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Summer with the Marauders (Part II)

Summary: It's the summer before their 7th year at Hogwarts, and Lily is planning on a nice peaceful summer with her friend, when just to her luck… a Marauder moves in next door! L/J SB/OC RL/OC Rating for language, drinking, and sexual situations later chapters

Authors note: Well. Here it is. The LAST CHAPTER! I'm quite split on how I should be feeling about this... I'm sad cause it's over... and i'm happy cause its over. I'm really happy with how this all turned out. There is a SLIGHT chance I migh write a sequal to this, but probably after I get a start on my new story "Hauntingly Beautiful" (which you should all go check out by the way!)

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I give you the end of "A Summer with the Marauders"

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A week later, Kay found herself back at Remus's home. Kelsey was out with Greg, and the others had gone to see a movie. Remus and Kay opted out of going so they could have some time to themselves.

"Here you go." Remus handed Kay a cup of tea as she sat on the couch in his living room.

"Thanks," She said in response as he took a seat next to her, his arm wrapping around her waist.

They remained in a comfortable silence as time seemed to pass them by slowly.

"Kay?" Remus broke the silence.

"mmm?" Kay had set her tea down, and was resting her head against his shoulder, her eyes closed.

"We need to talk"

Kay sat up looking him in the eyes. "That's never a good thing to hear," She said frowning. Remus laughed softly, running his fingers across her back.

"Don't worry. I'm not about to confess my love for another woman or anything"

Kay gave a look of mock shock, and hit him on the arm. "Well I bloody well hope you aren't!"

Remus only continued laughing as he pulled her into him, kissing the side of her head. "You're cute when you're mad," He said into her ear, earning a smile from her.

"You better not say that when I'm actually mad at you," She retorted.

"Of course not, love." Kay blushed at his words, but smiled nonetheless.

"Seriously though," Remus said a little quieter, "I wanted to talk to you about my… condition."

Kay felt her heart beat faster as she looked up at him. "What about it?"

"You're really ok with it?" He asked not looking at her directly.

Kay shifted her position so she could put her legs across his lap, her arms wrapping around his neck. "Yes, Remus." She said kissing him softly on the neck. "I'm more than ok with it. It's a part of who you are, and I love you for who you are. I don't care if you turn into a werewolf once a month. As long as I know that the real you will be coming back to me then there isn't any reason why I would have a problem with it." Remus leaned his head against hers.

"I'm just scared," Remus sighed.

"Of what?" Kay asked.

"That I might hurt you," He said holding her closer. "I've already almost lost you once, and if I was the reason that you were hurt, it would kill me."

Kay laughed. "You're such a sap sometimes, you know that?"

Remus looked taken aback for a moment, then smiled. "Don't go calling me a sap, dearest."

"And why not?" Kay pressed.

"Because you're the one who is dating the sap and will have to put up with his anger at being called a sap."

Kay let out a laugh and quickly pulled him toward her.

"I love you," She said just before their lips met. "Even if you are a sap."

Remus grinned pulling her back to him.


"Lily, Lily, Lily, Lily, Liiiiilyyyyy."

"Sirius!" Lily spun around facing Sirius who was sitting in the row behind her and James. "If you don't shove it, I'm going to do it for you!"

"Feisty," Sirius said smiling at her. "Just the way Prongsy likes it, right mate?"

James actually rolled his eyes, and rested his head in his hand. "I wish Mad would hurry up with the snacks so he'll leave us alone," he mumbled.

"What was that Prongsy?" Sirius called from the seat behind them.

"Nothing," James replied as Mad finally returned.

"Finally!" Sirius said grabbing a tub of popcorn from her, and immediately shoving a huge handful into his mouth.

"My gosh! You could at least wait until I sit down!" Mad said shoving Sirius lightly on the shoulder. He looked at her, his mouth still full of popcorn. She sighed heavily, and took a sip from her drink.

"Here's your Gummy Bears Lils." Mad tossed the pack of candy to Lily, who caught it and began opening the box.

"Care to share?" James asked from next to her, flipping the arm rest up that was separating them.

Lily reached into the box, and handed him some. "Why didn't you just ask Mad to get you some?" She asked.

"I didn't want a whole box," James replied, moving so he was seated a little closer to her.

