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"Why are you so sad?"

"You're leaving. How the Hell am I supposed to feel?"

"This isn't good bye you know."

"Then what is this exactly?"

"It's more like a see you later… if anything."

"You know that isn't true."

"I promise I'll be back."

"… I wish I could believe you."

"Have I ever given you a reason not to believe me? Come on."

"I-I don't want you to leave."

"… Trust me Raven. Trust me."

"No Peter. I don't want you to leave. You'll never... come back."






"Oh my God Harry," the hi-pitched voiced pierced Peter's aching ear, "Dammit Harry! He said something!"


"No way! Pete! Pete! Pete!" the faint feeling of a shaking hand coerced Peter to a grumpy grumble.

Grumpy? Actually Peter Parker couldn't feel much right now to be too irked. His super-human body was throbbing like no other. Actually, it hurting so bad that this was one of those times a person would be glad to be at least semi-numb. It took a little while, but those ocean blue eyes awoke, finding two familiar faces were right there next to him. You can never forget your friends. These blinding lights couldn't trick this keen hero.

A familiar red-head. And a best friend of a life time.

"Mary Jane… Harry…?"

"Oh my God Pete, you're alright!" Mary Jane was never one to show any restraint, hugging her best friend with all her girl-power might.

"Aaagh!" Peter gasped, his sore bones not feeling any mercy from this cling-age.

"Yo MJ cool it!" Harry gently, or quasi-gently, pulled the red-haired vixen away. A dazed Peter was now more discombobulated than ever.

"S-sorry," MJ whined at her poor friend with a succulent lick of her lips. The kid looked so helpless bandaged. "You scared us half to death Pete!"

"Oi, and you're the one trying to squeeze the life out of me." Peter paused for an instant. "Kind of ironic… don't you think?"

"Shut up!" MJ scowled. "You are in no place to lecture me!"

Peter gave up without even a peep. It wasn't as if this was a battle he could win, even if he was at a hundred percent. The notion to ask what happened set in just in the nick of time. MJ was about to cream him with a good right or left.

"W-what happened to me?"

"You tell us!" MJ snapped again.

"We found you down and out in an alleyway in Time Square." Harry calmed the situation. "You were missing for days… you tell us what happened."

"… Missing?" Peter squinted his eyes, being hit with a train of revelation.



"Raven?" Harry muttered in a mimicking way, his face curling into one of curiosity. "That's the third time you said that."

"Yeah Pete, a bird attacked you or what?" MJ held onto Peter's free hand that wasn't bandaged. The young boy felt his former girl-crush tighten her grip tightly around his hand. At one time Peter remembered that these were the moments he lived for.

He couldn't help but think of something else at the moment. Actually it felt like someone else.

"You promise you'll come back?"

"I promise."

"I promised." Peter muttered, struggling weakly to get out of the medic bed. This hospital and these injuries weren't a concern.

"Rest tiger," Mary Jane pleaded, holding him down.

What happened? How come, I can't remember anything...?

"N-no, I can't," Peter shook his head. "T-this… was she… it… was all a dream?"

"Hey buddy ol' pal." Harry sat down next to him, opposite of MJ. "Calm down, you've had a rough time. Just rest and we'll get you up and running before you know it."

Peter felt so weak. His body was failing him. No super spider strength was coming to help him this time. His eyesight blackened. It blackened to the point of a void as his lids shut down like a curtain to a theater. Away he went to a dream state, letting his weakened self fade into the unconscious.

"You're coming back... aren't you?"

"Aren't you?"


A day later was all it took. It wasn't too long until Spider-Man was swinging through New York City again. Super heroes had no time to properly heal remember? Wolverine's powers of healing were nothing but pipe dreams! Peter couldn't remember what exactly took him out for that week he was out but he knew it had to be some big fight.

But then again behind that fuzzy memory of his laid something great. Faint images of a pleasurable time were what it was. There wasn't another feeling that could match those he felt in his apparent coma. Friends and happiness.

Fun and acceptance!


Yea, sure that too!

"It felt so real." Spider-Man muttered behind his stitched mask, eyeing this city that he protected no matter how much it shunned him. This felt so wrong.

Somewhere out there there's a city where you're cheered for doing good. That doesn't sound so strange like it used to.

