya don't mind," Carnage extended his arm towards Spider-Man. "It's killing time!"

Carnage fired a spear-like tendril towards the light post Spider-Man was hunched on. The red and blue adorning hero, using his amazing reflexes and spider sense, shot out his signature stream of webbing to leap off of the falling object. Carnage nodded his head with a killer's sense of pleasure as he then sent a barrage of sharp darts towards Spider-Man, narrowly missing by inches.

Oh boy, Spidey you better think, and think fastno, REAL FAST! The masked vigilante quickly fired off another web line to flee away from the two stronger fighters. But even as swift as Spider-Man was, it was apparent Venom was a bit quicker as the symbiote's own brand of webbing tied around the Spidey's foot. Pretty soon Spider-Man was grounded and fully entwined with the thick gray strands, wrapped like a gift for the taking.

That's thinkin' fast Spidey. You're too awesome you know that?

"Get over here!" With a statement that would make 'Scorpion' (Mortal Kombat!) proud, Venom quickly pulled and Spider-Man was in his clawed grasp. The two crevasse filled white eyes stared menacingly. "Hey Parker. It's just you and us. No Daredevil, no Fantastic Four, no Iron Man, and oh yeah! No big horrible noises to save you now."

"Where's Ashley Simpson when you actually need her?" Spider-Man muttered as he started to struggle to no avail. Venom shot a look over towards Carnage.

"It's a good day for a little baseball eh Carnage?" Venom chuckled playfully waving around his web captured 'gift' like a rag doll. Carnage nodded profusely like a child in a toy store as he held a light post that he had forcibly just ripped from of the ground. The crimson symbiote dug his feet into the asphalt and brought the light post across his back shoulder, vintage 'Babe Ruth'. He then snickered with a look of confidence.

"Batter up!"

Oh man. The struggling picked up. "Guys, guys, guys can't we talk about this?"

The two symbiotes looked at each other and then shot a glance back at the tied up hero. They both yelled with their infamous warped voices in perfect unison.


( - New York City Southern Bank - )


The sound of an amplified voice through a megaphone is anything but unfamiliar to a villain, especially ones with the experience these three hooligans had under their belts.


As on cue the main door to the bank exploded compliments of a large Rhinoceros horn. As the smoke cleared only a trio of silhouettes could be seen. These three, who were obviously responsible for this bank robbery, only scoffed as they stared at the mass amounts of S.W.A.T soldiers pointing their assorted array of firearms. The gray titanic figure of the trio closed his eyes with a clear sense of indifference.

"Heh, that 'come out with your hands up' bit never gets old does it?" The raspy voice echoed, sounding as if it could almost make the ground shake.

"Oh yeah Rhino, it's like coffee in the morning. It just wouldn't be the same without it." The one adorned yellow and red chuckled, tossing the bags of money in his hands to the floor.

"Sssso what do you guys think I should do thisssss time? I mean I could impale them with my tail, and watch them sssssquirm. But, I'd alssssso like to give them sssome accciid and… uh watch them sssssquirm!"

The two, who spoke before, looked at the green villain with the large 'scorpion' tail and only shrugged.

"Well first off, I think we should figure out a way to get rid of that annoying lisp of yours. But about what do with these chumps in blue? A little bit of both wouldn't hurt." Shocker chuckled as he turned his attention to the mass of S.W.A.T. units.

'Yo fellas! Sorry to say but uh, that 'hands up' thing is going to have to wait yet again."

Without warning a large blast of pure electrical energy was sent at a nearby S.W.A.T car and as one could only imagine, the results were explosive.

Just as quickly as the car lit up in flames, bullets started to fly, only to be once again rendered useless against these super powered criminals. The two large figures, being Rhino and Scorpion respectively, stood in front of their shorter friend absorbing the relentless bombardment of ammunition with no sense of pain.

"Massages rule!" Rhino smiled.

Scorpion, who was also letting the bullets just ricochet off his emerald armored body, growled. "Heh I feel guilty that we're having all the fun, let usss return the favor shall we!"

Scorpion hissed as he sent his own array of projectiles from his mechanical tail, in the form of hazardous bolts of acid at NYC's finest. To no real surprise the once organized S.W.A.T. formation became a scramble fest for the ages.

"Boy I love it when Venom and Carnage are in town, makes this way too damn easy." Shocker stated as he sent another S.W.A.T. car soaring across the street with a well placed blast using his notorious vibro-shock technology.

"Anything that keeps that ssssppider of my back is fine with me."

Rhino scowled. "Hey, I want some of the fun too ya know!"

"Well dip-shit no one here's stopping you." Shocker snickered. With a menacing glare of pleasure towards the officers in black and blue, Rhino nodded as he started to stomp his feet into the ground. The S.W.A.T. team began to slowly back away knowing that soon 710 lbs of raging fury was going to barrel straight into them.

"ALRIGHT! READY OR NOT! HERE I CO-" Rhino was totally geared up and ready to go but was stopped in his tracks, both mentally and physically.

This distraction was a loud one that was for sure.

"Yay I'm here!" The spontaneous manifestation turned towards the three literally frozen villains.

"Hey there! Wow! Jump City sure looks different! Oh well Larry still loves it! Cool!" The three villains stared blankly at the scene in front of them. Of course that 'oh so' shocking 'scene' was our good ol' friend, the legendary trouble maker himself, Larry.

The cops quickly ceased fire at this new manifestation and were just as baffled. Larry swiftly hovered over towards a speechless Rhino.