Lily leaned against him out of instinct, and he moved his arm around her shoulders. There was still a good fifteen minutes before their movie was going to show, and Lily and James had both been avoiding making conversation with the other. It felt awkward in a way. For a reason neither of them could quite place.

"Lily," James said breaking the uncomfortable silence between them. Lily waited silently for him to continue. "I was just wondering if…" His voice was soft, so only she could hear, "you were ok."

Lily shifted slightly feeling her heart beating fast in her chest. She didn't feel ok.

"I'm fine," Came her simple reply.

James nodded his head, knowing she wasn't watching him. "Alright"

James, Lily, Sirius, and Madison walked out of the movie theatre two and a half hours later to find that twilight had fallen.

"You want to walk back with me?" James asked Lily, who nodded her head.

"You guys ready?" Sirius asked the two.

"We're going to walk," James replied

"See you at Remus's then," Sirius said, and he and Madison hurried off to apparate back to Remus's house.

Lily and James began walking back, both remaining silent.

"James." "Lily."

They both laughed nervously as they simultaneously said the others' name.

"You go first," James said politely watching Lily closely.

"Alright then," Lily said taking a deep breath. She gave James a quick glance noticing his attention focused straight ahead. "Do you feel like something's… I don't know, changed… between us?"

James stopped walking, causing Lily to stop as well.

"It's not just me then?" He asked worriedly watching her closely.

"Apparently not," Lily responded leaning against the wall of the building they were next to.

"Yeah, I do feel like something's changed," James said.

"I don't know what it is," Lily continued, "I can't tell if it's something bad, or good. Whether it's something that I should worry about or be happy about. I feel so confused, and I didn't want you to think that this was an easy way for me to just get out of a relationship."

James's expression turned into a frown as he watched her. "What do you mean by 'get out of a relationship'?" He asked. "You were planning on breaking up?"

Lily ran her hand through her hair nervously. "Well, I don't know. I mean, what should we do? I can't go on with us being so awkward around each other. It's just… weird!"

"Oh, so coming and talking to me about it didn't even cross your mind before you thought of just breaking things off?" James asked incredulously.

"What do you think we're doing now!" Lily retorted.

"Only after you admit that you were just about well ready to end what we have together!"

"What the hell do we have together James!" Lily yelled. "Can you even tell me that!"

James remained silent as he watched her, his eyes etched with anger. Lily let out a faltering laugh. "That's what I thought." She turned to continue walking, but James grabbed her by the arm.

"It's not something I can explain Lils," James said softly. "Hell, it's not something anyone can explain for that matter. I don't know what happened between us, and I don't know what is going to happen between us. But I'm willing to at least give us a chance! I'm not about to just… throw it all away simply because something isn't working out perfectly."

"Nothing between us has ever worked out perfectly James," Lily said hotly. "You of all people should know that."

"And whose bloody fault is that?" James threw back immediately regretting what he had said.

Lily stared at him for a long moment. "Fine," She said at last. "You know what? Fine! I didn't think that this was going to work out, and James you just proved me right!" She began walking away, then stopped "You're such a prat!" She turned toward him, her eyes glaring daggers at him.

"You know," She began walking toward him once again, "Here I was thinking that I was bloody in love you! In love with you! Isn't that funny James! Why don't you go tell all your friends that! You finally won! You won over the heart of Miss Lily Evans! The one person everyone thought you'd never get and you got her!" Her eyes were beginning to water as James simply stared at her. "That's right. Stand and stare as if you had no bloody idea that you had me head over heels in love with you!"

"I didn't," James whispered, but not loud enough for Lily to hear.

"Just leave me alone, Potter," Lily said wiping her eyes with her hands. "And stop staring at me! I already feel like down right idiot, and you staring at me isn't about to start helping!"

James took a step toward her. She backed into the wall. "You're not an idiot, Lils." James took hold of her arms in his hands, not roughly but gently, and brought his face close to hers.

"You are anything but an idiot, and before you continue completely crushing any shred of an ego I have let me get a word in won't you?"

Lily remained silent, staring into his eyes, as he refused to let her leave his grasp. "I don't know what happened between us that made everything so awkward and weird, but I want you to know what I think it means."

Lily let out a shaky breath, "I'm listening."