A grey webline shot through the air and soon the signature scarlet dynamo of the NYC swung across the skyline yet again.It was about late night, 11'o clock to be more exact. New York was still as noisy as ever of course, the chings and pings of nightlife forever strong. Spider-Man swung by a block or two, landing on a side of a broken down building that seemed as peaceful as can be. He crawled with a nimble scurry to get a peak of a sign.

"Pizza…" His stomach grumbled.

Cyborg made pizzas. Beast Boy shunned me for eating pepperoni. Robin and Starfire were feeding each other. And…

"I had to make Raven sit next to me at the table." The crimson hero muttered, staring out in the depth of space. It seemed so… empty.

"It had to be real. It had to be!" Spidey clenched his fist only to hear a commotion from afar.

A bank robbery was in progress and this was totally routine as far as Spidey was concerned. With little thought and hesitation he leapt off, soaring towards the scene with every harsh yank of a freshly made webline. The lone hero stared down, meeting up with a foe that he'd seen way too many times.

No faint memories here.

"Shocker," Spidey smirked in his upside down webbing stance. "Shocking to meet you!"

"Nice to see you too pal. Glad to see you've come back!" An energy bolt was released at the instant, only to be dodged quite easily.

"When are you bad guys ever going to learn?" Spider-Man reared back for a punch only to feel all the air from his chest being forced out.


"Never pipsqueak!" A pumped up Rhino growled. "You should've stayed away while you could. Now that you decided to come back heres, I'll crush you like a bug!"

"… M-mercy rule!" Spider-Man gasped, feeling the daze come in again.

"I'll finish you off for good now webhead." Shocker's hand was right in his face, fist pumped and ready to send a death jolt through Spider-Man's skull.

Black was all Spider-Man saw. A rich inky black that tore through his eyeballs! Being killed seemed so smooth and painless. In fact, feeling dead seemed so much like being alive.

"I am alive..." Spider-Man found himself lying on the floor. He sat up instantly, curious to what exactly just happened. The two villains were face down, slammed into the ground, and knocked out cold.

This was impossible. Villains just don't fall down and call it quits when they have their worst enemy in their grasps. Someone must have done this. Or was God looking out for him?

God? Yeah right.

This was no God. This was a someone. And that someone was standing far away, draped in a shadow of the building, the white moonlight casting the frail details. It was a young woman, cloaked in complete white that blinded the eyes. A guardian angel came instantly to mind. An angel he'd seen before as a matter of fact.

"…" Spider-Man walked over, scratching his head as more details come into play. This was the girl. It had to be her.

A pair of sparkling purple eyes.

Smooth gray skin.

That stoic stare.

"R-raven?" Spider-Man blinked, strolling over non-chalantly.

The hooded heroin stared, not wanting to answer. Something compelled her to do so anyway. "You were not supposed to remember my name."

"Not supposed to remember?"

"You can't come back. It's better off… if we both forget."


"I'm sorry…"

Raven nodded solemnly, turning away, preparing to leave only to be grabbed onto her shoulder. She felt herself spun around hurriedly and hugged instantly. The girl twitched, rolling her eyes as the happiest teenager in the world was now clung onto her like a vice.

"What happened?" Spider-Man pulled her away an inch just to get an explanation. "Why does it feel like everything that happened... kind of never happened? You! Larry! The Titans! Venom and Carnage!"

"Long story," Raven was hugged again, not even finishing her sentence. She didn't seem too enthusiastic, but then again she was never enthusiastic right?

"I-I don't care," Spidey shook his head. "I remembered we beat Toxin. And…"

"We don't have time." Raven bit her lip, trying to turn away from him.

"W-why did you make me try to forget?" Spider-Man didn't let her turn away. "You know how crazy it's been driving me!"


"It's not cool alright!" Spider-Man scowled. "I already got a ton of stress! And all because of you I thought I was some crazy lunatic that-MMPH!"

Raven expertly muffled him by hugging onto him a bit harder, pressing her face against his cheek. Spidey had a faint minute of disbelief. His memory may have been a bit whacked out but he knew Raven was usually one to be more gentle yet cold. This was more like warm and assertive.

"We have a problem." Raven muttered against him.

Mood killer…

"What problem?" Spider-Man asked.

