-18:00, Balamb Garden Dormitories-

"Mmm, mmm..."

The evening sky was painted with a thousand diamonds that night- the night that started everything. It were as if someone were watching and smiling down on the two of us. Time had stopped, and it was just us now...

"Mmm, mmmnn..."

It wasn't my fault in the first place that this sort of thing was happening now- she had offered herself, and I had to admit, I liked it. I never once questioned what we had- it worked so perfectly that it was eerie. But I like to think that we made this on our own- no kind of spiritual or mental bond- just the strength of our own wills and hearts.

"Mmmm... aahhh. Y'know, you taste really good, Squall."

"Really? I wouldn't know- I haven't lost my mind enough to go for that sort of thing."

"Oh really?" she asked, as she stretched her lithe figure over me, her heated body resting on mine.

"Well, I'll just have to make you lose what little you have left..."

Then, she kissed me again...

Kanto The Slayer presents a Final Fantasy VIII fanfiction...

Final Fantasy VIII: LionHearts

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General Caraway was in deep shit.

No, that didn't entirely describe it. Deep shit was what happened during the war with Adel. Deep shit was finding out that Edea was being controlled behind the scenes by another sorceress from a distant future. Deep shit was discovering that Balamb was being manipulated from within, in order to appease the sorceress.

This was not deep shit... this was worse.

His military aide, a man of about age twenty-five who looked and acted like a hardened veteran twice his age, handed him the latest field reports from the recent border skirmishes in Timber, and the second battle of Dollet. They were known as the two most crucial points for non-bandwidth data transfer, and were still kept in full function, since they could be used as emergency lines.

Seeing as these were important locales, the Galbadian Army kept them safe.

However, things had taken a turn for the worse these days...

"Are these accurate?" he asked with his customary scowl on his face.

"Yes, sir. Our troops are being staved off effectively. Dollet troops have been pushed back to their position on the bridge- if they can't hold it there, then the city will be taken, unless we resort to urban warfare."

His grimace deepened and his mouth tightened. That was not what he wanted to hear, but he knew it was the truth. They were getting their asses kicked without those damned kids.

"And Timber?"

The aide shuffled his feet restlessly, forgetting his training for a brief moment. He knew when the leader of Galbadia was pissed, and it made him uneasy. But he spoke none the less. "Worse. We're down to the last few reserves- almost the entire city is theirs. It'll be a short while until they declare martial law and have one of the two points secured."

A haggard sigh from behind the desk. This was not going well for the man. At age 45, he knew that he was not getting any younger, and was pretty much resigned to his fate of losing his touch. What he wouldn't give for his Rinoa to be here right now... she had the will and drive to carry this forward, even if she was not well versed in tactics and strategy. She was always a fast learner, and would do well in his place.

For now, he would have to hold out and try to make it to the next sunrise.

Unfortunately, it looked so far away now.

Such a sad day... when Galbadia goes to war with itself.

Squall Leonhart was having a damn good day. So good, that he actually managed to smile- even get into a few conversations, and laugh at jokes- well, the ones that were actually funny. People around him found this odd- he never showed any emotions at all; kept everything locked and sealed tight. However, for the past few months, he had been going through a gradual change. He may not have noticed the slight changes, but others did. His tight-knit group of friends paid it no mind, but everyone else knew Squall so well, that they knew even the small changes.

Not that anyone minded- it made him more agreeable, not to mention more popular. People began to come to him for advice about anything, from battle strategies to relationships. For some odd reason, he was an expert on the relationships department. Of course, not many but those who truly paid attention knew why...


The new girl who now walked the halls of the mobile Garden, as if she herself were a student. Of course, there was the fact that she had to find her own way at age 20, seeing as the school only kept students for so long. But now, that no longer seemed to matter, especially not to her. In fact, she was thinking about being a student. Her father had always told her that military life was not for her, as if she were incapable of making the necessary decisions.

Well, it was time to shut that down, once and for all...

So, she told Squall.

"Um... what would you say if I told you that I wanted to be a SeeD?"

He stood there, incredulous. She had not shown interest in the elite mercenary forces before, and now she suddenly was considering it. After blinking a few times, to check if the world had not ended right there, he answered her with his own question.

"Are you sure? You do know what our lives are like, right?"

She nodded. She had seen the life of a SeeD first hand, and though she had not told anyone of it, she was actually enjoying herself. Not to mention that she felt... distant from him, still an outsider.

So if she were a SeeD...

"I'm sure," she said with a smile.

Squall actually smiled. This was unexpected from her... he liked unexpected. He had long since accepted that there were no guarantees in life, just like she had said As he had discovered, this was what made life so exciting. There were no certainties- the future was undecided, and thus, open. So then, he would live from one day to the next, instead of one battle to the next.

"Well, you could talk to Cid and Edea about it, though I doubt you would need to. Besides, I'll put in a good word for you."

She shook her head at this, still smiling at him.

"No need for that. I'll do this all on my own. But thanks anyway."

After Rinoa had walked out to start getting herself ready to enter the military academy, Squall sat down hard on the couch, as if he had the wind kicked out of him.