"I think it means that we aren't supposed to know what is going to happen, that we won't ever know what is going to happen, that you and I are meant to go through times of complete trouble and confusion, and that…" James cut off, and reached his hands up to cup her face gently.

"And that what James?" Lily asked feeling her heart rate increase dramatically.

"And that you and I were simply scared of admitting to, and letting each other know how we feel about one another"
Lily remained silent, and James brushed the hair from her eyes. "That's just my guess," He said looking her hard in the eyes.

"That would make sense wouldn't it?" Lily said finally after a long moment's pause.

"I would say so," James replied with a small smile. "I'm sorry Lily."

"You don't have a reason to be," Lily replied resting her forehead against his, "I was being unreasonable and stupid."

"Hey, now." James ran his fingers through her hair gently. "Stop putting yourself down so much. It was just as much my fault."

Lily smiled at him, "Yeah, it was wasn't it?"

James laughed, kissing her softly on the cheek.

"How about we say it was an equal share, and we forget this ever happened," Lily asked, her eyes locked on his.

"Sounds perfect, but you have to tell me one thing before I agree to it," James said smiling mischievously.

"What's that?" Lily questioned.

"Did you mean it when you said you were in love with me?" His eyes grew slightly darker as he asked his question, and Lily smiled knowingly.

"Of course I meant it you dolt," She said pulling him to her, pressing her lips firmly to his.

James pushed back into her so her body was now trapped between the wall and himself, and he gently reached his hand behind her head deepening their kiss.

Moments later he pulled away from her, trailing feather-light kisses along her jaw bone, then planting a single kiss once again on her lips. "Well just so you know," He said resting his cheek against hers, her hand running through his hair, and driving him wild, "I have loved you since the day that I met you in our first year," Lily laughed remembering the day, "Even if you absolutely loathed me."

"I never did, James," Lily said moving her face from his, and staring deeply into his eyes. "I just couldn't have the whole world knowing that I liked the prankster of the school. I was supposed to set an example." She smirked at him, and he leaned in giving her a quick, gentle kiss.

"What about next year?" James asked. "Since you're going to be Head Girl, you still have to set a good example. I might be a bad influence on you."

"I will set a good example, and so will you, Mr. Head Boy. Otherwise, the benefits of you and I getting to share our own private common room will be taken away if you catch my meaning, love."

James's eyes grew wide at her comment, and he knew she wasn't joking. "You're evil," He said pouting.

Lily laughed loudly, grabbing onto the front of his shirt and pulling him to her gently. "You have no idea." And once again they were consumed with one another.


Sirius and Madison walked through the door to Remus's house laughing together at something Sirius said.

Madison stopped short as she looked toward the living room. Kay and Remus had both fallen asleep on the couch; Kay resting contently in his arms. Madison smiled.

"They're so perfect together," She said off-handedly.

Sirius glanced at her barely catching her somewhat sad expression that adorned her face.

He took her hand in his, and tugged on it for her to follow him.

"Come with me," He said simply as they headed up the stairs together. Madison smiled as they walked into his room, and he led her over to the bed, sitting down beside her. He took both her hands in his, and Mad was about to ask what he was doing, when she noticed the worried look on his face.

"Madison." Sirius looked her in the eyes as he spoke.

"Sirius, what's wrong. You look like you're about to propose to Snape or something," Madison said.

Sirius laughed at her comment, stroking her hand gently with his thumb.

"First of all," He said running his hand through his hair quickly, Madison reaching up to stop him. It had become a pet-peeve of hers whenever he, or even James, did that. "Sorry," he added quickly. "Ok well first of all, I would never propose to Snivelus. And secondly I'm not gay."

Madison's eyes glinted at his comment, and she shook her head as she watched him.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing," She replied starting to laugh, "But I'd be willing to bet there are a few girls who would say that you're obsession with your looks could be considered what some would call… gay."

"You've got to be kidding me," Sirius said his eyes now wide.

Madison laughed taking hold of his arm and pulling him on top of her as she leaned back on the bed. Sirius smiled down at her, as he held his weight above her.

"Of course I'm kidding," Madison said running her fingers through his hair gently.

"Maddie, are you happy?" His expression turned to complete seriousness.

"Of course I'm happy," She replied reflecting his tone.

"I want you to know that I haven't ever felt this way about a girl before," Sirius said keeping his eyes on hers. "And I feel like I've grown up more because of you."

