Feelings gone unnoticed

Beginning of a complicated day


Cassie walked into the living room and reluctantly picks

Up the phone after she realizes that it is Cross.

Hello Cross what part of the world needs saving now?

I need you girls to look up a name gia thorn


Cassie walks into the room by DD and Shane

Hey guys Cross needs us to look up some girl's name

For what reason I have absolutely no idea.

Cross laughs

I think she is involved in a series of kidnappings

Ok we found her

DD reads, I says here that she has been arrested 3 times

And that she was a smuggler.

DD laughs, Wow now I should get her to steal that 100 pair of shoes

That I saw the other day.

Cross rolled his eyes

Ok lady's I'm going to need you to find her for me.

Now here's what Iv heard so far,

She is working at a dating service and she is the manager

My resources say she has an assistant and that he is the one who kidnaps these people who And I need Cassie to get hired for the job that just opened up.Oh no I cant be a counselor DD should do that.Fine DD youwill be the counselorShane I need you to find anybody that she has come in contact withAnd Cassie I'm going to need you to go under coveras someone looking for a date."oh yeae I get to meet the man of my dreams"

Cassie you have to figure out which guy the assistant is and figure out which questions that he asks are important

Cassie huffs, this sounds like so much fun