"The night we beat Toxin and Blood," The sorceress looked away ashamed. "You left after the city waved you off. After we said goodbye…"

"I remember that…" Peter nodded.

"You and I, well, before you left, you were talking crazy."


"You didn't want to leave."

Spidey sighed, "W-well I..."

"You actually ended up deciding to go. But you wanted to come back." Raven eyed him warmly. "I wanted to make sure you wouldn't need to come back, nor would you want to."

"W-whyt?" Spidey scowled. "Why would I not want to go back and meet you?!"

"I didn't want you to travel back with Larry." Raven said with a sharp voice. "Who knows what would have happened. You could've been hurt. Or-"

"Aw, you cared that much for me?" Spidey grinned so big that you'd think he was Venom.

"…" Raven twitched.

"Okay… fine." Spider-Man back pedaled. "I understand that I could've died in another trip but... I still remembered you. It was faint but-"

"I don't know how that's possible."

"With love," Spidey gulped the second he said the world. "Anything's possible."

Raven blushed instantly at the word, just letting her being enveloped by his hug. His strong arms were so comforting. Trying to realize that she was hugging a big red arachnid was just a minor concern.

"Ugh, that was too cheesy wasn't it?"

"I messed up." Raven sighed, ignoring him for that split second.

"Nah," Peter nuzzled her head. Taking whiffs of that sweet yet rainy smell. "It's okay. I forgive you for trying to make me forget the girl I want to be with."

"N-no, it's not that." Raven almost grew ashamed, shivering as Spidey sensed it quite easily.

"Then what?"

"… Well," Raven bit her lip. "When you left, I guess I couldn't let you just leave. Or at least… my emotions couldn't."

"Huh? But, I'm here and… wait." Spidey's thoughts came together. "How the heck are you here anyway?"

"Well, you see, when Larry teleported you back… I couldn't help… I mean, sometimes my emotions just-"

Spider-Man sighed. "Raven… what did you do?"

"Like I said…" Raven looked up at her love with a sigh. "We have a problem."


Justice League Tower

"Now what is the meaning of this?" The Martian Man Hunter said, seeing a big gaping hole inside the space tower he called home.

Electrical wires sprayed everywhere, being caused by that big black air-raid vehicle jammed into the hole. This thing was known as the Blackhawk. The jet of choice for the Uncanny X-men.

"What's it to ya bub?" A clawed man by the name of Wolverine scowled.

"I am by no means insulting you sir," The Martian Manhunter was cut-off with a flip of the bird.

"No lookeh here Wolverine," A staff wielding card flipper muttered. "Gambit thinks that we did bust en these guy's here place. It is only propah if we-"

"Shut up canjun." Logan replied.

"Wolverine stand down," Cyclops, countered, eyeing the two. The Justice Leaguers around the jet just shrugged in clueless ness, staring at these new heroes that invaded their space.

"What's going on? Who are you… people?" A dark hero, no, a dark knight demanded.

"And what are you supposed to be?" Wolverine scoffed. "A bat?"

Batman looked down at the fiery canuck, smirking himself with confidence. "And what are you supposed to be? A rat?"


"Sorry for the mess." Gambit suddenly slid over to a confused Wonder Woman. "Gambit is a gentlemen and will always fix what he messes up moi sher ee…" a kiss to the hand of the Amazonian only made her roll her eyes.

"Hands off my man hussie!" Rogue shoved Wonder Woman away.

"No need for violence young one." Wonder Woman scowled.

As more X-men and Justice Leaguers became acquainted it was clear the arguing had only just started.



"Hagh!" The Man of Steel walloped Doomsday, sending the monster of Armageddon towards a building, shattering the columns that held it up like twigs.

The battle of the century was going on and these two had been going at it for about hours now. The red caped vigilante soared like the bullet he was, attempting to meet his villain head on, only to be smacked like some volleyball to the ground.

"DIE!" Those spikes pumped out of Doomsday, the monster ready to crush the Kryptonian to dust.


That sound was disgusting for sure. But to the joy of Superman, that wasn't the sound of his body being obliterated. It was Doomsday being pancaked, a dog pile if you will, made up of two titanic super humans, one a pale shade of muscular green, and the other an armored tank, crimson like rusted iron.