Madison shifted so he could rest his weight against her comfortably. "You have grown up more Sirius," Madison said. "Even since the beginning of the summer. I mean all we were then was basically make-out buddies, just we called it a relationship."

"You really thought I went out with you just to make out?" Sirius asked, as his expression dropped.

"Well, yeah," Madison replied. "That's basically what we were Sirius."

Sirius moved off of her, and sat on the edge of the bed looking down.

Madison sat up looking at him confused. She came up behind him, wrapping her arms around his middle, and leaning her head against his back.

"I'm sorry if I upset you," She said softly.

Sirius breathed deeply as he tried to think of what to say.

"I didn't mean that to be so blunt. But to me that's what we were. I was so used to hearing about your girl of the week, and not to mention you were, and still are, extremely handsome and sexy. I think I just liked the idea of me getting to be a part of that excitement of having gotten to 'be' with Sirius Black."

Sirius hadn't moved an inch as she spoke, but he then turned to Madison staring at her.

"I never thought of you as someone to do what I want with, and then throw to the side," He defended himself.

Madison smiled. "I know that Sirius. You've truly changed for the better, and I can't comprehend anymore why I simply went out with you for the hell of it. We've grown so much closer, and now I know things about you and your friends that I never dreamed I would."

Sirius smiled softly at her and took her hand, his fingers playing with hers.

"I'm sorry I made it seem as if I wasn't really interested in you as a person. I never intended on that to happen." Sirius looked at her as he laced his fingers through hers.

"Well, its all in the past now, so let's not worry about it," Madison said smiling at him. "I'm only interested in what we have now, and that it will never change."

Sirius leaned toward her pressing his lips gently to hers in a soft, languid kiss that set Madison's heart on fire.

"It won't," He said against her lips.


"Can you believe it?" Lily said to the group around her. "It's the last day of summer."

There was a collective silence around the group; no one seemed to want to agree with her.

"You know," Remus broke the silence, "It's so weird thinking back to the first day of summer when you two came knocking on my door," He said smiling at Kay and Lily. "I mean Lily, you were so pissed off to find out James was going to be here."

Lily laughed as she unknowingly shifted a little closer to James on the couch. His arm went around her shoulder.

"What can I say? James and I weren't exactly on good terms." Lily nudged James with her leg.

"Weren't on good terms?" James said unbelievably. "You call yelling at me, hitting me, and threatening to kill me as simply not on good terms?"

"When did I ever threaten to kill you!" Lily retorted.

"Well you might as well have," James replied. "But I know, I know. It had to have been hard covering up all this time."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Lily asked. James was smiling stupidly at her.

"Oh, come on Lils. You've been wanting me since we first laid eyes on each other. You might as well come out and say it to the world."

Lily's jaw fell open, and she reached for a pillow, whacking James hard in the stomach with it.

"You are so arrogant sometimes," She said, this time throwing the pillow at him. It bounced off and fell to the floor, and James grabbed hold of Lily's hands and pulled her toward him.

"But you love it," He said softly to her, smiling.

Lily tried to hold back a laugh as he continued staring at her. James quickly leaned in kissing her softly as his fingers began playing with hers.

Moments later they broke apart. "Yeah, you're right," Lily said, her eyes sparkling.

"Ok you two. Let's stop before the rest of us lose our lunch," Sirius said putting a hand over Madison's eyes.

Madison reached up pushing his hand away and laughed softly as Sirius poked her in the side.

"This has definitely been a quite eventful summer," Kelsey said as she sat next to Kay on the other sofa.

"What do you guys want to do for our last hours of freedom?" Kay asked looking around the group.

"I have an idea," James said.

"Yes, and I'm certain that none of us want to be a part of you and Lily snogging each other senseless. So, who's next?" Sirius said earning a pillow being thrown in his direction, which missed tremendously. He looked up to see Lily glaring at him, and James laughing at her attempt to hit him.

"Actually, that doesn't sound too bad," James replied. Lily gave him a smile in agreement, but James simply winked at her, once again putting his arm around her, only this time it went to her waist.

"Actually Padfoot. I was thinking that we could spend our last day just staying here and spending some good quality time together." James explained.

Sirius gave him a weird look. "When did you become such a girl?"

"Shortly after you did." James smirked.

