A Summer with the Marauders

Summary: It's the summer before their 7th year at Hogwarts, and Lily is planning on a nice peaceful summer with her friend, when just to her luck… a Marauder moves in next door! L/J SB/OC RL/OC Rating for language, drinking, and sexual situations later chapters

Authors note: Hello everyone! This is going to be a two part fanfic (you'll notice a change between the two... trust me)

Quick note: Part One, in its entirety, is told through Kay's POV. Hopefully that'll clear up any early confusion.

Alrighty. One small explanation before you read, so you won't get too confused later. I was going to insert all this info into the story, but I figured it would detract from the plot, and make it more boring, and dragged out. So here ya go!

Mr. and Mrs. Evans are indeed both muggles, as we all hopefully know, which makes our dear, sweet Lily Evans a muggleborn witch. So once the Evans had Lily they were suddenly introduced to the magical world meaning they would now be making friends with witches and wizards along the way! Well around this same time a certain Millicent Bagnold became Minister of Magic.Of coursefew problems occurred when our Lily headed off to Hogwarts, that resulted in the Evans's having to go the Ministry of Magic to talk to the Minister.

To make a longer story shorter, Bagnold asked the Evans's to become a part of the Ministry to help with all Muggle related Departments. They took the opportunity, and were paid the same amount as any other Ministry witch or wizard, although it was paid in pounds rather than galleons.

Well Voldemort's power began to grow, and the Evans' role at the Ministry became more and more important to the Minister. They soon found themselves doing spywork for the MOM, trying to gather information on dark wizards who may be trying to lead muggles to doing hateful acts.

So later in the storyThe Evans have to go away on Ministry business. Now since they're muggles, they can't apparate, obviously. So they take a port key. And THAT my friends, is the story of how the Evans? came to being at the Ministry of Magic!

The End!

-note- I checked in the fourth and fifth books and online for information on port keys, and could not find anything saying that muggles could not use them. All that is simply said is that they are disguised, and that anti muggle charms are sometimes put on them to keep muggles away. So im ASSUMING that muggles can use port keys! If you know otherwise? thenthats awsome!but in my fic they can use port keys:D

So with that out of the way... I give you A Summer with the Marauders! read, enjoy, review:D

"Kay!" I would recognized that voice anywhere, as well as the long vibrant red hair, and the dark forest green eyes that went along with it. I quickly turned around smiling.

"Lily!" I squealed pulling her into a hug.

"So… how was the flight?" She asked with a hint of excitement.

"About as fun as listening to Professor Murray do one of his speeches," I teased walking with Lily towards the exit of the London International Airport.

"That exciting eh?" She responded sarcastically.

Within the hour we arrived at the beautiful Evans home. I was going to be spending the summer before our seventh and final year at Hogwarts with my best friend, and couldn't wait to catch up on what's been going on since school got out.

We lugged my belongings up the stairs, and into Lily's room. Her walls were painted light blue, and on her bed lay a mountain of stuffed animals.

"How do you sleep on that?" I asked pointing to the towering pile.

Lily glanced over, and shrugged her shoulders. "Just do." She replied smiling.

"So who's moving in next door?" I asked plopping down on her bed, and squishing Tweedybird in the process. "I saw the sign when we drove up."

"I dunno. But they're supposed to be moving in today. We can go over later if you'd like." She suggested.


"Dinner was great Mrs. Evans" I said politely, setting my fork down on the china plate with a clank.

"Thank you dear, I'm glad you liked it," The tall, slim Mrs. Evans said picking up the plate from in front of me.

"So what about going to see who's next door?" I asked Lily, who had also just finished her dinner.

"Sure. We'll be back soon mum," She said standing up, and heading for the door, me following close behind.

We quickly headed down the sidewalk, until we reached the new neighbor's house. There was a sparkling red Mustang in the driveway, just waiting to be taken out and driven.

I let out a soft whistle looking at the car longingly. "They got some money…" I commented, turning my attention back to the house in front of us.

Lily quickly knocked on the door, then stepped back waiting. Footsteps.

