Kagome woke up early the next morning to find Sesshomaru on the floor, sleeping peacefully. She yawned a bit, and then noticed that she had some scratches on herself. "Eh? This is strange…" She found an odd looking one on her shoulder, near her neck. Then she tried to trace where she well, remembered. "Okay…I remember teasing…Then I remember fighting….then oh…I can't remember! Wait…Am I going to turn into a vampire!" Kagome was scared, then happy. "Well, I gotta wait to find out!" She went to the dresser to find a kimono that would fit her. "Wow! This yukata is cute!" When she was about to put it on, Sesshomaru was behind her. She felt breaths that tickled her. "Sesshomaru…." She turned to see her beloved. "You better?" He asked. "Yeah. Well, at least you're back to normal. My clothes were tattered and torn, so I thought just wearing this yukata would be fine…" She was cut off by his voice. "Oh, that. That used to be my mother's, then my ex." He sighed. "I never wanted to see it again. Those koi fish frolicking in the waters of the yukata makes me want to just….." He was stopped by Kagome's kiss. "I won't wear it if you don't want to see it. I'll find something else." She smiled sweetly at the demon as she pulled away. But before she could, he grabbed her arm. "I couldn't meet you and say it, but….Watashi….watashi-wa itsumi-ka Kagome….." Kagome was shocked, and glad. "Me too." She reached up to him and kissed him once more. This time, deeper, having more meaning than the first. He ultimately couldn't refuse. (Okay…Uhh…I don't like what's going to happen next so…well, readers may be disappointed, but it's my way or the highway! I sound arrogant, don't I? Well, deal with it! I really wanna skip that part. Oh, and happy late b-day to I'M MARRIED 2 SESSHOMARU-woot. Sorry I couldn't update then. I was very busy, and was banned from the computer. Stayed up to late. Hehe. This is for you thou, I'M MARRIED 2 SESSHOMARU-woot. Hope you enjoy it.)

So, after they got IT going on, Kagome looked up at the demon. "I really didn't want to stay. I felt as if well, I wasn't needed any more. And, I thought I was using you, in a way…" She was hushed by his finger. "Don't need to say any more, Kagome. I understand. I also used you, in a way as well. We're even." He chuckled. Kagome laughed with him as well. "We should head to the baths now. I feel really icky." Kagome got up. "Don't forget the towel. You're partially well, you know what." Kagome sweat dropped. "Uh, yeah. Sure. I'll go and get one." She sighed and cursed at him from afar. "Heh. Whatever. I will never understand humans." He sighed and went back to sleep.