The group laughed loudly at the expression on Sirius's face. "Oh, you think you're so funny, James," Sirius said standing up.

James looked as if he was thinking for a moment then replied, "Yes, I do, actually."

Sirius walked over to the couch that was currently occupied by Lily and James, and he squished himself right in between them.

"This is nice," Sirius said. Quite randomly, that is…

"What the hell?" James asked as he just stared at Sirius then looked at Lily as if she'd give him some reason as to why Sirius came and sat between them.

"Oh, Jamsie. Come on! You and Lily. Together forever. I might as well buy you a tux now, and get dearest Lily a wedding gown. And remember, I get to be the best man." Sirius winked at James, then put his arms up against he back of the couch, behind both Lily and James and pulled them toward him.

"And you two will have tons of little Lilameses!"

"Dare I ask what a Lilames is?" Lily said looking up at Sirius as she leaned against him.

"It's your children of course," Sirius replied as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Sirius," James said gaining said person's attention.

"Yes Jamie?"

"Bug off," James replied shoving his friend up from the sofa, and quickly moving toward Lily once again.

Sirius looked down at the two of them with a frown on his face.

"I'm always the one left out," He complained remaining where he was.

"There are reasons for that," Remus said. Sirius turned toward him, his mouth open in mock-surprise.

"What?" He took a step toward Remus.

"Nothing Padfoot," Remus replied smiling innocently. Kay laughed and stood up from the couch she shared with Kelsey, and went and sat on Remus's lap in the armchair he occupied.

"Be nice to him Remus," She said jokingly as she winked at Sirius.

Sirius smiled mischievously. "Do I get to sit on your lap Remy old buddy old pal?"

Madison laughed at him this time. "And you said you aren't gay…" She commented.

"Yes, I should have told you sooner that I lied," Sirius said rolling his eyes sarcastically.

"I knew it," Madison replied standing up and wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Of course you did," Sirius said leaning closer to her.

"Of course I did." She closed the gap between them, and kissed him soundly before pulling away.

"And you were complaining about Lily and I kissing each other?" James watched Sirius and Madison.

"That's different laddie," Sirius replied keeping his gaze on Madison.

"Laddie?" James cocked an eyebrow.

"Ooooh!" Sirius raised his eyebrows and smiled turning his attention to James. "That's a good one isn't it?" He exclaimed. "Little Laddie Jamie!"

"Oh goodness," Lily said putting her face into her hands. "This is almost as bad as Lily Root."

"It's ok. He's only jealous," James explained. Sirius looked at him confused.

"Jealous of what?"

"That Snivelous didn't get to hear your confession that night when you said you wanted to, what was it? Take him home and ravish him?"

Sirius glared at James, and Lily, surprisingly, stood up and went and hugged Sirius.

"He didn't mean it," She said making Sirius smile at James. He had one arm wrapped around both Madison and Lily.

"Seems you've got some competition there James," Remus joked as he tightened his arms around Kay who was smiling at the scene before her.

"Yes, I'm competition to anyone though so it's nothing new really," Sirius said giving his usual grin that would make any girls heart melt. "Come on girls, group hug!" He pulled them both toward him, and Lily and Madison broke down into laughter as they met one another's gaze.

Lily looked over at James who was sitting on the couch by himself.

"Are you joining us?" She asked smiling at him. The sides of his mouth twitched up, and he stood from his spot and went joining in.

"Oi, Kay, Remus! Get your lazy arses over here!" Sirius called over his shoulder.

Kay stood from Remus's lap, and joined the group, Remus only seconds behind her.

"What a way to end the summer, eh?" Madison said looking up at them all as they stood in a huge hug together.

"No," Sirius said smiling mischievously, "This is the way to end a summer."

And with that he turned extremely quickly, causing Lily and Madison to fall, which knocked James over, who grabbed Kelsey, who hit Kay, who shoved into Sirius, who grabbed Remus's leg and pulled him down.

"Sirius you're such a prat!" Kelsey said loudly, but she was laughing all the same.

They lay in a giant heap on the floor, and it was a mess of tangled bodies.

Remus however, quickly glared at Sirius, and went over to Kay. "Are you alright?"

"Remus, I'm fine," She explained laughing. "It doesn't hurt anymore, it just gets a little sore," She added putting her hand on her stomach where her accident had happened.