She's gonna make it.

He didn't know how he knew, but he was sure that she would go far as a merc. She was charasmatic, determined, and had the drive and ambition to go places. He beamed with pride, a wide grin breaking across his face.

She's gonna make it. I know it.

The light, airy, melodious sound of a flute drifted through the air that day. She had taken a liking to the wind instrument, and learned how to really play such a thing. In just a few short months, she had developed a passion for it, and became proficient at playing it. People were amazed at how quickly she could pick up something and learn it, as if she only had to remember how to do something and not learn.

Selphie Tilmitt was so good, she had drawn a crowd, just in the cafeteria. She had started out with a simple, wandering melody, just to warm up. Playing around and such. Then, getting tired of that, she started playing songs that people knew... and songs that one didn't think that one could play on a flute. Everyone loved it especially when she played her rendition of "Eyes On Me". She blushed as those who were within earshot showered her with applause.

Since the room had good acoustics, that was just about everyone, and the hot dog line was very, very long.

"Really, you guys are too much!"

"Hey, play another one!" one of the guys shouted out.

"I'm kinda hungry right now, so maybe after?"

The crowd seemed both disappointed and pacified by this, and got back to what they were doing. Of course, most of the conversations for the first five minutes were about Selphie, and how she not only had played a concert for most of the Garden at Fisherman's Horizon, but her recent performance. One man in particular sat next to her, yawning widely and stretching his arms. One of them just so happened to stretch behind Selphie... snaking around her shoulders...

And then she ducked, just as he was about to pull her close. In reality, she was trying to clean her flute, which was just laying on the table. Thus, his arm flew right over her, and hugged nothing but air. In effect, he went so far forward, his gut rammed into the edge of the table, winding him.

"Ack! Damn.."

Selphie looked up, startled for a moment, then saw him. A man sitting- or rather, doubled over- in a chair next to her. His brown hair hid his pained and embarrassed face from view, but had it not been, his green eyes would've melted any sane woman's heart.

Just not this sane woman. At least, not yet.

"Oh, hi Irvy. Didn't see ya there."

From one of the single dorms in the Garden, the sound of fists meeting a speed bag can be heard. And from the sound of it, the practitioner was moving at a wicked pace... Zell Dincht, for some odd reason, was in top form. He didn't know what had come over him, but he figured that he owed his new performance to his constant training.

Either that, or the hot dogs. Yup, definitely that.

He wouldn't admit that it was because he was doing so well because his mind was in the right place. He happened to be thinking about the girl with the pigtail... the one that was surprisingly cute, even though she was shy and bookish. Zell didn't mind, though. She was nice, and had a passion for something. He liked that. Besides, he had been looking for that book for a long time, and she just so happened to have it. After they got to know each other for a while, they started to hit it off.

He sighed to himself as he stopped the workout for a moment, just as the knock on the door came. As he opened the door, wondering who it could be, he noted that he shouldn't even ask himself who it was- somehow, he already knew.

And as he opened the door, he was met with the smiling face of one who was decidedly the most popular member of the Library Committee. The girl with the pigtail... but for some reason, she had her hair unbound and free now.

"Hey. What's the occasion? I never saw you without your hair done up... it looks nice."

Her smile widened.

"Thanks. Um... I don't suppose that you're free tonight, are you?"

Zell quirked an eyebrow...

"Yeah, I am... what for?"

She blushed at the thought of what she was going to ask next.


Quistis had never seen the scenery quite like this. They were drifting through the clouds, not having a worry or care in the world, and she liked it very much. She was simply standing on the second floor balcony, admiring the view, and thinking of a certain... errant student.

I can't help but wonder what trouble he's gotten into this time... he may have been our enemy the whole time, but I believe in second chances.

Not to mention that his bad-ass disposition had interested the instructor as much as Squall's quiet stoicism. But she had already seen behind Squall, and was glad that he was finally opening up to the people around him. She still worried about Seifer Almasy... she should've said good riddance to him, but he had made things... interesting for her in a way that not even Squall could.

She may have been a bit bossy, and might have some reservations about a teacher feeling this way about a student, but she was no longer a teacher, and he was no longer a student .

She could at least admit the truth to herself.

I miss him. Unbelievable as it seems, I do miss him.

Even if she would not give anyone else the courtesy.

However, there was someone that knew. That someone stood just at the entrance to the second floor balcony, a warm and caring smile on her face. Her usual black dress, long hair, and the calm disposition of nobility made her obvious.

My dear child... you need not worry. I have a feeling that everything will be as it should, soon enough... for now, just be patient. The wayward child will come home to us, and we should welcome him.

She could feel it...

Something ill was rising on the wind. The wind of battle was beginning to spread, and there was no real way to stop it this time from reaching Esthar again. She closed her eyes and made a silent wish...

You guys... we might be in trouble again. If for no one else, then stop what's coming for me.

Ellone wasn't that far from the truth. There was something coming the likes of which not even she could see. Even now, people were drawing battle lines, and testing wills.

Fates would soon be decided...

Chapter 1- Coming of the Tempest

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