There was a shadow through the glass, and then the sound of the lock being turned. Seconds later the door opened.

"Hi my na—"

Lily's sentence got stuck in her throat as she stared open mouthed at her new neighbor.

"REMUS!" She yelled in shock, looking at the sandy-blond haired boy. Within seconds, another person had arrived at the door.

"Well, hello ladies. I thought I heard your charming voice Lily," Said a grinning Sirius Black.

"What the hell are you guys doing here?" I asked suddenly gaping at them.

"Well… Remus lives here," Sirius said smiling at me.

"What!" Lily and I said in unison.

"Uh-uh. No!" Lily retorted. "This means that your little Maraudering friends will be coming here! That is not going to happen!" Lily said sternly as if it was official now that she had said it.

"Hate to burst your boiling bubble, Evans, but us Marauders are here for the entire summer, James n Pete'll be here in a couple hours," Sirius replied letting a charming smile escape him.

"Oh no you're not!" Lily demanded pointing a finger threateningly at them both. I tried to suppress a laugh as Sirius put on a sad puppy face, which seemed to make Lily rage even more.

"Come on Kay, we're leaving," Lily said grabbing my arm and starting to pull me away.

"See you guys later!" I called smiling at them both as I was yanked down the sidewalk.

"I can't believe it! I just can't believe it!" Lily yelled plopping herself down on her animal stuffed bed. "Oh, god.. this means… POTTER!" She covered her face with her hands.

"Oh come on Lils," I said laughing softly. "They're not that bad!"

Lily slowly dropped her hands from her face, glaring at me.

"They are that bad!" She said now pounding the palm of her hand against her forehead. "I got it!" She said suddenly standing. Oh great… another brilliant idea of Lily Evans, I thought to myself, rolling my eyes.

"And don't you roll your eyes at me," She said walking toward her phone. "I'm going to get some of the girls to come over, and then…" She let out a somewhat evil laugh, "We can have our fun with the guys." She ended smirking.

She quickly picked up the phone, and began to dial numbers.


Quick as a flash Lily and I had flown down the stairs and opened the door.

On the left, a medium tall girl, with dark brown hair, and golden streaks in it, smiled at us. Next to her stood another girl just a tad taller, with stunning dirty-blonde hair, which fell in soft ringlets to her shoulders.

"Hey Maddie!" I squealed hugging the girl on the left, then doing the same to the one on the right. "Hey Kels!"

"Hey guys" Kelsey said smiling. "So the infamous Marauders are staying for the summer at Lupin's house?" She questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Yes," Lily growled.

"Oh come on Lils, they're not that bad!" Madison said stepping inside.

"You just mean Sirius," I joked smiling at her.

"Shut up," She muttered going a slight shade of pink. Kelsey started making kissy noises, but shut up as Madison threw a large stuffed animal at her as they entered Lily's room.

"Ok… now what should we do to them?" Lily asked, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"What?" Madison asked.

"We need to think of some sort of prank," Lily continued, now staring off into space to think.

"Let's go spy on them!" Kelsey offered. "Tonight, after it gets dark out."

"Yeah! We can finally see what boys actually do when we're not around," I added excitedly.

"Alright," Madison and Lily said smiling along with the rest of us.

"Ouch! Mad that's my foot!"

"Sorry, I thought it was a branch."

"Shh! They'll hear us…"

"Lily… what do we do if they see us?"

"Run for the park across the street. We can hide there."

"Shut up guys, someone's just turned on the light," I said getting them to be quiet.

"It must be Remus's room." Kelsey said straining to see inside the window. "They're all in there."

We sat quietly for a moment, nudging each other out of the way to get a better look.

"Damn he's hotter than I remember…" Madison said breaking the silence, as her eyes glazed over.

"Oh, stop your drooling. You only saw him two weeks ago at school!" Lily snapped.

"Yeah but.."

"Shut up you guys," Kelsey said.

"Oh I'm in heaven" Madison half squealed half whispered as Sirius pulled his shirt up over his head, revealing a very well toned body.