Sirius noticed this action and quickly clapped Remus on the back. "Lighten up Moony. No harm done."

Remus cracked a grin, and shoved Sirius away as he leaned in kissing Kay gently. "I love you," He whispered softly as the others began to stand up.

Kay's eyes sparkled as she looked at him. "I love you too."


"Fifteen minutes 'til departure!"

Kelsey, Sirius, and Madison stood just outside the entrance to the train waiting for the others to catch up.

"So what did you tell Greg when you left?" Madison asked Kelsey.

"I told him I go to a private school, and that I'd only be home on holidays," She said sadly. "We thought it best to break things off for now since we'd almost never see each other."

"Oh, Kelsey, I'm so sorry," Madison said hugging her friend tightly.

"It's alright. It's really best for the both of us. Who knows. Maybe I'll find my prince charming this year," Kelsey added smiling at Madison.

"I think we've said that every year, and look where it's gotten us?"

Kelsey glanced at Sirius who was quietly listening in on the conversation. She smiled. "I see your point. I got stuck 'boyfriend'less again and you got stuck with Sirius."

Sirius seemed to snap out of it, and gave her a hurt look.

"I resent that!" He said watching as she and Madison laughed at him.

"Come on you oaf," Madison said grabbing Sirius's arm. "We'll meet the others on the train."

And with that, the three friends boarded the train.


"Well, here we are," Remus said as he and Kay approached the train. "Our last year at Hogwarts is finally here."

Kay smiled at him, taking his hand in hers. "And it's going to be the best one yet."

Remus leaned in kissing her softly on the lips, making her knees go weak from his gentleness. "That it is." He winked at her, then lead her through the crowds and toward the entrance to the train cars.

Kay spotted Lily standing alone, and was about to head toward her when James walked up to her. She smiled at the look of shock adorned on people's faces as they spotted the couple now standing close together.

Some would glance, then take a double take, completely flabbergasted that the two enemies of the school were hugging, talking to one another, and holding hands.

Kay actually laughed as she saw a sixth year Slytherin walk straight into a barrier after becoming sidetracked by Lily and James; both of whom hadn't taken notice of anyone around them but the one another.

Remus looked at her oddly, and asked what she was laughing at.

"Nothing," She replied wrapping her arm around his waist. He simply smiled at her, and they headed onto the train which would take them on their last train ride to Hogwarts.


Lily looked at the steaming Hogwarts Express waiting steadily in front of them. This was the last time she'd be leaving home to take the train to school as a student. Despite the fact that she still had an entire year ahead of her, she became quite sad at the thought of not returning after then.

James walked up beside her, standing with his hands in his pockets. "You alright?" He asked quietly as they stood close to one another.

"Yeah," She replied looking up at him. "It's just sad you know? It's our last year"
James let her words sink in before removing his hand from his pocket, and wrapping it securely around her body, pulling her into him, and gently kissing the top of her head.

"It is sad," He said, keeping her close to him. "But at the same time it's going to be one of our best years, and to be honest, I can't wait to be able to have an entire common room to ourselves. I can kiss you whenever I want." He smiled cheekily down at her.

Lily laughed softly, "You make it sound so romantic," She said sarcastically. "I don't know Mr. Potter, if all you think of me is a person to go and have your way with then I don't know if this is going to work out." Her eyes twinkled as she looked at him, and he knew she was just playing around with him. But nonetheless he needed her to know.

"You're not that at all Lily Evans," He said taking hold of both of her hands. "There's so much about you I want to know, and learn. And this year is going to be the time to do so. I love you so much, and I can't wait to spend my life with you."

Lily stared at him wide eyed. "Your life?" She asked.

James's smile faltered and he quickly ran a hand through his already messy hair. "I meant… this year. Yeah, this year." He said with a nervous laugh.

Lily couldn't help but smile at his boyish nervousness. She leaned up kissing him soundly before whispering, "I love you."

He smiled stupidly back at her, and she slipped her hand into his as they walked toward the train.

Lily's mind was stuck on James's words and she couldn't help but smile from ear to ear at the thought of having a life with James Potter.

He was the man who began as someone she couldn't stand. The man who could get on her very last nerve. The man who slowly, but surely, captured her heart.

And the man she was hopelessly in love with…



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