A/N: Elliot has been divorced from Kathy for about 6 months. He sees his children every Tuesday and Thursdays, and every other weekend.

In The End – Chapter One

SVU Precinct 1-6

Olivia walked into the precinct late one Monday morning. Elliot got up out of his chair and walked over to her as she put her things into her locker. "Where were you Liv?" He asked her. "We've got a new case in…but Cap gave it to Munch and Fin since we couldn't go…" he told her, sort of upset.

Olivia turned around and glared at Elliot. "Well thanks for the welcome!" She shot back sarcastically as she plopped down behind her desk and drained her coffee mug.

"Sorry…I didn't mean it like that," he apologized as he sat down behind his desk. "But where were you?"

"I uh…I got held up at home," she told him vaguely as she refilled her mug.

"How's the boyfriend doing?" Elliot asked, his voice flat, showing that he could really care less.

"Clay is fine," Olivia said shortly.

Elliot shrugged. "Okay…"

Captain Cragen came out of his office and handed Elliot a file. "4 year old girl. Kidnapped and raped. She's at Bellevue," he said.

"Bellevue? Why?" Olivia asked.

"Apparently she went into shock…something like that. See what you can find out," he told them as he went back into his office.

Elliot opened the file, and Olivia looked over his shoulder, resting her hand on his back. "Isabella Rose Kilpatrick. 4 years old. Only child of a single mother…says here that the mother was a prostitute, and was raped about 5 years ago…" Olivia read out of the file, before pausing.

"Child of rape," Elliot said, finishing her sentence. "The mother have any boyfriends? A pimp that wanted money…" Elliot said, fishing for ideas.

"I don't think so…but let's go talk to her, okay?" Olivia said as she put her jacket on and headed out of the door.

Elliot followed close behind her, and threw her the keys as he got in the passenger side of the car.

They drove to the hospital, not talking much. Olivia had turned The River 100.7 up and was nodding her head and humming to the music. Elliot watched her with an amused look on his face.

When they got to the hospital, they walked inside and showed their badges to the nurse at the front desk. The nurse took them to Isabella's room. Olivia and Elliot walked inside quietly, and Olivia gently shook the little girl awake.

Isabella blinked slowly, and rubbed her eyes. "Who are you?" She asked, scared.

Olivia smiled warmly. "I'm Detective Benson, and this is my partner Detective Stabler. We're police officers," she told the girls as she showed her the badge.

Isabella nodded. She took Olivia's badge from her and played with it, tracing the lines.

Elliot and Olivia pulled up chairs beside Isabella's bed. "Is it alright if we ask you some questions Isabella?" Olivia asked.

Isabella smiled weakly. "I guess so…but call me Ella…" the little girl said.

"Okay Ella…you told the doctor that a man took you from your house and hurt you. Can you tell me more about this?" Elliot asked her gently.

A tear fell from Ella's eye. Olivia took her hand. "It's alright Ella…" she said comfortingly.

"I was walking home from school, and I was putting the key in the door of the apartment when this big man came up and put his hand over his mouth, and dragged me down the stairs and into his van. He put a blindfold on me, and told me that if I wasn't quiet, he would kill me." Ella paused and sniffled a bit. Olivia patted her shoulder and smiled. Ella continued. "He drove around for a little while before stopping, and making me walk into a building. He took the blindfold off…and he…he made me do bad things to him…" Ella said.

Elliot nodded. "Did he say anything to you?" He asked.

"Before he…hurt me…he said I was getting the same thing that my mother got…what did he mean by that?" Ella asked innocently.

"Well we're going to find out okay?" Olivia assured her. "Did you recognize this man? Have you ever seen him before?"

Ella nodded. "He came by our house a few times. Mother always yelled at him. He was ugly…he had a big tatoo on his arm. I think it was a dragon," Ella said.

Olivia smiled. "You have been very helpful, thank you."

Ella nodded. "What's your name?" She asked Olivia.

"My name's Olivia," she told her.

"That's a pretty name," Ella said. "And I think you're pretty too," Ella added.

Olivia smiled. "Thank you. I think you're pretty too," she said. Elliot and Olivia got up to leave. "Well come back tomorrow, okay?" Olivia promised.

Ella nodded. "Can I give you a hug?"

Olivia looked at Elliot, who walked back into the room. "Sure…" Olivia walked over to Ella and gave her a gentle hug.

Ella put her arms around Olivia's neck, but wouldn't let go.

"Ella, Olivia and I have to go back to work now," Elliot said softly, trying to pry the little girls' arms off of Olivia's neck.

"But I want her to stay with me!" Ella cried.

Olivia pulled back from Ella. "We'll be back, okay? I promise…" she told Ella.

Ella smiled and let go of Olivia. Her eyes narrowed and she looked at Olivia's neck, which was showing because Ella had pushed her turtleneck down accidentally while hugging her.

"What happened?" Ella asked, gently running her fingers over large, dark bruises on Olivia's neck.

Olivia grimaced and pulled her turtleneck back up. "Oh…it's nothing," Olivia said dismissing it.

"No it's not," Ella insisted. "Mother used to have those after men hurt her…did someone hurt you?" Ella asked.

Olivia's face paled a little bit, but she shook her head. "No…I'm fine. We've got to go now, but we'll be back tomorrow," Olivia told her as she walked quickly out of the room. Olivia didn't stop walking until she got into the car.

Elliot hurried to catch up with her. "What was all that about?" He asked her.

Olivia shook her head. "Nothing…don't worry about it," she told him quietly.

"Those bruises didn't look like nothing," Elliot said, looking at her.

"Please Elliot, please just forget you saw it…just let it go," she pleaded as she started the car.

Elliot crinkled his brow and looked out his car window. Something was going on, and he needed to find out what it was.