"What the hell?" she cursed into the pillow as an annoying beep woke her.

Logan laughed hitting off the alarm on his cell phone and pulled her in close, placing a kiss on her forehead, "I thought you didn't need sleep."

"I don't" she said pushing back her hair, "I just don't like being woken up." She sat up and looked around, "It's not even daylight."

"I know" he said sitting up and swinging his legs over the side. "Come on, get up."

She sniffed the air, "Do I smell coffee?"

A smile twinkled from behind his eyes, "I put the timer on last night…Come on." He said standing with the aide of his cane.

She followed him out into the kitchen and accepted the mug of coffee and took a sip of it black before walking back to the fridge for milk. What the hell was going on with Logan, she wondered. If ever there hadn't been a morning person, it was Logan. He normally grumbled and glared.

"Can you turn the couch around?" he asked

She shook her head, it was too early to try to figure out Logan and put the mug on the counter, pushed a chair and the coffee table back before swinging around the couch. "Seriously Logan, it's 5:23."

"I know the time Max. Can you move the coffee table in front of the sofa?" he added

Apparently today was her morning to glare, but she did as she was asked, "Am I done yet?"

"Your cup" he said looking down at the counter before moving over to the couch.

"Logan if this is supposed to be some romantic watch the sun rise type of thing, I hate to point out, you can't really see that from this window."

"It's not, now just hush up and sit. If I'd wanted to watch the sunrise with you I'd have taken you up to the roof." He said pulling her hand down for her to join him on the couch.

So she sat there staring out onto the night, her head resting on Logan's shoulder, his arm around her as he sipped his coffee. Dawn was starting to break through and the night started to fade.

He didn't say anything next to her, he just rhythmically sipped his coffee. She didn't turn until she was sure dawn had completely broken through and the sun had risen leaving the sky uncharacteristically bright for Seattle.

"So what was that?" she asked after almost 40 minutes of near silence and minimal movements.

He just looked at her.

"What was it supposed to be some darkest before the dawn...The world hasn't stopped, the world changes, keeps going? Some dark to light thing? Good always returns? Always sneaks through... What cycles of life?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "Take it however you want Max, it's just the start of another Seattle day."


She sat down with a fresh cup of joe waiting for Logan to come out of the bedroom, he was getting dressed and putting on the exo even though she was still in what she wore to bed, another sign of his weakening legs.

Another day, that's what Logan had said.

It was another day and there would be another after that. They had a future now. A future they could plan. When was the last time they made a plan? A plan for more than a week ahead. More than going to the market?

Was the last thing they'd really planned going to the cabin?

Had that been their last plan for the future?

She thought hard and tried to think of what they'd ever said of the future…She couldn't. They'd talked of the virus going down, but not what they'd do when it was gone that was just always implied.

She thought hard, how could they have not made any plans? How could they have not talked about the future in over a year being free of the virus? They'd been so scared for so long that there wouldn't be a future…

The cause, the fight those had been the plans they made. But their future…

It wasn't that they took each other for granted…No, they would never be that foolish again. They went out of their way to spend time with each other even if it was just being in the same room to do work. They had just kind of existed in limbo while trying to survive the war.

But still they had to have discussed something about the future, made some reference to it…It came to her then, one day just before Joshua had died, Logan had stumbled while walking and she'd gone to help him, it had happened before…

"Max, if you want a baby so much, I'll give you one, but don't treat me like one." he snapped as she went to help him.

That had been the closest they'd had to having a discussion on their future. She thought about it now, sitting at the counter waiting for Logan to emerge and start cooking.

They could plan a future now.

They could have kids or they could just go away for the weekend. They could buy things to decorate the apartment instead of the bare essentials necessary for survival. There would be holidays spent suffering with his family, they would have real holidays of their own. Not that their holidays hadn't been special because they had simply for the fact that they had been together and surrounded by friends. But, they had a real place of their own now, they could have a giant tree this Christmas, she could subject Logan to tons of garish decorations, though she probably wouldn't, it was nice to know that she could though.

Her mind wandered back to Logan snapping at her, it had been a weird, he was actually serious remark. There was never any doubt in either of their minds that once they were together they were going to stay together, even though they never discussed it.

She thought about the baby comment some more. She couldn't help but remember how Logan smiled at her the first time she held Darby, Gem's little girl, it was the same way he smiled at her with Brittany. She remembered the first time she was holding her after the virus was gone, she felt her unsure smile as her gaze connected with his realizing that any mistake could lead to the baby in her arms being theirs, his grin was even brighter than it was before. So had hers until she realized that the thought of a kid was just ridiculous. The last thing she could do was go up against White and the Familiars pregnant. A mistake like that could get more than just her killed.

"You look serious."

Her gaze turned to him, "I've been awake for over an hour now with no food. You're lucky I look serious and not deadly."

He laughed, "Heaven forbid you'd actually slice the mushrooms or anything to speed up the process."

"I'm already being sent off to the trenches, now you want me to do kitchen duty?"

He laughed as he started to pull the ingredients for their omelets out of the fridge. "You sure you want to go back to Normal?"

"Gotta keep one torn in my side. Got rid of Lydecker, Renfo, and White. He keeps me real."

He laughed again and started to wash the mushrooms. He put the freshly washed mushrooms in front of Max, along with a cutting board and a knife.

She set about her task at hand as he started on the tomato.

"Where do you see us five years from now?" she asked.

He paused and looked at her for a moment, "Is that your way of saying that you want to move?"

She laughed and shook her head, "No, I love this apartment, you know that. I mean us. I mean think back three years ago, is that what you pictured when you met me?"

He grinned, "You in my boxers and a tee shirt as I cooked you breakfast…Oh yea."

She sighed and ignored him, "You know what I mean. So come on, us five years from now."

