IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: It reached me, that I somewhat used a name for a main character that was the same as another history, really, It was a mistake, somehow, In my mind, the fourth name was always called that.I truthfully Tought that it was the name that was written in Jiraya's scroll during the gamabunta summoning training. I guess It's far from it.

Adding the fact that my fic starts in the same manner that bloodlines, from the SOCpuppet, It could lead to unconfortable misunderstandings. I deeply apologize for that, and deeply encourage someone to go read the wonderful Bloodlines from the SOCpuppett.

Also, I want to say that I changed the old name that the fourt had in my history from Kazama Arashi, to Kuchiba kiiro. In my limited understanding of japanese those names are two diferend words from yellow. Kiiro is basically yellow in japanese, and a Kuchiba is supposed to be one of those yellow leaves that common in Autumm.

I deeply apologize for it Again.


The Night kyuubi attacked

The fourth hokage of Konoha looked at the window of the Hokage the east forest he could see the red chakra between the trees, and the metallic sounds that revealed the fighting. The giant mass of orange chakra of the kyuubi was impossible to miss. kyuubi was approaching, nearer and nearer to konoha each second that passed.

he looked back at the blue eyed tiny baby, his son, his happinness. He had only minutes of life, and he was sleeping peacefully. a seal half drawn in his belly. He supressed a shiver. If the plan was succeful, he would die, sacrificing his soul to the kyuubi, and the kyuubi would be sealed in little kyo, in the worst case scenario, the jutsu would fail, and he and kyo would die, with the rest of Konoha with them.

the image of a defenseless baby in front of the kyuubi Scared him to no end.

He concentrated again and continued painting little kyo's belly

The little boy who, if all went right, would find himself fatherless and with a Giant demon fox sealed in his belly. It was good that he wouldn't survive today... Even if he didn't die from the process, the mother would likely kill him.

Not that he wanted to die... It was his last option, obviously, when it was clear than evacuating the village was not possible... The kyuubi was blocking the only escape route.

he briefly toyed with fleeing the village with little kyo, he was the yellow flash, the fastest ninja in konoha, He would be most likely able to escape... when they got an idea of what happened, he would be long gone...

he shook his head. he would never forgive himself, his wife would never forgive him, and it was his wish and duty to protect the village!

And he had only been hokage for one week!

a week before life was perfect, he was the be hokage,he was going to have a son... And the damm kyuubi appeared! there was someone up there that hated him!

He had told the plan to the village elders, that he was going to seal the kyuubi in a baby. that was the only way. He hadn't told them that most likely his soul would be sucked together with the kyuubi in the sealing process. Also he hadn't told them what baby he was planning on using, the village council were too busy trying to change his mind, to ask about the hypotetical container of the kyuubi.

If he was correct, sealing him anywhere else, would kill the container... It had to be a baby, because their chakra system was not developed,it could adapt to the added chakra of the kyuubi... And he had designed the seal in a way that the container would be able to draw chakra from the sealed. It was wrong for him to say, but it was bloody brilliant!

The Fourth hokage finally completed the seal drawing, picked the young kyo and jumped from the window, while calling Gamabunta in Mid-air. He steeled his resolve. He had one demon fox to seal.

In huge gamabunta leaps, he approached the battlefield, which now was to damn near konoha hospital, where all the injured and dead were kept... where his fellow ninjas were holding the kyuubi.

The fourth Hokage entered the battlefield,with his white robes with red flames flying in the night's wind, his spiked yellow hair also flying in the wind, in top of the giant toad Gamabunta.The only thing that was odd was a bundle tied in the back of the hokage.

the image of konoha hero accomplished the impossible. The few shinobi's that were still alive, defending the hospital ruins, got hope back in their hearts, and a strong feeling of hope and resolve filled their hearts.

It was somewhat anticlimatic,The fourth hokage, started to make hand seals,(he'd done that so fast, that no one could distingish them) and a huge espectral figure appeared floating roughly three meters in the back of the hokage. The god of death, who in a fast movement, passed his ghostly arm through the bundle in his back and the Hokage himself.

The yellow flash performed his trademark jutsu, and in a instant was in front of the fox, strangely enough, Gamabunta was also transported with him. And then the hokage made a handseal. The god of death moved his arm further through the hokage and the bundle, and grabbed the kyuubi.

the kyubii moved his tails, tryiing to attack the tiny blonde, who was trying to grab him, and then, she felt a sensation in his chest, and suddenly became paralysed. her tails stopped mere centimeters away from the hokage's face.

The hokage closed his eyes. a sudden light was seen by everyone present. The god of death was grabbing the soul of the kyuubi, and dragging it towards him.

in an amazing moment, the kyuubi's chakra seemed to become smaller, and smaller. she was being sucked to the hokage's body slowly. The present shinobi's had to cover their ears because of the demonic scream that came from the kyuubi.