"What's going on" Superman stared, the two new heroes who appeared from thin air, turning towards him.


"Y-you idiot! WHOOOA!!" Juggernaut shouted from up top being tossed at Superman by an enraged Hulk. The giant wall of mass slammed into the Kryptonian only to be stopped in his tracks with a hand.

"Whoa, not bad for a little shrimp." Juggernaut scowled being held easily.

"I don't appreciate new comers shouting and destroying this city." Superman eyed that armored titan in his grasp. "My hospitality only goes so far big fella."

"Okay you underwear wearing puss! Do you know who I am ?!"

"Uh… no."

"Well, I'm the Juggernaut bitch!" The titan suddenly slammed down with all his might, driving Superman through the floor like a nail through wood.


"RARGH!! HULK ANGRY!" Soon Juggernaut found himself now on the end of a wallop, being tackled to the ground.

The struggle continued, the giants duking it out man style. Doomsday was just curling his head away from afar curiously. Even for him this was strange, but of course he soon too would join the fray. Metropolis wasn't going to look like any metropolis for long that's for sure.


Jump City

Slade as always was thinking. This cerebral assassin was always a step ahead of the game. He was alive. A man who ran through hell tricked the Devil and God himself to be alive. There wasn't much more a mere mortal can do.

"The world is so boring when you're that damn good." Slade smirked, feeling his re-made iron mask.

"Good?" A chilly voice hissed, that even made Slade turn his head. "I would hardly call a resurrection that epitome of human perfection Mr. Slade."

"Oh really?" The one-eyed warrior glared into the depth of his own cave hideout. The details of a sinister man that rivaled him glowered at him from the doorway.

"What would you suggest then stranger?" Slade closed his one eye as if he was unimpressed. "Or better yet, suggest to me why I don't destroy you right on the spot?"

"I was told you had a smart mouth." The accent began to shine through, a few steps of metal clanging against the rocks below. "It appears Mr. Slade that you and I have a lot in common."

"Is that so? Well, I am sure the new fad is metallic armor but honestly…"

A green cape littered the dark air, a mask as menacing as the one Slade wore now totally in view. It was cold steel, with evil eyes behind them. An evil soul that was just as twisted as Deathstroke was.

"We are cut of the same iron mold…" The villain chuckled.

"Does this bravado have a name?" Slade returned with enthusiasm.

"The name is Doom… Mr. Slade." Those eyes began to glow amber. "Doctor Doom…"

A group of villains from both worlds began to show up on all sides. Sinister, The Joker, Kingpin, and Lex Luthor for starters…

"My… aren't we one big happy family?" Slade's good eye glared.

An alliance was forming… and this one was no good.


New York City

"Our two worlds are now… one?" Spider-Man mumbled, noticing Ghost Rider flying down the street against a chuckling Flash.

"Come on dead man!" Flash chuckled. "Catch up!"

The Rider only laughed back, his head lighting up the sky. "See you in Hell kid…"

Spider-Man blinked, seeing the both of them blaze up the streets of New York. Raven nodded, pulling his head close to her. She sighed.

"Apparently my powers, and Larry, caused a dimensional riff…"

"Apparently." Spider-Man stared at her, looking with a big smirk soon after. "Well… I guess this isn't too bad… I mean, I get to hold you like this forever."

"… True." Raven hugged on him, the two lovebirds clinging on.

The love would not last for long though, as suddenly the sky began to become a dark lightning filled night. Crimson streaks of blood and evil laughter filled the air, a portal forming in the middle of the city. Three beings came from the top staring down. All of them were as menacing as Trigon himself.

One male was dressed in light blue and gold, purple skin with red eyes, dressed like a king of the most screwed up warrior race in the world. The other male was dressed in deep azure armor, gray skin with red eyes that matched his counterpart, being just as muscled and inhumanely chiseled as his brethren of destruction.

The middle stood a dark hooded woman, eyes glowing as bright as the sun.

"Okay boys," The scythe wielding goddess smirked. "This is where our war will begin… the greatest heroes and villains will fight for my pleasure."

"As you wish my lovely Death!" Thanos rumbled, filling his hands with energy.

"This world will be destroyed swiftly..." Darkseid added his death ray from his eyes ready to lay waste to the world. "The anti-equation to life will be mine!"