"Oh he's so perfect!" She shrieked. Well this little shriek was obviously louder than we all thought, because just then Remus looked out the window, staring straight at us. We all sat motionless, hoping that the shade of the tree was covering up for us. But even as we began to think we were fine, all the Marauders smiled at each other before heading out the door.

"Oh shit!" I said jumping down from the tree, soon followed by Lily, Kelsey, then Madison.

"Run for the park!" Lily said as we hurried across the deserted street. We reached the darkness beneath the trees, and quickly hid behind the large trunks.

I peered out from my hiding spot just as the front door to the Lupin house opened up, revealing four figures against the light emitting from within. The four shapes walked around the side of the house, straight for the tree we had been in moments before, each staring up at it. A few minutes later the one that looked an awful lot like Sirius, pointed toward the park. Oh crap I thought as I, along with the others ran further into the park, finally reaching a set of swings.

"Let's just stay here, and act like we've been here the whole time," Kelsey said sitting quickly on one of the swings. Madison immediately began pushing her. I took a seat on the other swing, as Lily casually leaned against one of the poles. We could hear the sound of footsteps stomping though the grass as they approached us. Here we go...

"Hello ladies," Came the voice of Sirius, sounding just as it had earlier that day. "Remus here, thinks that you fine girls were spying on us." He said smiling as he looked at each of us in turn.

"We've been here the whole time," Lily said, surprisingly sounding rather convincing… at least I thought she had…

"The park closes at nine Lily, and according to my watch," Sirius glanced down at his wrist, which incidentally didn't even contain a watch, "It's well past that time." He looked up at us smiling once again.

"Well, just because it says it closes, doesn't mean we aren't going to come," I said rocking myself back and forth on the swing.

"And since when have you guys become troublemakers?" Remus asked as he looked at me.

"Oh, trust me… we can be very bad," I added stressing the 'very' part of it. James, and Sirius raised their eyebrows, both giving stupid smiles, although they were to completely different people. James's gaze had fallen on Lily, and Sirius's was stopped on Madison, who hadn't taken her eyes from him the whole time.

"Care to show?" James asked keeping his gaze on Lily.

"Get your mind out of the gutter, Potter!" She said venomously. "For your information, we went for a little walk, and happened to end up in the park, so if you don't mind, we'll be leaving now."

"What if we do mind?" Remus said smiling as he approached us.

"Then get over it," I said standing, and slowly making my way toward the group of guys. I walked past Remus, and felt his eyes follow me as I continued on.

"Mad aren't you coming?" Lily asked as she noticed Madison still standing by the swings, staring dreamily at Sirius.

"Yeah…" She replied dazed as she walked after us. As she passed Sirius he gave her a smile that would set any girls heart on fire, and she let out a giggle.

"Why don't we walk you guys back to your house, Evans?" James suggested catching up to us.

"I think we're capable of walking back to my house, Potter," Lily said walking faster as James continued to trot alongside her.

"Oh come on Evans! What harm could it do?" He said reaching his arm out to link it in Lily's.

"Don't even think about it Potter," Lily said moving her arm away from him.

I watched silently as Lily started another one of her famous 'you're a big-headed prat' fights with James. As much as Lily was serious when it came to these little… arguments… it was rather hilarious, and soon me, as well as the others were laughing as James once again tried to take hold of her arm. Ok, so by me and the others, I meant me and the others minus Madison and Sirius. Madison was now walking with Sirius, and couldn't seem to stop giggling. Typical Mad I thought as Kelsey and I continued to walk after Lily.

Peter, who hadn't spoken even once, and Remus brought up the rear. Kelsey glanced back at the two momentarily as I kept my gaze in front of me.

"A certain someone is completely staring at you," She whispered to me, smiling.

"What?" I asked turning to look at her. "It better not be Peter… 'Cus then I might have to throw up…"

Kelsey let out a laugh as we finally approached the Evan's house. "Not Peter…" She said as we stepped up onto the porch.

