"Sango. When is momma gonna be back?" Shippo asked.

"She will be coming soon, now, calm down Shippo. Maybe she is taking a long time just to get some of those yummy stuff for us in her time."

This statement brought joy to the kitsune's mind as he thought of his favorite food, candy.

"Hai, Sango-chan. She might and she might just knock Inuyasha's head off if she heard what we were discussing about here with Inuyasha…" Miroku snickered.

There was chattering with Sango and Miroku until Miroku's cursed hand groped her butt.


"You know that by now Sango. My hand is cursed." Miroku pleaded for mercy.

"Grownups. I NEVER wanna grow up." Shippo complained.


"Kagome, hurry up. The others are waiting by the well. They would be worried if they didn't see me come back with you. They might think that,"

"Don't go there Inuyasha. I'm warning you. I could do it right here and right now in public and get you humiliated. I will say it." Kagome narrowed her eyes at him.

"NO, NO, NO! You got it all wrong Kagome. I meant to say that they might think that you were dead or something then they would kill me and never forgive me."

"Like I would believe you, Inuyasha."

"Y-You don't believe me!" Inuyasha flattened his ears on his skull.

"Oh, Inuyasha. I didn't mean it. I just got upset at the fact that you went off to see Kikyo. That's all. You have my trust." Kagome apologized.

"Arigato, Kagome. You have mine." Inuyasha spoke gladly.

"I just need to buy some ramen and stuff for the others and I will be right back. Kay? JA NE!"

Kagome sped off into the direction of the central town market.


"Sango, Miroku, I sense a demon not too far. It has a really strong jaki."

Kirara's was growling and its fur was standing straight up.

"It smells like….Sesshomaru!" Shippo cried. He didn't like this demon not just because he and Inuyasha are strikingly similar, (A/N: I hate to admit that too!), but because he is a powerful Tai-youkai and that it makes it even worse. He is the soon-to-be Lord of the Western Lands.

Sesshomaru stepped out into the clearing when he only saw Inuyasha's pathetic friends.

"Hmph. I expected much more of a need than this. Move."

"We can't let you go any farther than this, Sesshomaru." Miroku snapped.

Just as the pervert said that, Jaken, Aun, and Rin appeared. "You WILL speak to Sesshomaru-sama politely. He deserves your respect, filthy human! If you don't speak politely to Sesshomaru-sama, then,"

"JAKEN!" Jaken was interrupted by the great Sesshomaru himself.

"H-hai?" Jaken was shaking. He couldn't control it. When it came to Sesshomaru-sama, it was death waiting to happen on the end of the rope.


"H-hai, Sesshomaru-sama."

Rin stared at the other humans. Why weren't they scared of Sesshomaru-sama? That was the question she wanted to know. She knew that they were Inuyasha's companions, but why aren't they scared? They are humans just like her. She thought for a moment then thought of her answer.

"Ahh. Shopping was fun while it lasted." Kagome let out a relief sigh causing everyone's heads to turn.

"What? Did I say something?"

They kept staring at her then at Sesshomaru.

"Oh god. Of all the times, now?" Kagome gasped. What do I do?

"Sesshomaru! Bastard, you better leave this place!" Inuyasha turned to Kagome and told her to stay behind him.

"Hmph. Inuyasha. I know your weakness now. Your true weakness is not that the intelligence you lack, but the strength you have to just protect a weak mortal. No, a miko perhaps that tried to run away from you and never return? Baka." Sesshomaru chuckled a bit at his remarks.

"What do you mean, bastard?"

"I mean that, what ever happened that day with you and the dead bitch, she was letting her salt tears run down her face while jumping into that mysterious, dead, well. I followed her because I was curious. That doesn't happen very often, little brother." Sesshomaru smirked.

"I'm not your little brother, Sesshomaru! Taste this! Kaze no Kizu!"

"Hmph. Don't you think that is getting old?" Sesshomaru slashed the Wind Scar in half with Toukijin's amazing powers.


The others couldn't help but stare. Kagome was comforting Shippo. Miroku was talking with Sango for another way to get Inuyasha and Sesshomaru away from the well or else they might destroy it. Kirara was snarling at Aun, while it was growling back at her. Rin and Jaken looked at their master with amazment because this was Rin's first time seeing Sesshomaru in a real battle. Not those short ones, but long ones. Jaken, however, was only amazed because he had never seen Toukijin and Sesshomaru's Dokkasu join up together to slice Kaze no Kizu in half and sending Toukijin's power back at Inuyasha.


pant pant 'I can't keep this up any longer. If I push my limits, who knows what will happen…' Inuyasha thought about the time when he almost killed Kagome at the Castle of Illusions. (A/N: You have to see the Castle Beyond the Looking Glass to know what I am talking about.)

'Baka. He knows. I will kill him and uphold my honor to the name of Inutaisho, my dear parted father who was brainless to give a powerful sword to a mere half-breed who can never succeed in finding one's true place. I, on the other hand, got a pathetic sword who can't even cut a slice of bread. This is disgusting. I will kill that dirty little tainted half-breed and claim what was rightfully mine.' Sesshomaru growled at this thought and turned his eyes toward the miko. 'Hmm…I could make good use out of her…I don't need to kill the half-breed. He just needs to do the killing for me.' Sesshomaru snickered at this and made a death or life comment.

"Half-breed. If you think you have the guts or even the will to come to my castle before sunset, I will spare your life and/or this girl's." He used his demon speed and came face-to-face with Kagome. "If you succeed, which I doubt you will, she lives and/or you will. If you fail, she and you will die at the palms of my hands and I will have something I wished and longed for such years."

growls "Bastard. You think I would hand over Tetsusaiga like that?" Inuyasha made a usual rude comment.

"I will take that as a bet." Sesshomaru then grabbed Kagome and sped off towards the Western Lands.