"Oooh Galactus…" Death looked to the air.

A loud bellow could be heard from away from the earth, a being that dwarfed the entire planet itself coming into view. The purple and blue leviathan was floating in air, the planet destroyer himself glaring down the planet.

I can't believe this!

One minute you're hugging. The next day it's Doom's Day! Spider-Man and Raven just gave each other one of those depressed looks. Those really really really depressed exhausted looks that married couples of many years would give one another. This was not going to be one of those happily ever afters…. Well at least not just yet!

"Ugh, who's fault is this!" Spider-Man whined.

"…" Raven growled at him.

"Um I mean," Spidey thought, looking to the air to release his anger. Saying one word that Raven even caught on before it was said.



Larry's Place

The Robin fanatic of nightmares was dumbfounded, popcorn falling out of his mouth. Those masked eyes just stared at the screen seeing the end of the world unfold. His Teen Titan show had become a cross-over bonanza of destructive magnitudes. Was the little hero going to save the world yet again?

Was he going to save Robin his hero and the rest of the gang?

Is the world going to be destroyed?

Was Larry ready to fix this?

"Um… Larry should stop watching TV for a bit."




A/N: And here the story ends… but there is some bonus stuff… read on. Thanks for reading everyone! I knew it took way too long but… at least it's finished! See you when Spidey 3 is released!


Bonus Epilogue

"Are you sure we should be doing this?"

"Of course, I always wanted to have my aunt meet you."

It was such a nice night, a perfect night for these two love-birds to make a little date walk to the suburb located Parker house. A civilian dressed Raven and Peter Parker were clinging hand on hand. It wasn't a sight or feeling Raven was used to yet, but it was growing on her.

Ice queens are fixable too.

"I'm nervous." Raven whispered, her purple sweater rustling up next to her man's jacket.

"There's nothing to be worried about." Peter smiled reassuringly. "Robin said you're not needed tonight, and I'm free. So-"

"What if your aunt doesn't like me?"

"Pish tosh!" Peter shook his head. "My aunt will love you! I promise."

"You promise…"

"I promise."


The door opened!

"My lord, Peter!" The old woman yelled, her arms wrapping around her nephew with a loving vengeance. Peter grimaced and smiled as he hugged back.

"H-hey Aunt May."

"Oh you've been gone for too long!"

"Aunt May… I was just here four hours ago…"

"Four hours too long dear!" The older woman replied joyfully, turning to the gray skinned girl who tried to fade into the background as always. "Now who is this nice young lady?"

"Um… yea," Peter pulled Raven into the forefront. "This is the girl I was talking to you about Aunt May. Her name is Raven."

"I-I can introduce myself…" Raven muttered half-annoyed. "Nice to meet you Mrs. Parker."

"Oooh deary, nice to meet you too dear! Peter talks about you all the time! We must get to know each other!" At an instant Raven was being pulled into the Parker house. She turned with a semi-worried look at Peter, only to be replied with a big goofy two thumbs up.

"We'll be fine." Peter smiled.

I hope to God we'll be fine…


5 minutes later…

The tea cups were steaming, and the cookies were on the table. Aunt May was talking away while Peter just smiled his stupid smile. Raven was about as comfortable as an elephant on a bicycle with training wheels sitting and listening. The purple haired sorceress literally just blinked her way through the night as the rapid fire of conversation came at her with a relentless pace.

"You see Peter was always so studious. Even when he was young we could tell he was going to be a genius!"

"Yeah, genius huh?" Raven shot the kid with the spider powers a funny look.

"H-hey… now Aunt May, I think genius is a strong word." He raised his hands in defiance.

"It's okay Peter. You are a genius!" His aunt shoved his hand away gently. "Would you like to see some pictures Raven? Some baby pictures?"

"… Uh… sure?" Raven answered dumbly.

"Baby pictures!" Peter gasped with the fury of a storm. "Aunt May! No way!"

"Don't be shy Peter, we're all grown ups now."

"B-b-but-" Mr. Parker only looked with puppy eyes at Raven. The reply he got was one that was totally expected.

"Let's see those pictures Mrs. Parker."

Just to spite me woman!