"James if you don't take the spell off, I'm going to curse you!" Lily said loudly, but James just continued to stare at her smiling stupidly.

Oh, God what's he done now…

"Just a kiss Evans. And I'll unlock your door," He said looking at her contently. Suddenly Lily's attitude changed completely. So much that it scared the crap out of Kelsey, and myself. Madison, of course, not noticing anything, as she continued to giggle as Sirius sweet-talked her.

Back to Lily though! It was frightful… she was looking at James as if… as if she liked him? Remus and Peter walked up next to Kelsey and me, and stared at Lily and James with the same amount of shock.

James also was staring at Lily a little uncertainly.

"Wow James… You have the prettiest eyes." Lily said walking toward him. What the hell "They're so… mesmerizing… And your hair just makes me want touch it" She said reaching up, and running her hand through James's hair.

James's smile appeared once again on his face, as he looked at Lily. "So what about that kiss?" He said grinning broadly at her. Lily leaned in closer.

Lily was now only hovering a few inches from him.

"I'm so lost.." I said softly to Kelsey.

Inches went to centimeters… centimeters went to barely anything… but barely anything went to…

WHAM! James cowered to the ground, doubled over as his eyes brimmed with tears.

"If you want a kiss that bad Potter… next time you can kiss. My. ass!" Lily said smirking as she looked at the James in pain now rocking back in forth on the porch.

He let out a breathy 'ow' as Sirius and Remus burst out laughing. I couldn't help but join in. James looked horribly pitiful as he sat on the ground; his face slightly flushed. Lily turned quickly, obviously satisfied with herself, and walked straight into the house without another word.

"Tough luck Prongs" Sirius said finally turning his attention from Madison. "But I guess if you're going to be kneed in the balls, it might was well be by Evans. Now you can add this to the long list of ways you've been rejected by her." He said smiling, and patting James on the back, making him wince in pain.

"Ya, and I believe that would be the second time that one's happened," Peter said, making Remus and Sirius laugh.

I turned to Kelsey trying to keep myself from laughing, but seeing her doing the exact same thing didn't help one bit. We both burst into a fit of laughter as James finally made an attempt to stand, still holding his legs tight together.

"So are you three going inside?" Sirius asked looking at us all. "Because it would be much more fun if you stayed out here with us." He added looking at Madison.

"We should go" I said finally stopping my laughing. "I don't wanna leave Lils in there all by herself."

"Damn!" James said suddenly making everyone look at him. "That hurt!" All the pain that had been in him for the last few minutes obviously was finally coming out in words.

I let out a chuckle as Kelsey and I walked to the door. "We'll see you guys later," Kelsey said walking inside. I turned to find Madison once again ogling at Sirius, and to my surprise… ok not much to my surprise… Sirius was ogling back. They were standing rather close, and before anyone knew what was going on, Sirius gave Madison a quick kiss on the cheek.

Stunned silence.

"Hopefully I'll be seeing you tomorrow," He added. Madison evidently had lost the ability to talk, and resulted to simply nodding her head.

I turned my attention to Remus, who was also watching Sirius and Madison. Peter was glancing between Remus and Sirius.

"Well… I'll see you guys later," I said looking at Remus.

"Alright" Remus said smiling his usual sweet smile. "Sleep tight," He added walking down the front porch steps, hands deep in his jean pockets, and Peter tagging alongside him.

"Madison, get over here!" I said loudly, as I turned to find her and Sirius having a rather heated snogging session.

I walked forward grabbing her arm, and yanking her away from Sirius. "Kaaaaay" She whined.

"Oh, shut it," I snapped back, yet smiling all the same.

"Night Mad," Sirius called as he walked backward blowing her kisses.

"Night!" She called back refusing to leave the doorway until he disappeared. Finally he entered the house next door, and Madison turned her dreamy eyes away.

"Why did you have to butt in!" She said angrily to me, as we walked up the stairs.

"Because! If I didn't stop you, one of you probably would've eaten the other, the way you were kissing like that!" I said as we both entered Lily's room.

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