He thought about it for a moment, "Five years?" he asked

She nodded

"Hmm" so he hadn't really thought about it either she thought to herself, "What exactly are you looking for here?" he asked

"You and me in five years, not Eyes Only, not anything with the transgenics…Just you and me in five years."

"Well we'll still be doing this." he waved a hand around the kitchen and kissed her, "Definitely that. I don't know…maybe a kid."

"You want us to have kids?" she asked

"We don't have to, but it would be nice. Do you not want kids?" his eyes narrowed asking her.

"I want kids."

"So you want more than one?"

"Not that you didn't turn out well as an only child…" she teased

He laughed, "Okay so in five years we'll have a child…" he looked at her for a moment, "We should probably get married if we're going to have kids."

"You can do the second without the first Logan."

He gave her a look, "There will be a wedding before our first child…" then realized what he was saying, hadn't he done that whole till death to you part thing before? "If you promise not to turn into an"

She cut him off, "Compare me to Valerie and this knife is going to slip." she waived it in the air.

He smiled, "You about done with those" he asked

She realized he'd finished cutting up the tomato, but she'd stopped while they were talking. "Go beat the eggs."


Logan paused mid-bite to watch Max's face. They'd both kept grinning like little kids with a secret throughout the meal and then looking away. "You know you keep looking at me like that and we're moving up your timetable."

She laughed, "All we decided was we'd have a kid by the time five years were up."

"Really?" his eyebrows raised.

"Do not look at me like that," she warned with a raised fork, "I'm not showering again and Original Cindy can smell sex on me."

He just looked at her.

"I'm so not kidding…Okay or maybe it's the fact that I walk around with a cheesy smile on my face for hours afterwards."

"Only hours, I must be slipping."

She laughed remembering their first night together. They ended up on completely screwed up schedules afterwards, both of them working non-stop, only Logan really being allowed time off for sleep. For three days, until they were able to be together again grins would flash across their faces at the most inopportune times. Everyone made fun of them for it, "Max, you're a soldier, not a teenage girl act like it." Lydecker had scolded after catching her and Logan smiling at each other from across the room while he was talking to her.


"So is this how kids feel being dropped off for their first day at school?" Max turned and asked Logan as he pulled up in front of her old apartment building where her bike still was. "Where's my lunch money?" she held out her hand.

"You don't need money, your lunch is already packed and in your bag."

She laughed opening her bag, sure enough there was a bag with Tupperware and utensils.

He rubbed a hand over the back of his head and smiled, "Just call me June Cleaver."

"You take such good care of me." she said leaning over to kiss him.

"They're only leftovers, don't get too excited."

"So what do you have on the agenda today besides the market?"

"When did I become a housewife?" he pondered.

"I don't know, but you're a damn good one."

He shook his head and smiled, moving back onto the original subject, "I've got a few things I need to check into, nothing major."

"Nothing major." she sighed, "God I love those words. You're still coming over here after work?"

"Yea, unless you want me to come up and get those boxes now."

Max shook her head, "You do not want to be around two females trying to get ready for work."


She ran pushing her bike the final few steps towards Jam Pony as rain started to beat down upon their heads.

Original Cindy cursed the rain as she tried to shake it off her head walking towards her locker.

Max stopped and turned in the entrance as the normal sounds of Jam Pony rattled on behind her. Normal barking out orders and being ignored, the tv blared in the background, indistinct chatter going on. She watched the rain.

"Come on Max, bip bip bip…" Normal called from behind his desk trying to get her attention.

She smiled, "Yea just another day in Seattle." she whispered before turning.

Author's Note: Okay so now would be the time to tell me if you hated it, liked it or hey just read it because you were bored and have no real opinion one way or another.

Okay so now the mindless chatter about why I wrote the story aside from I still need more closure than what FN gave me. I wanted to write a story about when they got home and Max saying that her life had been on hold because there are so many Season One purists (Which I understand because I stopped watching the show while Season 2 was on the air), but I'm more of a who would Logan and Max be after all of the insanity. So then the song at the end of the movie (That would be the Fantasticks if you don't remember from the start of the story).

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh so mellow
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain so yellow
Try to remember the kind of September
When you were a young and a callow fellow
Try to remember and if you remember
Then follow-follow, oh-oh

Try to remember when life was so tender
That no one wept except the willow
Try to remember when life was so tender
That dreams were kept beside your pillow
Try to remember when life was so tender
That love was an ember about to billow
Try to remember and if you remember
Then follow-follow, oh-oh

Deep in December it's nice to remember
Although you know the snow will follow
Deep in December it's nice to remember
Without a hurt, the heart is hollow
Deep in December it's nice to remember
The fire of September that made you mellow
Deep in December our hearts should remember
Then follow-follow, oh-oh

Okay so once more wasn't paying attention because I was watching Joey (That would be NKOTB Joey) and I heard when Gray was Yellow (Though the Without a hurt, the heart is hollow is a really good line too). And I thought that was a perfect way to describe what I thought she would be feeling in my 'life on hold story.' When things had been good in their life, everything had been on track finally, Max had this seemingly great life when looking back, especially when she compared it to what her life had become, they were living in this whole new world, one that was the opposite of what Max wanted. She and Logan had been new 829 days ago and while they had problems they were nothing like the ones they faced afterwards. Then I killed off Josh and Brin to make Max really sad and totally depressed about the world she was living in (Didn't even realize I was doing it until I saw it on the screen). Looking back on the past Max saw colors and vitality and now there was just darkness, monotony, and death and she couldn't figure out how one had led to the other. Oh and seriously I had like nine million really good comments about the whole sunrise scene about what she thought it meant and for the life of me I went to write it and couldn't remember a single one. Okay so that's it, I'm done explaining. If anyone's still reading at this point review. I hope you enjoyed.