"Oh you'd be delighted Raven! Peter was the cutest little baby in the world!"

"Oh I am sure Mrs. Parker." Raven was loving it.


"Ugh, I'll go get the door." Peter used this opportunity to walk off some steam, eyeing Raven with tough eyes… or at least as tough as he could towards a girl that could throttle him no problem of course.

The door opens.

"Hey Tiger!"

Oh… boy…

"MJ… I uh…"

"I just came by to-" The red-head suddenly blinked seeing Raven over by the couch, her eye twitching right away.

"Um…" Peter muted.

"That girl again?"

"Um…" Peter was still muted.

"Mary Jane! Have you met Peter's new girlfriend?" Aunt May smiled. "She is so lovely! You two must meet!"

"Yes, the girlfriend." Mary Jane said bitterly.

"Um…" Peter was muter than before.

"Oh no…" Raven sighed.

"GIRLFRIEND?!" MJ's eyes turned fire.

"Um…" Mute was now Peter Parker's real name.

"Look I don't want any trouble." Raven stood up. "I'll just be going now."

"N-no stay," Mary Jane hmphed, pulling Peter to the living room. "I think we should all get to know each other better right Peter?"

"Um…" Mute!

Raven only shrugged, sitting down just as perturbed. MJ forced Peter to sit between Raven and herself, the couch being quite squishy now. Aunt May of course was as clueless as ever, smiling at the two young women that sat beside a bullet sweating Peter Parker. The two cross-armed girls just looked at one another with the most negative of thoughts.

"I am sure you two have met?" Aunt May grinned.

"Somewhat…" Both girls answered in unison.


"…" Peter looked at both, and just shrugged. "So who's up for some pie?"

"Shut up." Both girls answered again in unison.

"Egh guess not…" Peter sighed towards the sky. "My life is good… my life is good."

"Shut up."



Speedway Bus line, heading towards NYC

"Aaah!" A fully recuperated magician sat comfortably in the front of the bus, this former villain just finishing off his major rehab. Broken bones are not easy to heal my friends.

The great Mumbo Jumbo was now retired, heading towards Broadway to start his own magical Broadway act! Things seemed so good for our favorite blue magician, and of course we all know what happened to him. But little did he know there were a certain two people, he didn't want to see at the moment.

"If Spider-Man had a movie, the people voted you 70 percent as the villain that should be in it! Hah!"

"What's so funny about that?"

"Well… I'm way cooler."

"Not according to the polls apparently."

"Er… shut up pops! What do people know? Anyway that Gotham City is one nice place isn't it?"


"You know what was even nicer?"


"Working for the Joker! That was awesome."


Mumbo Jumbo began to look funny at the conversation happening behind him, those familiar voices making him a bit uneasy. His eyes peeled off his newspaper. "It's okay Mumbo… it's all psychological." This was supposed to happen after all. They said he would have some trauma, but this was silly. This was just his head messing with him… no matter how real it sounded.

"You know what was even nicer?"

"… What?"

"Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy!"

"Yes definitely."

"You know, I loved it after I murdered that guy and HQ gave me a kiss on the cheek! She was like "OH YOU'RE CUTAH THAT MISTAH JAY"!

"We know. We know."

"You know, Poison Ivy as all over you, and you still stayed loyal! It's going to be fun seeing the old gang again. Fearsome Five ya know! Gizmo, Mammoth… Jinxy."

"Jinx's been leaving us messages like nuts."

"Yea, I read your cellphone messages. OH EDDIE I LOVE YOU! OH I LOVE YOU TOO JINX!"

"Shut up."


Oh no… Mumbo knew his mind was playing tricks on him. These were the guys. These were the monsters that nearly fractured his spine till death. These were the guys!

"Well lookie here Venom," Cassidy looked over his bus seat, seeing the certain blue magician. "Out of all the busses in the world, you had to walk into mind!"

"Hey, how's it going?" Eddie Brock patted the nervous wreck's shoulder. "Smurph geezer right?"

"I… I… I… I…"

"There's nothing to be afraid of old buddy." Cassidy began to wrap his red suit around him, an axe forming as the symbiotes showed their true colors. "This will be one fun bus ride… right Venom?"

"Right Carnage. Right."

Mumbo Jumbo was now hysterical.