Kagome came to the hot springs to find Sango bathing. "Ohiyou, Sango-chan!" Kagome smiled at her colleague. "Ohiyou, Kagome-chan." She sighed. "Something wrong? You seem really depressed or something…." Sango cut her off. "I-I'm pregnant. And I don't really know what to do." Sango seemed worried, to Kagome's eyes. She looked at Sango, as if she was clueless. "Well, I don't know what I can do, I mean, it's not like I did do something…" Kagome was blushing by now. to think of it, you just came in with a towel. And you were sweating heavily….What did you do!" Sango was furious. She hated it when Kagome lied to her. "Well, we-we-we….Uh….kind of…did it…" Kagome was on the verge of getting a pink face. "You what! Why didn't you say so?" Sango smiled and laughed at her friend. "Well, I thought it was wrong of me to…I mean…well, this, uh…I don't really know what to say now. I'm so embarrassed to talk about it!" Kagome hid her face in the water. "Well, I can't say the same. Were girls, we can say anything about the guys right? And keep it a secret?" Sango winked at Kagome. "Okay. I can trust you. You're like my older sister, in a way that makes me feel safe." Kagome winked back. Sango chuckled. "So, how was it?" She asked. Kagome didn't want to make it in full detail, but she made it specific enough. "I can't say the same though, Kagome. Miroku's a bit different." Kagome laughed at her friend. 'Maybe this is love….' Sango laughed with Kagome. "We should get out now. I don't want to be deep fried." Kagome got out of the pool. Sango noticed the marks on her neck. "Hey, Kagome. What's with the marks?" Sango asked while getting her towel. "Oh, this. I'm mated. I can't really understand these claiming things. It's like we're toys demons claim then, when we die, they just probably find another toy to play with." Kagome sighed. "But, I think Sesshomaru's different from most. He had a hard time to deal with this past love thing…." Kagome drifted off. Sango was curious and asked who the 'past love' was. "Oh, Sesshomaru's first love was a demon as well. If I remember correctly, I think he said something about her having long, red hair. The prettiest face you can imagine. Court lady and I guess a princess of a village of sort. Humans loved her. That is pretty much I can remember. About her name…I think it was Asako." This rung a bell in Sango's head. "Was it Asako you said?" She asked. Kagome nodded. "I remember this sort of demon. It was a long time ago. My father met her father, I think. They signed a treaty to not threaten villagers of our kind. I remember a little girl, older than me, she was beautiful. I remember her father calling her name Asako." Sango put a finger on her lips to help her think. "But that's all I can remember." Kagome nodded in satisfactory. "I want to find out more about this Asako before Sesshomaru and I get too close." Sango twitched. "But, Kagome, you already had it!" Kagome totally forgot that she already had done it. "I guess it was too fast. Heh. Well, we did it really fast. It wasn't a real thing, but it was true enough to make him satisfied." Kagome sighed. "Oh, I see. I thought it was for real." Sango simply said. "Well, I need to know more about his past to know my future with him. Isn't that true?" Kagome asked. "That is certainly right, but, I think I know what my future is with that hentai." Kagome chuckled at the thought, but it was clear to know Sango's future. They have spent so much time together during the jewel hunt. But, it is near the end of the little play time Kagome used to know. Now, it was her future coming to get her from her past and onward. Kagome knew it was the end of the jewel hunt and the beginning of a new relationship with a demon she thought she knew all to well. She was mistaken. The demon had an outer layer of hatred that she thought was his insides as well. But, underneath all that hatred, was a warm, gentle, loving heart that he bottled up, swearing not to reveal that to anyone. Sesshomaru was hurt too much to show any more love. Kagome understood his feelings. She could cope with it. Even though he might go ruff on her, she would understand.

Kagome got dressed in a white bathrobe and headed to her bedroom, to where she was supposed to be assigned to. She looked around to find lots of stained things around, but pretty much clean. "I remember it all. Sasuke-kun was here with Sesshomaru out cold. Inuyasha…." At the thought of Inuyasha, it hurt her all too much. Especially when she was mated with his brother she thought she could never trust. "Inuyasha….." She looked out the balcony and into the sky. 'I wonder where you are…Be happy…And please stay and protect those you love…Even though I maybe not one of them anymore…I want you to stay happy no matter what. I used to love you a lot more than what I thought could. But we were just all mistaken when Sesshomaru kidnapped me. You thought I was in love with him. I wasn't then. I was too into you. I wish I never came into Feudal Era and ruin your lives. Please forgive me…' Kagome thought. There was a knock at her door. Sesshomaru. "Oh, hi." Kagome bowed. "No need for that. I figured you'd be here." Kagome looked at her mate. "Hmm….I'm thinking that you're here because of the memories that were in this dreaded room?" Sesshomaru guessed. "Yeah. I miss them all too well. Sasuke-kun was kind-hearted. Sakura-chan was very protective…And…Inuyasha was mistaken…I mean, Sasuke-kun and Sakura-chan aren't dead. It's just that, I've grown to love them like family. And Inuyasha, I think I'm the one who used him…." Kagome broke down into tears. Sesshomaru came down by her side. "Shh. There is no need for crying. At least the saying is true. All that starts well ends well. Our time was well, so our ending would be well." Sesshomaru stated. Kagome came up to him and hugged him tightly. "Why must this hurt so?" She asked him. "Because, when you love someone or something dearly, you will realize it when that certain thing is gone or dead." Sesshomaru embraced her. "Sesshomaru….I love you so much that I won't want to let you go…Not ever..." Sesshomaru nodded. "Kagome, we all love you too much to let you go. Whatever your choice is, be happy." Sesshomaru got up and left. Kagome had to decide. 'Either I can go back and live in my era, or I can live happily here.' Kagome was saddened. "I'll choose to live my life with the one I love, Sesshomaru."


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