"Have-any-of-you-seen Robin! I-am-looking-for-him-because-he's-my-best-friend-and-all-time-favorite-super-hero! He's with the Titans and is kicking bad guy butt! There was Overload! And Cinderblock! And Plasmus! Oh but wow! You're almost as big as they are! Who are you mister! I've never seen you before! You look strong!"

Rhino just scratched his head.

"Um, anyone else a little 'weirded' out over here?" Shocker asked, being just as clueless.

The whole area was completely quiet as Larry continued to well… do his 'Larry' thing.

"Wow this is so cool! You have a horn on your head! Larry likes! Is it real?" Larry began taking his stabs at Rhino's tusk bulging out of his noggin'.


Rhino attempted to bat the 'fly' away but failed as Larry was already behind Scorpion admiring the villains mechanical 'stinging' tail. Robin's doppelganger began to clap pleasingly. "You guys are neat-o! And you are new here aren't you! Alright! Have you met the Teen Titans yet? I think they'd like you guys!"

All three skewed. "The Teen who?"

"You know! The Teen Titans! There's Raven-Starfire-Beast Boy-Cyborg-and of course ROBIN! The greatest super hero group of all time! And my favorites!"

The sweat drops continued to pour from his 'attentive' listeners. Shocker slowly raised a brow under his mask and looked over towards a just as confused Scorpion. "Um I think I'll just fry him now."

Shocker turned aiming and preparing to fire, only to find that Larry was gone.

"Oh boy! These gloves! They look so cool! I wonder what this does." The boy pressed against the Shocker's fist and sent a shock wave directly towards Scorpion. The emerald adorning thief quickly ducked as the blast grazed against his head. The attack decimated a nearby building and caused another awkward moment of dead silence. The villain with the tail enlarged his yellow eyes in complete 'shock' as he felt at his singed cranium. With gritted teeth Scorpion hissed towards Larry, who only laughed nervously.

"Um Larry is sorry! Heh…heh… heh…"

"No he didn't." Shocker denied. "Tell me he didn't just mess with my vibro-gloves!"

"Messsssed with your glovessss? Messsssed with your glovesss! Who gives a damn! He nearly shot my head off!" Scorpion pointed towards the scorched area on his armored skull. Shocker, who seemed overly angered to say the least, quickly calmed himself while looking at his green 'friend' and laughed.

He turned towards Larry still beside himself in laughter. "Heh! Hey kid um, I gotta say… that was funny."

Scorpion only raised a brow at the statement, almost wanting to give Shocker a taste of battery acid. Larry turned to the masked figure and smiled.

"Really! Yaay! Larry made a funny! Yay!"

"Yea kiddo! Anyone that could tick off Scorpion over here is alright with me! But uh, if I remember correctly, you were looking for someone?"

"Yes! I am looking for Robin! The greatest crime fighter to ever live! He can kick any-"

"Robin huh? Oh yeah I know Robin! I think I saw him just an hour ago." Shocker lied.

Larry as one could only imagine grew extremely excited. "You do-you do-you do-you do? Yaaay! Please tell Larry where he is!"

Rhino scratched his head in a manner that was all too familiar to this mammoth of a buffoon. "Wait Shocker but-"

"Oh come on Rhino! Let's not hold out on the kid here. If he wants er… what was the name again?"

Larry enlarged one of his masked eyes. "Robin?"

"Yea! Robin!" Shocker nodded. "Anyway, I think we should help him out. You know, we can 'send him on his way'… so to speak."

Scorpion slowly nodded, understanding his partner's true intentions. Rhino once again was the odd man out.

"Uh can't we just stomp-"

Scorpion quickly pulled the larger villain aside, whispering into his ear. Larry looked at them still oblivious to the 'masquerade' of friendliness. Rhino suddenly exploded in realization.

"Oh yeah! I know where Robin is!" Rhino exclaimed in a more or less idiotic way. The mild explosion brought both villains beside him to a look of disbelief.

"Yay! You will help Larry find Robin yes?"

Shocker chuckled. "Oh yeah kid, we'll definitely 'help' you. Just uh step over here and my good pal Rhino is going to send you on your way. You won't even have to break a sweat."

Larry happily complied, walking over to the very spot Shocker had pointed to. With a mutual wink, Shocker backed away and Rhino lumbered his way over to the small child casting a large shadow over him. Scorpion tried to hold in his laughter as he spoke.

"Alright kid, have a niccccce trip."

"Larry will! Larry will!" The boy jumped up and down clapping his hands in utter excitement. The boy suddenly stopped his celebration as he apparently had a question.

"Say misters, when will we be-whoooooooooa!"

In a flash Larry found himself accelerating into the air like a speeding bullet, compliments of an Olympic discus like throw from Rhino. After the shock of literally being sent off into the atmosphere mimicking a rocket, the boy laughed seeming to enjoy the rush.

"Hey this is fun!" Larry yelled at the top of his lungs as he disappeared from the villainous trio's sight, totally unknowing to him that he was on a direct crash course to meeting another particular 'special' trio. Three arachnoids to be more specific!

"Wow Rhino, man that was a nice throw." Shocker laughed.

"Yesss, very impressssive."

"I know. It was good wasn't it? Let's see Juggernaut beat that one baby. Woohoo!" Rhino flexed his muscles to both his partners' chagrin. The three with a light sigh turned to the S.W.A.T. team which still seemed a bit taken back by the recent 'Larry' fiasco.

Rhino smiled at their blank faces. "Now, let's see. Where were we again! Oh yeah! READY OR NOT HERE I COME!"


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