It took only 30 seconds, and it was over. the kyuubi was nowhere in sight.

the Konoha ninja started to cheer. scream and celebrate. the kyuubi was nowhere to be seen, and fourth hokage was victorious.

and then they fell silent in a second, when their hero's body fell lifeless in the head of gamabunta.

the silence only broke a few minutes after,and it wasn't broken by a shinobi. It was broken by a crying baby.

It was hours after the attack, when one puzzled and intrigued Sarutobi, now resuming his duties as sandaime hokage after his successor sacrifice, named the unknown cryiing infant Uzumaki Naruto.

Chuunin Exams, Second test, 67 Hours Remaining

"I will give you our scroll, if you let us go" Sasuke said to the White-faced creepy guy.

Was Sasuke crazy?. How was possible that he would give the scroll to the enemy?

It was impossible, unforgivable, sickening, Totally wrong! That was not Sasuke! that one was a coward!

And sasuke throwed the scroll to that white-faced guy. was he dreaming? He wouldn't allow that. Naruto jumped, and caught the scroll in middair.

And then Naruto punched Sasuke. It was hadly possible that the white-faced creepy guy would let them get out even if they gave the scroll.

Naruto hoped that the punch made him react. Fighting someone who had Sasuke scared silly was something he dreaded and awaited eagerly.

Sasuke was scared, So he had to finish the Job himself. He charged to the enemy...

And the enemy summoned a Giant snake and commanded it to eat him!

He felt angrier, angrier than ever. And his whisker marks widened, his eyes changed color from his ble sky blue to light red. He felt the fox chakra engulf his body, New smells entered his nose, and he could hear the snake moving clearer than ever.

He was falling to the ground, the snake following him shortly. And then the Snake changed his trajectory, Going to Sasuke!

A Sasuke that hadn't moved sinse he charged to the White faced creepy guy!

He made a quick leap, and put himself in front of the Snake, stabbing his Nose with his Kunai, and pushing with all his kyuubi echanhed forces againist it.

He succeded, the Snake didn't Reach Sasuke with a pair of meters to spare!.

And Sasuke Still hadn't Moved! Was he stupid or what?

"hey...Are you alright?... scaredy cat?" It was satisfying, really, he wanted to say that back to him since that time with Tazuna and the demon brothers. But there was no time to Gloat. The white-faced bastard got his long tongue and with it he lifted him. Damn, He knew he hadn't the time to spare to make sasuke wake up from his terrified state!

he could not move! the pale guy had him in an iron grip with his tongue and lifted him.they met face to face. And he was Helpless. He kept struggling to get out.He couldn't die there! He had still to become hokage!

And pale face said that he was the nine tailed fox! he knew! how? he was a grass nin, It was impossible that he knew!

he moved harder trying to get out! the creepy dude was doing something to his belly! Great! was the Grass shinobi a pervert?

he looked at the hand of the grass nin, there were five smaller blue fires, that looked bad. He moved harder, he tried to kick the grass Shinobi...

the grass shinobi shouted "GOGIO FUIN! (five element seal!)"

he felt a burning sensation to his stomach, and inmediately after the burning sensation started spreading all around his body. he felt the kyuubi chakra leaving him, his eyes turning back blue, his conscience fading...

the world was tuning black, and he felt himself falling. the last thing he saw before losing consciouness was Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke-bastard was still there frozen in fear! And they called him stupid!

well... He was the one falling to his death.


was he dead?. He looked Around. If he was dead definitely he wasn't in heaven, there was no free ramen around.Was it hell then? it was different from what expected hell to be. He expected a huge dark cave, raging flames, huge demons, boiling cauldrons, sulfur smell... that sort of thing. All in a shade of red. He didn't expect dark passageways filled with water.

well. he had nothing to lose. He was already in hell, right? he followed the passageway.

Yes. It was hell. His own personal hell. There he was, in front of kyuubi. Or what he supposed was the kyuubi. Not that he wanted to meet him personally, thank you very much.

It was a Giant cage, With steel bars, oddly enough, there were two sets of bars. The first ones, nearer to the kyuubi, were vertical, and the second set, nearer to him, were horitzontal.

(Author notes: the second set, are products of orochimaru tampering with the seal)

he sighed in relief, at least, the beast was sleeping. He didn't want to meet the kyuubi. The giant furball was the responsible that his life was shit.

Well, not that it really mattered. He was already dead.

he looked at the sleeping kyuubi, wondering if he should wake him. What would he ask him? When he was thinking about it, a voice startled him. "It had been a Long time, Kyo-kun"

he turned himself. there was another cage. And inside of it was a smiling dead man. The fourth hokage.